Entertainment Prank Apps

Scare Prank Free 1.0
Scare Your Friends - Joke with best scary prank app free to bringlaughter !- Do you want to scare your friends? Get the best funnyprank app, which will frighten even the toughest guy.- When yourfriend is using your phone, a terrifying picture will suddenlyappear with a horrifying sound in the background.- Give yourtelephone to your friend to play with. After the set time, thehorrifying picture with the terrifying sound will startle yourfriend :).Scare, surprise and shock your friends.Have a good fun!-Joke - Scare prank- Killer clown- Funny scary pranks- Halloweenpranks- Clown prank- Scary video prank- Clown killer- Scary funnypranks- Prank scary- Prank games- Scariest pranks- Best scarepranks- Scary pranks for adults- Clowns scary- Scary clown prank-Scary prank games- Scary halloween pranks.
Laser Simulator FREE 1.0
Laser Pointer X2 Simulator FREEMake fun and play your friends andloved ones!This will be a very entertaining tool :LaserSimulator,Laser Cut Finger , Laser Saber Joke, Laser Lightsaber ...Laser Simulator - a game simulator joke app, where you can playwith the phone as a laser! Enjoy all the games with lasers? I thinkalready tried everything? Then play in our laser! For realism usingthe camera!Warning game joke created for pranks and practical jokesand is absolutely safe for your health! Arrange with your friendson the fight standing on lasers!Thank you for playing our apps!Leave us feedback and we will try to make them even better for you!
Air Horn Free 1.0
Air horn! was designed to be simple, by only making one sound.Unlike other apps, you don't have to sift through all of the MLGand Jamaican air horns, when all you care about is a normal airhorn sound.ProsUses- Pranking friends- Waking up siblings- Endingarguments- Annoying parents - Getting someones attention- Air HornSiren- Air Horn Plus- Stadium Air Horn- Air Horn! - Simple AirHorn- Stadium Horn- Bocina- Sports Fans Air Horn Simulator- HamHorn- Air Horn Sounds Some devices have quiet speakers. As a resultthe air horn sound will be quiet.
Vibrator Massage Pink Free 1.0
Vibrator Massage Pink is a very simple and app for massage! Straitto the point, install and get a free massage using the vibration ofyour phone.You also can choose the intensity of the vibration plususing the range button.Vibrate can help you relax. But massagetherapy can do much more than that. Massage, one of the simplestand natural way of medical care.Note: Vibrator Massage Pink app islike a joke on the phone, it is only complementary solution, nosubstitute for a dedicated device vibrates.Using applications fortoo long can affect hardware devices, as well as the device'sbattery life.- Body Massage Vibration- Constant vibration- Fast andlight pulses- Meadium pulses- More powerful massage- Deep massage-Massage Machine- Massage Vibrator- Masaje Vibrador- MassageadorVibrador
Anti Mosquito Prank 3.4
- The Anti Mosquito Repellent application emit a very unique highfrequency sound that most mosquitoes find distasteful and preventsyou from getting bitten by mosquitoes.Nobody cares for mosquitoes.How to Avoid Mosquito Bites prank ?This app can help you preventMosquito bites.This application provides the high frequencysounds.very simple to use and powerful sound !!Anti Mosquito Prankis one of the ways to fight mosquitoes. Effectively, it complementsthe traditional methods of a spray or hand flapping, to avoidbites.It have different frequencies sounds, so for this you can setyour own choice of sound.Our applications are in the developmentstage are looking forward to the contributions of your comments.
Anti Dog Prank 2.0
Thanks to Anti Dog don't be afraid of the dogs. While you'rewalking on the road if dogs attack you start the Dog Repellent andsend away dogs.Application Properties- Thanks to emit sounds,frequency sounds to disturb the dogs.App dog ultrasound is designedto scare off or stun unfriendly to you animals. Often this softwareis used in less threatening ways, such as, for fun friends,acquaintances, and finally, pets.App Anti Dog for Android is greatfor those who love animals and not trying to hurt them, but stillcare about their security.Nice, Anti Dog unobtrusive design, madein the style of Android - all this makes it the best dog repellent.You will be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of itsfunctionality, because all that is required is to press the startbutton. And how will surprised everyone else you should check byyour own practice.
Anti Cockroach Repellent 1.1
The Anti CockRoach Repeller Prank application works by generatingUltrasonic waves (out of audible range) that most Cockroach findrepugnant. This will prevent you from getting bitten by Cockroachand other insects. The pitch of the sound is so high that mosthumans will not hear anything.Only female Cockroach bite humans andanimals. They are attracted by light, body odor, lactic acid,carbon dioxide and heat.It is not 100% guaranteed but will repelmost of Cockroaches biting you .
Anti Rat Prank 1.0
Anti Rats !No chemicals, but an ultrasound emission disturbingunwanted guests and forces mouse to ... turn away!This works byemitting ultrasonic (17-22 kHz) repellent for mouse that disturbthe rats but not humans.The only app with the right frequencies formice.Protects your house. Safe and not harmful.Note: frequencies17-22 kHz can not be heard by humans. In this application the soundis mixed to be audible even to humans without losing theireffectiveness.We are investigating and trying to develop a ratrepellent use better days and so having your attention. Thank you!
