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Hero Panda Bomber: 3D Fun 1.13
Want to play a game and also help real-life Pandas?Meet Hero PandaBomber, a great game with a classic Bomberman-style gameplayalready loved by 100,000 users. We're so dedicated to this causethat a part of the game proceedings go to the World Wildlife Fundto support Giant Pandas.In Hero Panda Bomber you defeat enemies bycarefully placing bombs in their way. To complete a level you mustfree all the captured panda cubs and defeat all enemies! MainFeatures:✔ Addictive Gameplay. Move through special labyrinths andplace bombs to destroy boxes and kill the enemies. The goal in eachlevel is to release the trapped Panda cubs after clearing the areaof enemies. This is a classic Bomberman-style gameplay!✔Hand-crafted Levels. Our Hero Panda must travel through 5 differentworlds each with 10 unique levels. Discover more than 20 types ofenemies to blast as you advance through the levels and ultimatelyfight powerful Bosses. ✔ Power-ups. Each crate that you blow-up canhide a special item for your hero to collect. From coins &diamonds to power-ups such as remote detonators & shields,there's plenty to look for. Use the collected coins & diamondsto increase your life, speed and power.✔ Amazing Graphics. In HeroPanda Bomber you will be delighted by high-quality 3D graphics andmodels and accompanied by a beautiful oriental soundtrack. The gameis set in ancient China, a mystique place that adds to theexcitement.Hero Panda Bomber is suited for everyone from smallchildren to gaming veterans and will also give you a sense ofaccomplishment as you are truly supporting the endangered GiantPandas. Some people may call Hero Panda Bomber to be a Kung FuPanda, Taichi Panda or BombSquad single player, but Hero PandaBomber man is much more than that! The game can be played withspecial game-pad controllers as well as on the big screen if youhave an Android TV.THANK YOU for downloading, playing and ratingour game! It means a lot to us. Have FUN!We’re always looking tohear from our users on how we can make our games more entertainingso if you have any feedback contact us or follow our social channelto connect and stay updated:▶ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/elitapps ▶ Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/elitapps ▶ Google+:https://plus.google.com/+Elitappscom__________________________________________ By downloading this gameyou are agreeing to our terms of service -http://www.elitapps.com/consumer-terms.html
Panda Bomber: 3D Dark Lands 1.2.4
Want to play a game and also help real-life Pandas? Story PandaBomber in Dark Lands is loose followup to our first game Hero PandaBomber. This time the Panda hero is plunged into a labyrinth-likecastle, and his task is to vanquish the darkness by lighting thetorches of destiny on each floor of the castle and defeat the evilEmperor Yak who's been corrupted by the darkness. It'ssuper-addictive and challenging – Player’s line of sight isseverely limited this time and enemies can come in groups and hidein shadows. FEATURES ✔ Plays great with full controller support onNVIDIA SHIELD tablet & SHIELD portable & SHIELD AndroidTVAmazing high-quality graphics✔ hand-crafted levels full of secretpassages and hidden power-ups✔ More than 25 types of enemies,including special BOSSES! Each with a fast-adaptive AI!✔ Beautifulgloomy soundtrack!✔ Use the micro HDMI port to connect your SHIELDTablet to a TV, action on the big screen.The Hero Panda team areproud supporters of the World Wildlife Fund and our players canhelp us save these wonderful beings by playing the game or making adirect donation at http://wwf.worldwildlife.org/goto/heropandaSupport ✔ optimized for both Phones and Tablets.✔ extended visualeffects on Shield Tablet & Portable✔ playable via touch screenor via selected gamepad controllers Gamepad/Controller Support ✔full controller support for Nvidia Shield Portable & ShieldTablet controllers✔ Xbox 360 wireless & Logitech F710 ✔ NykoPlayPad & Nyko PlayPad Pro & Nyko Cygnus✔ Android TVBluetooth controller✔ Razer Serval controller (Forge TV)Android TVusers: a compatible gamepad is required to play Some people maycall Panda Bomber to be a Kung Fu Panda, Taichi Panda or BombSquadsingleplayer, but Panda Bomber is much more than that! So, what areyou waiting for? Are you ready to take on the bombing explosionchallenge? If yes, download Panda Bomber right now and go on abombing and explosion spree!THANK YOU for downloading, playing andrating our game! It means a lot to us. Have FUN!.We're alwayslooking to hear from our users on how we can make our games moreentertaining so if you have any feedback contact us or follow oursocial channel to connect and stay updated:▶ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/elitapps ▶ Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/elitapps ▶ Google+:https://plus.google.com/+Elitappscom__________________________________________By downloading this gameyou are agreeing to our terms of service-http://www.elitapps.com/consumer-terms.html
Frisky Cat 1.0
