Empire Clan Elite Development Apps

Sharingan Eyes Photo Maker Cam 1.09
This is Sharingan Photo Maker Camera.Take a picture or choose an image from gallery. Add yourfavourite Sharingan Eyes from many different Contact Lenses withthe plus button and touch and drag it to the position of your eyes.Multi-touch to resize and rotate it to the right direction.Add another Sharingan Contact Lenses or save your createdpicture to the gallery and share it with your friends.Thank you for good comments. :)
Lightsaber Photo Maker Cam App 1.14
This is Photo Maker for Lightsaber. Take a picture or choose animage from gallery. Add your favourit Light Saber from manydifferent Lightsabers with the plus button and touch and drag it tothe position of your hand. Multi-touch to resize and rotate it tothe right direction.Add another lightsaber or save your createdpicture to the gallery and share it with your friends.Thank you forcomments. The Force is with you :)
Rasengan Photo Maker: Sharingan Camera 1.12
This is Rasengan Photo Maker Camera. Take a picture or choose animage from gallery. Add your favourite Rasengan beam from manydifferent with the plus button and touch and drag it to theposition of your hand. Multi-touch to resize and rotate it to theright direction. Add another Rasengan or save your created pictureto the gallery and share it with your friends. Thank you for goodFeedback :)
Lightsaber Crossguard App NEW! 1.04
This is Photo Maker App for Lightsabers. Tab on the Crossguard toput the Light Saber on. Shake and swing the laser sword and feelthe experience of the force, the vibration and flash light by hitand hear the fantastic laser swing and hit sounds when you fightagainst the jedi.Thank you for good ratings andThe Force is withyou!
Sharingan Eyes Photo Editor 1.04
Sharingan Rasengan Eyes Photo Maker Studio Editor let's you edityourself on Photos with cool Sharingan Eyes to impress your friendsor family. Choose a Picture from Gallery or select one by yourself.Add Sharingan Lenses with the Button in center. Drag and drop it tothe right position and resize and rotate it with multitouch. Saveand share with your friends or family. Have much fun and enjoySharingan Narut Eyes Photo Studio :) Thank you in advance for goodcomments!
Super Saiyan Scouter Augmented 1.02
Augmented Super Saiyan Scouter Power Glasses let's you look througha Super Saiyan Scouter in Reality to identify your target for yournext fight and compute the level of strength and the level of SuperSaiyan.Turn on the flashlight by pressing the screen!Dragon SuperSaiyan Fighter need a Scouter Power Glas to get an overview oftheir enemys strength. Swipe down to change your visor and tab onit, to get extra Saiyan Strength Level Infomation and to turn onthe Flashlight. Change the color of your visor by pressing thebutton in the bottom left corner.Thank you for good ratings anduseful comments which improvments you wish in future.
Augmented Lightsaber Reality 1.00
Be a Jedi or Sith with Augmented Lightsabers which let's you fightin Augmented Reality with green, blue and red Lightsabers. Fightagainst your friends, troopers, droids and everything you want.Hear the realistic Lightsaber fighting Sounds and see theflashlight effect on hit.Choose your favourit Light Saber byswiping to the left. Tab on it to get it out the guard. Press thebutton in top right corner to see the waves of force in Reality.Shake and fight with to win the War of Jedi and Sith.May the Forcebe with you! :)
Kameha Photo Maker: DBZ Camera 1.12
This is Photo Maker for DBZ. Take a picture or choose an image fromgallery. Add your favourit Kameha light beam from many differentwith the plus button and touch and drag it to the position of yourhand. Multi-touch to resize and rotate it to the right direction.Add another Beam or save your created picture to the gallery andshare it with your friends. Thank you for comments. Kame-hame-haaa:)
MineCam: Mine Augmented Craft 1.03
Mine Weapons in pixelated Reality let's you fight with pixaletedWeapon like swords, spears and more in pixelated Reality. Feel theMine Weapon Craft in Augmented Reality Minecrafting.Change yourpixelated Weapon by swiping to the left and turn on and off thepixelated reality pressing the button in the top right corner.Shake to hear the fighting sounds with your AR weapon.Have fun withAugmented Mine Weapon Craft and thank you for good comments andfeedbacks for improvings and don´t be a Creeper;)
Fidget Spinner Editor: The Spinner Designer 1.03
Fidget Spinner Designer is a Photo Editor you can design and buildyour own personalized Fidget Spinner like you ever want! Choose outof over 200 cool Fidget Spinner Style Parts to design the Spinneryou want to have! Learn cool Tricks and Moves with Fidget SpinnerBalance Tipps and Tricks.Select a Picture from your Gallery or takeone as the Background for your Fidget Spinner Design Style. Afterthat, you can add Fidget Spinner Parts with the centered button.Get your Style for the Spinner before you buy any Fidget Spinnernow!You can save and share your Designs to everyone you like. Ifyou want to have additional features, please leave a feedback andwe will do what we can :)
Jurassic Photo Creator Dinosaur Hybrid Editor 1.08
Jurassic Photo Creator Create Dinosaur or Hybrid Dinosaur Photos ina Jurassic Dinosaur World. Design Hybrid Dinosaurs on JurassicIslands and create fascinating Human Dinosaur Photomontage. MergeDinosaurs like T-Rex and Raptor on Pictures and Photos directlyfrom your Gallery.Shoot a Picture or get a consiting one which youwant to edit. Pick up a Dinosaur you want to have on your Photo andplace it where you want. Make stunning Pictures with huge Dinosaursfollowing you through the Forest and more!
