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eonX : ZigZag Space Frontier 1.2
Emre Sahan
-Tap to switch the direction! -Endless game! -Don't hit thewall!-Collect coins and buy new character! -Different challenges ineachchapter! -Escape from meteorites and go ahead in infinitespace!Escape from the meteorites and take to the depth of space!Join theUniverse of eonX : ZigZag Space Frontier! Do you want toplay asimple and very fun game when you get bored? A game that isbothvery small in size (16mb)? Here is the eonX universe for you.InEndless Space, stand out from the obstacles and try to havethehighest points! On the subway, on the bus, on the train, inthecourse; In short, you can find a remedy with free and very funeonXgame that you can play even if there is no internet anywhereyoucan think of! Challenge your friends with a very simplegameplayand play with the eonX and try for the highest score!Moreover,with its low size, it takes almost no space on your phone!With thegold you collect in the eonX universe, you can get morespecialcharacters! You can make higher scores by using thecharacteristicsof characters you get, you can break records :) Ifyou stillhaven't tried eonX, one of the most entertaining games intheArcade category, download it now! The moments you get boredwiththis very small-sized Arcade game will no longer be so much!Withthis free, simple and fun Arcade category you can play withoneclick, you can have fun with the eonX game! Take the roadinEndless Space by escaping the meteorites with simple andsimplegraphics! Try more and become the owner of higher scores!There isalso no purchase for the game to avoid unfair competition!You willonly get the reward and labor of your success in the game!Try it alot and grab the first place in the rankings! eonX is a newZigZagArcade game. Run and get away! Take the road to the depths ofspaceby drawing ZigZag movements on the Space Line. Force thefrontierof Space! Perform the rise up to the Space Limit! Continuetheascension by drawing ZigZag without going out of the SpaceLine!Avoid obstacles that want to stop your rise up and secure theSpaceLine! Escape and rise up and have fun! Come on now!
Red Balloon : Balloon Blast [Shoot the Balloon] 1.6
Emre Sahan
Red Balloon : Balloon Blast Blast the flying red balloon in theair! Pop the rising red balloon in the air! Red Balloon with brandnew episodes! -All you have to do is to hit the screen at the righttime! -One Tap Play -Free -Fun and challenging sections from eachother! We are entering 2019 with new sections and updates! We'vebrought a breath of fresh air to balloon blasting games! Be sure todownload our unique Red Balloon game! You need to explode the RedBalloon to pass the sections! Blast that balloon despite thechallenges! Overcome all obstacles and blast that Red Balloon!Aren't you tired of the same balloon-blasting games? Popping theRed Balloon may not be easy! Is it easy to detonate the Red Balloonor is it one way to find out: Download the game! Come on, this gameis very different from other games! Are you bored in class? : Popthe red balloon! You bored on the subway? : Pop the red balloon!Are you bored at job? : Pop the red balloon! Blast that Red Balloonso we can relax and relax! :) And it's free! You can download thisfun game for free, so what are you waiting for :) Great game forboth kids and adults! Also, the age of balloon popping is not :)Balloon blast has never been this much fun! Blast-Pop the RedBalloon flying in the air! How far you can go in thisballoon-blasting game of 45 different chapters and 2 Earth! Try toblast-pop the Red Balloon without hitting obstacles! Beforeshooting, consider the obstacles and throw the gun at the correcttiming; Pop that Red Balloon! A wonderful balloon blasting game notonly for adults but also for kids! Other balloon blasting games aredifferent and much more fun! And very small in size!