Anti Fly Prank Free 1.0
Anti Fly Prank Free prevents you from getting annoyed by flies Areyou being annoyed by flies? There are everywhere. Just turn on AntiFly, choose pitch, click start and enjoy your peacful time.Anti flycan be also used as Anti Mosquito prank . All in oneapplication.NOTE: If you can't hear sound on 16kHz or 20kHz that isok. This sounds is out of range to hear for many humans (especially20kHz)• anti flies• Flight repeller• fly repeller• repellentagainst flies• Waterproof fly• keep away insects• fly away• keepaway flies• fly killer• fly killer• prank against flies• Anti fliesjoke• kill flies• kill flies• sound absorbent• insect repeller•insect killer• anti-bugs spray• insect repellent
Barking Dog Sounds 1.0
Barking Dog Sounds app is a collection of different type of barkingdog sounds, howling dog sounds, whining dog sounds, growling dogsounds, angry dogs sounds, puppy sounds and whistles. Play soundsfrom the app to your dog sounds and see how he will react to otherdog barking. With this sounds, you can always listen to dog soundson the go. There are more than dozens of good quality soundsavailable. It is both entertaining to play with your dog and trickhim into believing like there is a real dog suddenly appear out ofnowhere.Try when your dog is in happy, active or relax mode.Sometimes they may not react when feeling tired or sleepy.
Wasp Repellent Prank 1.0
Insect Repellent Prank . It is known that high-frequency sounds areannoying to most flying insects. This also includes waspsrepellent!Electronic insect repellents is a small ultrasound deviceemits high-frequency sound waves, its purpose is to repel orrepelling insects.Some insects - like bees, spiders, beetles andbees - Ultrasonic vibration sensation, production or audioexperience in ultrasonic frequencies andaffected by the highfrequency sound.Fake nest hanging outside on the field or in thegarden in order to trick the wasps thought this area was inhabitedby a group of opponents.• Anti Wasp Simulator• Repellent WaspSimulator• Anti Wasp Prank• Stay away from insects• Stay away fromWasps bite• Killer Wasps Prank• Repellent Anti Wasps• Anti Wasps•Killer Wasps• Repellent Sound• insect repeller• Insect KillerThissoftware is free.
Anti Mosquito Biting Prank 1.0
- You can find a lot of applications that are trying to repelmosquitoes! But do they fear them? Mosquito is definitelyfrustrating for everyone during the summer. In contrast to otherapplications with great names that are trying to scare them, theapp works mosquitoes.- Anti mosquito biting prank app is notconfirmed by science. Treat it as a prank!Anti mosquitoes preventsmosquitoes from biting you by emitting high frequency ultrasoundfrom your phone that repels them away from the source of thesound.High frequency Sounds which are beyond the hearing sense ofhuman ears.Most of the humans can't hear sound above 18 khZ. Thisapp gives you the availability to set sound frequency from 10 kHzto 30 kHz! Set frequency in way that you can't hear the sound anddon't worry, mosquitos should hear the sound!Anti Mosquito by yourphone! Get rid of mosquitoes!• Anti Mosquito Simulator• MosquitoRepeller Simulator• Anti Mosquito Prank• Stay away from insects•Avoid Mosquito• Mosquito Killer Prank• Anti Mosquito SimulatorAntiMosquito Repellent •• Anti Mosquito• Kill mosquitoes Prank• Killmosquitoes• Mosquito Killer• Repellent Sound• insect repeller•Insect Killer
Cat Sounds 1.0
Cat Sound is a collection of the best sounds of cats you can listenany time. Do you want to play with your cat or confuse her? Ormaybe you just want to hear some cat sounds? Whatever reason, youwill get a nice collection of cat sounds: meowing, hissing,purring, angry cats,hungry cat , barking cat sound, sonidos cat,cat sound cat sounds.- Cats meowing- Cat soundboard - Angry cats -Kitten sounds - Meowing - Cat love - Freaking sound - Pet sounds-Kitty cat doctor- Gatos - Purrrfect - Funny cat - Funny pet - Meow-Tracer - Funny cats- Baby cat
Flash Notification New 1.0
Flash Notifications New !Flash notify feature is not available forAndroid users in the meantime.Please install the Flash Alerts nowthat features LED flash notification of the iPhone can be used evenin Android phones.(Note! Make sure that the free version of Flashalarm works on your device before you buy Flash Alert Pro .)NewFeatures of Flashing lights when a call and a message. Flashnotification helps you not miss any calls or SMS messages.-Flashing lights flash when a SMS to- Flashing lights flash when itwas announced- Flashing lights flash when the phone rings- You canturn on or off manually on the device depending on the status modeas the bell sounds, vibrate or silent mode.- Allow changing thespeed of the flashing LED flash- Material Design interface,beautiful and easy to use- When you press the volume keys at therings, the flash will be offflash separation between applicationsnotification notice, Incoming call, SMS / MMS- Screen Flash:automatic color extraction, the application displays icons- Thedefault setting and setting details of the applications announced-More user-friendly interfaceFeedback- If you like this app pleaserate us five starts- If you find any problems with blinking lightsflash when a call and let E-mail message to usThanks for yoursupport!
Anti Ants Free 2.0
The Ants Repellent displaces ants, repelling them from your homewith sound waves that create intense auditory stress for ants.AntiAnts works significantly different from other sonar applicationsbecause it will analyse your environment first using sensors andthen selects the optimal frequency.Warning: It is possible toadjust the frequency of the application, but it is not advised todo so. Ants Repellent can affect other animals (like your dogs andcats) if you do so. If the default settings disturbs your pet,lower the frequency