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Trix 3.0.3
Emad Jabareen
Now you can play Trix cards on your device. This game has two typesof Trix games which are complex and kingdoms also has partnershipand duplication features which means you can duplicate the heartking or queens. And you can play with different players' levels. tolearn how to play trix game you can visit:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trex_(card_game)
Tarneeb 1.2.1
Emad Jabareen
You can play tarneeb game on your device.
Tic Tac Toe 2.1.1
Emad Jabareen
free online tic tac toe.you can play with another players in the world. challenge them anddetect your ability and power in the world and be one of topplayers. also you can play with CPU that have four levels which areeasy, medium, hard and expert also you can play with your friendsin the same device.note iwe used READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY permission just toread your country code.
Triangle Balls 1.3.7
Emad Jabareen
Triangle of balls is a game consisting ofseven different levels so that the degree of difficulty of the gamedepends on the number of balls which can be determined by theplayer at the beginning of the game.How to play?You must choose balls that complement the line of the horizontaleither diagonal directions regardless of balls color in lines sothat your points will increase the number of balls the line.
Chess Online 1.4.0
Emad Jabareen
Free online chess game. You can play with another players worldwide. challenge them and prove your ability and be one of the topplayers in the world. also you can play with android AI in fourdifferent levels easy to very hard.
Word Search 2.0.1
Emad Jabareen
Waken your mind and sharpen your concentration and enjoy with wordsearchThis game contains multiple categories of detectivesubjects,you can change the grid of the game and select the level.