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We are a full service Agency, createdbymyself, with a passion for Effective Marketing and a DedicationtoHigher Standards. We are very proud of the hard work we putintothe projects we complete for our clients across world. Ivalueevery single one of them and I am also very proud of theresults weachieve.1. Online Marketing Services2. Online campaign Management3. Customized services...A fantastic way to encourage interaction and build your socialmediafan-base is to run a contest or campaign. We provideFacebook,Twitter, and Bing, yahoo and Google Ads budgetmanagement, Emailmarketing Management and Local sitesadvertisement management. I cancreate and manage your campaign aswell as create graphical elementsto promote and market your onlineevents. Social Media specializesin driving social media marketingresults for my clients. Myexclusive focus led to unique insight,capabilities, and processesfor socializing consumer brands. Myrecords show that I achieve thelowest CPC rate with the higher CTRand the highest conversionrates. If you are looking for somebodyto take professional care ofall of your advertising campaignswithout spending a lot of money,my company can do that for youvery easily!● Facebook Setup, 50 Likes and 50 Posts in One Month - $275● Twitter Setup, 50 Followers and 50 Tweets in One Month-$250● Pinterest Setup, 5 boards and 50 Pins in One Month - $195● Linkedin Setup, 60 Posts in One Month - $120● YouTube Setup, Post up to 10 Videos, 30 Subscribers in One Month-$285● Instagram Setup, 60 Posts in One Month - $120● Tumblr Setup, 60 Posts in One Month - $120Everything displayed here can be negotiated for longtermpartnership.You just need to get in touch with us directly in ouremailinfo@imrc.alSocial media campaigns are much less costly than directmail,television ads, online “pay per click” schemes andothertraditional forms of advertising. Even if you don’t divert allofyour ad budget to online marketing, even a small investment canpayoff in ways you never imagined! This is why we created AndroidAppOnline Marketing.We can handle as little or as much of your social media campaignasfits your needs. This can range from simple Facebookcampaignplanning and execution to full-service social mediamanagementspanning all possible social platforms and even businessblogmanagement.We offer tailored packages and do social media account set-upandcustomization on request. Ask about my social +bloggingpackages!