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The COORDINARE Timelines App is for participants in the ConsumerHealth Panel. Each month you will be invited to tell us what youthink about a range of health care issues that impact on you, yourfamily or friends. Whether it’s access to after hours care, yourability to see a doctor when you need to, or the new ‘My HealthRecord’ – we want to know your thoughts on what’s working and whatisn’t. By sharing your views, you can help shape the future of thelocal health care system.The App gives you the option to completeyour responses on the go, on your iPhone or iPad, at a time andplace that suits you.COORDINARE PHN NSW Australia
iPLAY 1.0.8-iplay
iPLAY is a teacher professional learning program for primaryschoolteachers at government schools in NSW. The iPLAY programisdesigned to give teachers the skills, resources, and confidencetoteach high-quality PE and school sport lessons.In the iPLAYApp,you can:- Complete the online learning components of theprogramdirectly on your phone or tablet.- Access the hundreds ofteachingresources.- Get recommended resources by completing yourTeacherAction Plans.Note: the iPLAY app is only available toteachers fromschools that have already registered for the program.To find outmore information, including how to register your school,go toiPLAY.org.au.