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5 Dots 1.09
How To Play5 Dots is an addictive little puzzle game where you must joinDots of the same colors to get a group of 5, called „Five“ and tryto get a connection of at least 3 of them. Only a Match-3 (or more)can rise your scores by removing it from the playfield.Every move brings a new Dot to the playfield. A move can bejoining dots or removing groups and single Dots (Single). A Singlebrings 3 new colored Dots but also a Blocker. Removing a smallGroup (Tiny) brings one new Dot.Every round has 5 moves. If a round is over, a new Blockerappears on the playing field. This Blocker can prevent a connectionof Five. So you have to be carefull with your moves. You can removea Blocker with removing a Match-3 (or more).Try to build your Fives close together to get a connectionbecause they can not be moved!Try to get long connections for a high score!The game is over if there is no more space for a new coming Dot(if the playfield is full of Dots).Indications (Dots, Combinations, Moves and what they do):Singlebrings 3 new Dots + 1 Blocker, can be removedBlockerfills the playfield, can only removed with tapping a Match-3Fiveis a full group of dots, can only be removed with a connection of 3and moreMatch-3connections of at least three Fives, the only way to get scores,more connections = more score!Movesindicates the moves lelt before a Blocker appearsThis is the original version of 5 Dots (5 Colors), concept andgame idea Thomas Claus and Frank Menzel, Copyright - EntwicklerX2014