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TwentyOne 2
Goal of the game: Arrange the tiles such that every 2*2 completesquare of the puzzle Sums up to 21 in given number of moves.Thereare 8 such squares.Square with an empty tile is not counted.How toPlay: Slide the tiles horizontally/vertically adjacent to emptytile to make the movement.Each number can only appear once in a 2*2square or a vertical row.First two numbers in the first horizontalrow are at their correct place i.e. 3 & 8 in the first imageand 5 &6 in the second one.Do not move them .Number on tilemoved turns black until next move if moved at its correctposition.At the end of the game empty tile comes at the rightbottom corner of screen.There are 7 such puzzles.Solving one puzzletakes you to the next one.Try to make maximum 2*2 square with sumof 21 in minimum time and minimum moves to score more.Have fun withTwentyOne!!!!!!!! :)