Smoke Photo Editor: Color Smoke & Steam Effects 1.02
Smoke Effects and Smoke Color Filter Photomontage can createPictures with Color Smoke Whirls. Push the +Filter Button andchoose a Filter. Use the Button in middle to get a Smoke Design.Drag the Smoke Sticker where you want to have it. Use multiplefingers to scale up or down the smoke or change the rotation. Saveyour Picture to Gallery. Decorate now your Photos with fantasticMagic Smoke Color Effects or Shadow Smoke Art like you ever wantedwith Smoke Designs Photo Studio. Over 200 different Smoke Designsand Filters and daily more!
Snap Face Photo Editor Snap Filter Effect 1.03
Snap Filter Photo Editor let's you create Snap Face Effect Photosand Pictures. Turn your Face now on Selfies into a cute lovely Dogor Cat Face and add various Filter Effects. Place as many SnapSticker on your Picture as you want and send all your Creations toyour friends with the top right share button. Simply drag SnapEffect and Animal Face Sticker to your face where ever you wantthem to have. See a full list of Snap Face Sticker with the SnapButton or apply beautiful color Filter and Snap Face Filter withthe add Filter Button. You will get daily a new Snap Filter Effector Animal Face Sticker added to your list for free. Snap EffectPhoto Filter and Photo Sticker Editor App is the best choice toedit your face like Snap Filter Effects do for absolutly free.
Thug Life Photo Editor Dank Memes 2018 1.04
With Thug Life Photo Sticker App you can wear Thuglife Sunglassesonyour Photos. You are able to share and save your Pictures withthebuttons in the top appbar within the Editor. Put in a Photofromgallery or take a selfie. Press the doge button in the middletocome to the Sticker Menu. Choose a Gangster Sticker out of afullMeme Collection. Touch the overlay you want to add and drag itonthe right place of your photo. Flip or rotate your whole imagewiththe flip button. Rotate your Sticker with multitouch or scaleit upusing a pinch gesture. Find a full Photo Filter Selectionbypressing the add Filter Button and apply Rainbow Color Filterstoyour Picture.
Push Sound Buttons to play Dinosaur Sounds with JurassicSoundboard. 1. Go on the Soundboard and find Soundbuttons ofvarious Raptors. 2. Choose your desired Dinosaur on the Images 3.Push the Button to play the Sound Play now Tyrannosaurus Rex Roarswith Dinosaur Soundboard!
Thug Life Ringtones 1.03
The Thug Life Soundboard have Sound Buttons to push and play theMission Passed or Groove Life Sound. Press the Ringtone Button inthe app bar to find a list of available Gangster Ringtones. Hearthe Thug Life Sounds by pressing the Play Button or set it asRingtone for Calls or Notifications. Never miss out on the latestGangster Thuglife Music Sounds!
com.grandtheftphoto.stickereditor 1.13
Turn your Photos or Selfies into a Gangster Photo with Weapons likeSniper, Pistole or Rifles. Add now Health-Displays or Maps on yourPhotos like you were in a Computer Game. Make now funny Photos withGangster Quotes and share with your friends instantly!
Scary Mask Photo Editor Wrong Turner 1.01
Create scary Photos with you and a Psycho Hillbilly or otherHorrorFigures. Place Injuries on your Body and flee from HorrorDolls,Killer Hillbillies or other Monsters like it would be theworstNightmare. You can also be yourself a Scary Figure wearing aScaryMask on Photos.Scary Mask Photo Editor Wrong Turnerincludesseveral Hillbillies, Scary Masks, Injuries and other ScaryPhotoSticker. Simply choose a Picture from your Gallery andstartediting your Photo with Scary Sticker. Apply darkness Filterwiththe Filter Option and save your Picture as it is ready to sendtoyour friends. Halloween Pictures are the perfect choicetoentertain your friends and family, so receive every day newStickerto design your Scary Art Photos and Selfies.