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XeeCar 1.1.2
Eliocity SAS
From XeeCar, keep control of your car inanysituation.XeeCar allows you to be reassured about the condition ofyourcar. The application is connected to your car through Xeedeviceand tells you where your car and if it is secure (closed andlockeddoors). By configuring alerts, you can receive a notificationif itis no longer the case. You will also be reassured if you lendyourcar, setting the alerts you want (time, distance andspeed).Download XeeCar today to always keep an eye on your carwhereverit is.
XeeAlert 1.0.1
Eliocity SAS
XeeAlert alerts you chosen contacts if youarein trouble on the road.The XeeAlert application, connected to your car through theXeedevice that detects strong shocks, sends a message to yourlovedones automatically in case of accident. XeeAlert also allowsyou tosend a message in case of a car breakdown or a medicalemaergency.So your contacts receive important information to helpyou as wellas the geographical position of your car.Download XeeAlert today to be safer on the road.
MyXee 1.0.3
Eliocity SAS
Manage your profile from MyXee and downloadallthe Xee applications you want.MyXee will allow you to create your Xee profile, required forallapplications compatible with the Xee device. You can thenchoose toinstall the Xee applications you want. MyXee allows youto manageall Xee applications and updates of the Xee device.Download MyXee today to get started with your Xee deviceandbenefit from its full potential to live the connected car."
Xee 1.9.5
Eliocity SAS
The Xee app allows you to register your Xee profile and to accessall other applications that are compatible with the device"XeeConnect". Using this optional device, the app helps you tocheck and secure your car (localization, lock status, headlightsleft on, ...). By setting the pre-defined alerts, you will receivenotifications if something happens to your vehicle. When you shareyour car with others, you can set options to be informed inreal-time about hours of use, mileage, speed limits or fuelconsumption. The app improves your safety too : it helps you to getlocalized if you need assistance; the XeeConnect device alsodetects severe impacts and the app alerts your pre-set contactsautomatically in case of accident.Download the Xee app today totake your first steps into the new world of the connected-car, andget all the benefits of XeeConnect device to make your driving lifesmarter, safer and cheaper.
Xee Update 1.0.0
Eliocity SAS
L’application Xee UPDATE est une application temporaire quipermettra aux XeeCONNECT avant 2016 de recevoir les toutesdernières mises à jour évolutives de Xee.Pour obtenir cette mise àjour, suivez les instructions de l’application. Votre boîtier semettra ensuite automatiquement à jour lors de votre prochaintrajet. Il est indispensable d’effectuer un trajet avant le15/12/16, avec votre XeeCONNECT branché sur votrevéhicule.Attention, sans cette mise à jour les XeeCONNECT avant2016 ne pourront plus vous transmettre leurs informations et nepourront donc plus profiter des services Xee.Si vous rencontrez lemoindre problème lors de ces étapes, notre équipe reste présentepour vous aider sur support@xee.comXee Update est une applicationdédiée à cette mise à jour et n’exploite en aucun cas lesfonctionnalités ou les services de Xee.The Xee UPDATE applicationis a temporary application that will allow XeeCONNECT before 2016receive the latest evolutionary updates to Xee.To obtain thisupdate, follow the application instructions. Your case will thenupdate automatically on your next trip. It is essential to make ajourney before 15/12/16, your XeeCONNECT plugged into your vehicle.Please note, without this update the XeeCONNECT before 2016 youwill no longer transmit their information and therefore may moreXee enjoy the services. If you have any problems during thesestages, our team is there to help you on @ xee support. com XeeUpdate is an application dedicated to this update and does notoperate in any case features or services Xee.
XeeBudget 0.0.10
Eliocity SAS
With XeeBudget, manage your car budget at a glance. The XeeBudgetapplication allows you to easily manage your car budget. Connectedto your car through your Xee device, XeeBudget recognizes yourexpenses automatically detecting when you fill up for example.Configure a date or mileage alrt to be conviniently notified whenthe next maintenance or repair of your car is due. DownloadXeeBudget today to control your car budget, remenber yourmaintenance appointments and anticipate your expenses.