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Chat for Pokemon Go: Poke Chat 2.1
POKE CHAT -- GOTTA CHAT 'EM ALLTHIS IS THE RIGHT APP IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR OTHER POKEMONGOPLAYERS NEARBY!!===============================================================================DON'T WAIT, JOIN ALMOST 10K USERS AND GROWING EVEN MORE!You are looking for Pokémon nearby but you don't know wheretogo.You want to locate the PokeStops at a place or attack aGym,however you can't find the exact location.There are thousands of other players around you but youcan'tmeet them or chat with them.So this is the right application to use.- Poke Chat is a crowd source application.- You can find any Pokémon item directly on map (Pokémon,PokéStop,Gym)- If you click of any item, a chat screen will show up and youcandirectly start chatting with people- You can create your own items on the map- You can create your own chat channels- You can now list nearby channels around you!- You can see a list of your favorite channels!We are working really hard and implement morefeatureslike:- List of nearby users- Private messaging with other players- Notifications when items created nearby- Creating Pokémon groups for attacking to other Gymsand more...We are looking forward to hear your ideas to improve ourapp.Please feel free to post a comment and share your thoughtswithus.DISCLAIMER:Poke Chat is not associated with the official Pokemon Gogame,Pokemon brand, Niantic or Nintendo. This app is built byfansaiming to assist players and create a healthy community forthegame. If there's any concern please contact us and we willtakeimmediate action.
Magnet - Location Based Chat 0.92.8
Magnet provides the possibility tocommunicatewith people nearby.You can instantly start chatting with people around by creatingachannel on any topic you want.What kind of topics? You can create a channel for afootballmatch or a concert to share your feelings at that time withthepeople who like the artist as well as you. You can meet newpeoplewhile you are travelling, join the channels and retrieveinstantinformation by asking questions about new places and citiesyou'rein. You can talk about the food in a restaurant you went oryou canshare the view with strangers while you are sitting by thesea.What else you can do? It's limited by your imagination. Allyouhave to do is very simple; create your channel or joinotherchannels nearby and start chatting with people instantly.Welcome to Magnet!