Ever wondered what a cat's day looks like? When you're in work orschool and your cat is home alone, doing all sorts of mischief.WellFrisky Cat puts YOU into the role of a cat and your only task is toenjoy your cat paws as much as you want while wreaking havoc on anyand all house furniture and decorations! And get loads of fishwhile doing what cats do bets! No pillow or sock will be safe fromyour rapid-fire cat paws. Frisky cat is an adorable cat simulationfor everyone. How fast can you swipe and scratch? Download now andfind out! ★ Supports Android TV devices ★ such as Nvidia ShieldConsole, Razer Forge TV, Google Nexus Player, ADT-1, etc.FEATURES✔Experience the life of a house cat first hand✔ Play as manydifferent cats✔ Destroy a whole house full of decorations &furniture✔ Collect fish even when you're away✔ Adorable hand drawngraphics ✔ No in-App-Purchases!Support ✔ optimized for SmartPhones,Tablets & Android TV✔ extended visual effects on Shield Tablet& Portable✔ playable via touch screen or via selected gamepadcontrollersGamepad/Controller Support✔ full controller support forNvidia Shield Portable & Shield Tablet controllers✔ Xbox 360wireless & Logitech F710 ✔ Nyko PlayPad & Nyko PlayPad Pro✔Android TV Bluetooth controller✔ Razer Serval controllerAndroid TVusers: a compatible gamepad is required to play. THANK YOU fordownloading, playing and rating our game! It means a lot to us.Have FUN!We're always looking to hear from our users on how we canmake our games more entertaining so if you have any feedbackcontact us or follow our social channel to connect and stayupdated:▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elitapps ▶ Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/elitapps ▶ Google+:https://plus.google.com/+Elitappscom__________________________________________By downloading this gameyou are agreeing to our terms of service-http://www.elitapps.com/consumer-terms.html
Jungle Crush: Fun Adventure 1.03.3
Jungle Crush is a block puzzle game that combines the brick-stylegameplay of Tetris with fast match-3 swipe action. Stop crushingcandies, it’s time to crush enemies!Follow the adventures of John,a young explorer whose plane crushed in a jungle full of dangerousanimals. You must help him advance through the jungle and find Janeand his daughter Alex. With 50 captivating levels, Jungle Crush isan entertaining journey only for the bravest adventurers. Crushjungle enemies by swiping down bricks on their heads whileprotecting the heroes from being smashed. Tap on the blocks thatcontain rubies to collect gems and use those to earn the trust ofjungle animal friends that help you destroy enemies faster.MainFeatures:✓ Unique Gameplay. While Jungle Crush includes somefamiliar gaming elements (i.e. falling blocks, brick breaking,collecting gems), it provides an unique gameplay. Rows of blocksadvance steadily from the top of the screen and you must swipethose down to destroy the enemies. Make sure there’s a gap in therow of blocks to avoid crushing your heroes by mistake. The actionis fast paced so don’t hesitate too much as blocks will fall bythemselves if you wait too long. ✓ Vibrant Graphics. Enjoyjaw-dropping graphics that depict the jungle environment in acaptivating way. Vibrant colors and attention to detail willcaptivate your eye no matter what your age is. Remember thosetreasure/jungle books you’ve read in childhood? Jungle Crushre-creates that experience through its storytelling visual style.From friendly jungle animals to annoying jungle attackers, you’lladmire every character design in a playful environment.✓ Dozens ofFun Levels. Once the game starts, the fun goes on for dozens ofhours as Jungle Crush has no less than 50 different levels. Eachlevel brings in different enemies and new elements that you canmatch for a more powerful hit. The more you advance, the tougherlevels get but this only adds to the game’s addiction. Asideregular levels, you’ll get to play side games such as dodgingcontinuously falling rows of blocks for bonuses.✓ Helpful JungleAnimals. Jack is not alone in his quest through the dangerousJungle! You can unlock 16 friendly Jungle animals to help himdefeat the enemies. From parrots, lions to frogs or piranhas,you’ll be able to collect them all when you have enough gems. Tounlock a jungle friend use 100 gems to spin the slots and a randomanimal will be released. Once an animal is unlocked you can use itduring a level. Just match 3 different animal-shaped blocks andunlock an attack from your friendly animal towards the enemy.Collect gems throughout each level to get all the 16 differentendearing Jungle animals and see what powers they have.✓ Power-ups.Some blocks will have stars on them and if you manage to swipe 5 ofthose you’ll activate a temporary power-up (or a jungle friend)that randomly unleashes hell upon your enemy. Make sure you matchthe stars from each block with an empty star spot beneath Jack tocollect them all.Jungle Crush is not yet-another block puzzle game,it also contains unique gameplay elements that make it addictive.Play it often and receive rare gem bonuses and daily prizes. Onceyou master the Jungle Crush art of swiping bricks, collecting gemsand dropping blocks you can invite your friends and see who can getthe highest score. The game is available in 10 different languagesso you can play it in your native tongue!Do you have what it takesto help John get out of the deadly jungle alive with his friends?Just install the game and start an amazing jungle adventure! We’veput a lot of effort in developing Jungle Crush so please do shareyour reviews or send feedback to help us make this the bestbrick-breaking-meets-block-puzzle game:▶ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/elitapps ▶ Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/elitapps ▶ Google+:https://plus.google.com/+Elitappscom
