Emerson Automation Solutions Apps

Plantweb Optics 1.40.52
The Plantweb Optics Mobile Applications allows you to remainup-to-date with the health of your facility – anywhere in the world– to make and communicate decisions in real time that can preventunexpected shutdowns and interruptions in production. PlantwebOptics allows you to create persona-specific users who see only thedata and messages specific to their role/responsibilities, whilethe mobile application delivers that information to the palm of thehand. This includes:• Single alerts from multiple technologiesmonitoring the same asset• Analysis tools for diagnosis andprognosis of machinery health• Modern communication tools forquicker, more accurate decision making• Interaction of multiplepredictive maintenance technologies for a complete picture of yourmechanical asset health, with sources such as Emerson’s WirelessGateway, the AMS 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter, AMS DeviceManager, and AMS Machinery ManagerGet a quick overview ofplant-wide asset health from multiple technologies, but focus onindividual asset in alarm using tools such as spam control, messagesuppression, conversation view, and customizable userconfigurations.For more information on Emerson’s solutions forimproving reliability, go to http://www.emerson.com/ams
ATG View 2.0.4
ATG View helps users to connect to their AMS 6500 ATG Protectionsystem and view diagnostics information on their mobile device fromanywhere on the plant wireless network. The new AMS 6500 ATGprotection system allows users to cost-effectively initiateprediction monitoring of critical assets from the same card system.Advanced flexibility in the cards means user can easily configureany card to acquire prediction data, including the impacting datanecessary for Emerson’s unique PeakVue methodology. To facilitateeasy system integration, AMS 6500 ATG is the first protectionsystem to include an embedded OPC UA server for quick integrationinto Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Human Machine Interfaces(HMIs) and similar third party systems.
DeltaV CHARMs LED Diagnostics. 6.1
The DeltaV CHARMs app helps you diagnose the LED light sequence ofyour CIOC CHARMs using either a camera detect or manual detectoption. Quickly and efficiently understand why a CHARM LED light isflashing using this intuitive app. Record and email information,save notes, and also get CHARM schematics to ensure proper wiring.
Guardian Support 6.1.20190213
Easily manage and monitor the health of your DeltaV, AMS DeviceManager, AMS Machinery Manager, Syncade and Ovation systems — whileon the go — through the new Guardian Support mobile Android appfrom Emerson. Current Guardian Support subscribers familiar withthe Guardian portal’s capabilities will find this mobile app to beextremely easy to use. From the popular health score gauges, to thematched KBAs and software updates, this new application is awelcome addition to your arsenal when managing the risks, incidentsand lifecycle of your systems. Guardian Support is a comprehensive,prognostic service designed to optimize reliability and performanceof an organization’s automation system. Users leverage GuardianSupport to gain a competitive advantage and achieve bottom- linebusiness results through critical service and support information.The Guardian Support portal delivers risk management by givingusers quick and easy access to secure, customized support data.Users can access system health score KPIs, as well as increasingsecurity with proactive KBA, software and security updates.Guardian Support helps organizations minimize and simplifyautomation system issues with comprehensive incident management.Users have access to 24x7x365 global factory support, and can speedissue resolution by collaborating with Emerson experts to determinethe fastest and most appropriate corrective actions. To help ensureautomation system performance over its 30-40+ year lifespan,Guardian Support offers organizations lifecycle management. Userscan simplify record-keeping with system-specific inventorymanagement. In addition, organizations can ensure the best cybersecurity and patch management with proactive lifecycle statusnotifications on their automation systems. Features of the EmersonGuardian mobile app include: - System health score gauge - MatchedKBAs - Matched security updates - Hardware and Software LifecycleStatus - Support Call Management
DeltaV Mobile 2.1.0
DeltaV Mobile provides smart notifications and context aroundabnormal process situations. For managers, engineers, andoperators, it provides visibility into the process and alarmawareness, allowing users to monitor their operations on-demandwith mobile views that are relevant to their specific needs. Unlikeother mobile solutions for process monitoring or notifications, thetight integration with DeltaV enables you to leverage your existingDeltaV configurations to quickly find the data and alarms that youwant to monitor, and to view the same real-time data, historicaltrends, and alarms that are displayed on a DeltaV operatorworkstation. All of this requires no additional DeltaVconfiguration. With DeltaV Mobile, users can easily have theiroperations at their fingertips whenever they need it, allowing themto: •  Monitor personalized watch lists of process values, trends,and alarms that are smartly targeted to the right recipients•  View real-time process data and historical trends •  View datafrom multiple DeltaV systems with no custom engineering required•  Receive instant notifications for your critical alarms viamobile push notifications, email, or SMS text •  Diagnose abnormalsituations with context by viewing relevant process data aroundalarm events •  Share screenshots and links to process values,trends, or alarms by text or email
com.emerson.severe 2.1.0
App Features: • Sizing Tool: Quickly perform initial sizing forFisher globe control valves. Share the results with anyone. •Diagnose an Issue: Choose the symptom that’s causing you headaches,then view Fisher products that combat the issue. • IndustryApplication: Access a list of severe service applications inHydrocarbon, Power, and General Industries. • Technical Library:Keep up-to-speed on severe service issues by watching our videosand viewing PDFs. • Products: Browse thru an alphabetical listingof Fisher products and learn more about their functionality. •Search: Enter the first few letters of a keyword to easily findavailable topics and documents. • Contact Us: Submit a question, wehave experts available to answer your questions at every step ofthe process.
Emerson Exchange Events 1.0
Emerson Exchange Events is the official mobile app forEmersonGlobal User Exchange conferences. The container supportsmultipleconferences and is designed to enhance your onsiteconferenceexperience, allowing you to: • Build your personal agenda• Searchand favorite speakers, exhibitors and attendees • Viewvenue maps,event information and news • Network with otherattendees Downloadthis free app today. The app is available offlineand storessessions, speakers and exhibitor data on the device,allowing youto view your schedule even without service or onairplane mode.Changes to the agenda will sync to your device withinminuteswithout you having to do anything.
Instrument Advisor 1.0.1
Instrument Advisor is a mobile application which greatlyincreasesthe speed and efficiency of product specification. Builtwithintegrated help text and a unique filtering architecture, theappensures that products will meet basic specifications beforegoingthrough the work of building a full model number. The appproducesa detailed report that specifies the base model of theproduct andother information needed to start the specificationprocess.Instrument Advisor also comes with a ‘Take-A-Picture’feature whichallows the user to take picture of existing productfor quickreplacements.