Eldring Apps

ExoMiner - Idle Miner Adventure 0.8.4
Ever dreamed of conquering planets? Leaving your mark on humanhistory? Rivaling the Medici, Rockefeller, and Bezos? Makingunbelievable money and ADVANCING the world? Discovering andcreating life changing technologies? Then, strap in, because youare headed to the STARS. PLANETS TO DISCOVER Even after you go fromrags to riches… you’re only getting started. Build your reputationas a daring entrepreneur and keep expanding your empire into daringnew galactic fronts. ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS Other games just give youempty numbers while you tap away. ExoMiner is still easy to play.Watch your corporation grow from a humble mine with a tinyspaceship, to covering entire worlds. PROFIT FROM LUCRATIVECRAFTING Has anyone ever said two businesses are worse than one?You won’t only reap profits from settling planets. You discovermaterials, invent new technologies, and craft more items. 68+MATERIALS! MINING NEVER GETS OLD Your interstellar experience isn’tgoing to be mining the same boring stuff. There are 68+ differentores, alloys, and ingots you can discover and craft. Turn theseinto items you can sell to make even more PROFIT! BUILD YOUR EMPIREWHILE YOU'RE AWAY Your miners, ships, and heavy machinery are busyat work for hours! Doesn’t matter if you put your phone down whenyou’re at work, eating, or sleeping at night. Your empire keepsgrowing! What are you waiting for? There are planets for you towrite your name on!
Desert Drifter - Ultimate Racing Survival Game 1.2.3
You're being chased. How long can you last? Drift your waythroughan infinite desert, where every drift and skid matters!Avoid thepolice cars, spike traps and monster trucks whilemastering yourtiming, drifting and near-miss skills. Hit 'em backwith yourabilities and buy a new or upgrade your favorite vehicleto survivethe ever lasting onslaught of reinforcements! ◉ 14 uniquecars ◉Upgrade and tweak your favorite car ◉ Progressive difficulty◉ Hit'em back with 6 unique abilities! ◉ Near miss bonuses ◉Revengemode ◉ Hours of fun, moments of glory ◉ Top the lists as thenewDrift King
Clear Vision 4 - Brutal Sniper Game
Shoot jetpacks, pirates, and famous DJ’s. Get paid *stacks* ofcash. Build a sniper war machine. Get addicted to the mostinnovative sniper game on the App store. Play every mission forfree. 90% of our players have never spent a dime. Pick betweenclassic mob missions, secret spec ops, “Wanted” bounty hunting, andhostage situations. Stalk your prey through nightlife districts,loft apartments, peaceful suburban homes, and distant mountains.MORE THAN JUST “POINT AND SHOOT” Innovative gameplay mechanics testyour cleverness and wits. Eliminate targets with wrecking balls,barbecues, and without attracting attention... you said you were aprofessional, right? Alternate between classic sniper missions andclose combat spec ops where you’ll break through windows, climbthrough vents, tactically breach doors. As you become infamous,you’ll move on from settling small time disputes to working for thebiggest mafiosos in town. • You’ve never seen stick figures likethese • Hilarious Animations • Create your perfect rifles • 40+Missions of dramatic sniper shooting challenges • Endless hours ofintense FREE sniper action • The follow up to "Clear Vision (17+)", "Clear Vision 2" & "Clear Vision 3" Download in time for ournext free content update.
Clear Vision 3 - Sniper Shooting Game 1.0.7
Make your way through over 55 unique missions and learn tocalculatewind and distance in order to master your customizedweapon! • Fullycustomizable weapons! • 55 Unique missions! • EasyControls! •Animated Cut Scenes • Gripping Storyline • Blood andGore Animation• Wind and Distance Calculation • Cool game world •The follow up to"Clear Vision (17+)" & "Clear Vision 2" FREETO PLAY! The thirdinstallment in the "Clear Vision"- series isfree to play! Make yourway through the game with clean shots inthis award winning sniperadventure! • Tyler lives a good life, amurderous hitman during theday, loving family-man at night. He hasbecome the success he alwaysdreamed about, but someone is on histrail and threatens to ruin itall...