Christmas eCard: Greeting Card 1.0
Thanks to this application, you are able to design a Christmasgreeting card easier than ever before. You can choose from: ✔6different backgrounds and make your card personalized ✔turn on 5different effects such as snowing, tree ornaments, etc. Then youonly need to write your own text and the image is ready to beshared via e-mail, MMS or social networks such as Facebook andTwitter.b>THANK YOU for downloading and rating! It means a lotto us. Have FUN!▶ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elitapps ▶Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/elitapps ▶ Google+:https://plus.google.com/+Elitappscom__________________________________________By downloading this gameyou are agreeing to our terms of service-http://www.elitapps.com/consumer-terms.html
Floaties: Endless Adventure 1.2.1
How about helping chicken float instead of crossing the road? Meetthe FLOATIES, a group of 4 differently-colored characters that mustbe helped to stay alive in their endless floating adventure. Dareto take this challenge?Tap your way to a record-setting number offloats with over 40 different characters ranging from from clumsychicken to ferocious dinosaurs while dodging crazy and unexpectedobstacles. Floaties will keep you hooked as you travel 8+ differentworlds filled with specific obstacles. All you have to do is tap tokeep the characters floating, but the easy controls are balanced byan almost impossible gameplay. Main Features:✔ Endless FloatingGameplay. Control up to 4 “floaties” at the same time each with itsown color by simply tapping to help them float. Each floatie isimmune to the same color obstacles but is destroyed instantly byobstacles with other colors. Your main goal is to have a fleet ofall colors and to try surviving the longest. Easy to play, butimpossible to survive for long!✔ 8+ Adventurous Worlds. Help yourfloaties survive through the ancient world of Egypt, the sci-filandscape of the Moon, the unlawful Wild Wild West, the dangerousJurassic Park and more. Each of the 8 playable worlds feature itsown particularities depicted in eye-catching 3D graphics so getready to dodge out-of-orbit satellites on the Moon, T-Rex bones inJurassic Park and hundreds others!✔ Dozens of Characters. Fromflying drones, chicken, rockets to E.T., Cleopatra or even Jack thepirate you can unlock more than 40 different fun characters.Collect coins throughout the game and use those to spin the wheelof fortune to get a new random character or unlock your favoriteone. Gain experience with each character and level them up to 5stars!✔ Powerups and abilities. Aside coins you can collect specialobjects that help you gain powerups for a limited time (i.e.collect 4 potion bottles to double your coin collection for 15seconds). With your new abilities you’ll survive longer and scorehigher. ✔ Solve Quests. Each world has a theoretically endlessflying/floating gameplay, although in reality you die A LOT, butoffers side quests too. Can you collect 7 items of the same color?Or have one of RGBY floatie destroyed a couple of times? The morequests you solve, the tougher that level gets. You start at Easy,advance to Medium and become a master when you reach the Hard levelof difficulty.✔ Achievements & Leaderboard. Connect via GooglePlay Services to unlock more achievements and access the social orglobal leaderboards if your score is high enough. You’ll also beable to analyze the statistics for each world, such as how manyitems you’ve collected, how many quests you’ve completed, what wasthe best score and MUCH MORE!✔ Multiplayer Challenges. Provoke upto 4 of your friends to a game of keeping floating charactersalive! You can play the game in multiplayer mode and this gives 4users the chance to play Floaties on the same device. Who can bethe best? Only practice will tell!Aside surviving all sorts ofentrapments that destroy Floaties of a different color (i.e. thanthe obstacle color) you must collect coins, power-ups and characterresurrection items. Play often and you will be able to get freecoins too by pulling the handle of a slot machine. The same gamewill unlock a random character for 100 coins.Each world you play infeatures awesome 3D graphics and well designed characters thatcreate a great gaming experience especially accompanied by anentertaining soundtrack and sounds.▶ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/elitapps ▶ Twitter:https://www.twitter.com/elitapps ▶ Google+:https://plus.google.com/+Elitappscom