Epace Games LLC Apps

Goat Mechanic 1.06
Goat Mechanic! Play as the assistant goat of a villainous mechanic.Earn money to buy items and throw them into traffic. Createaccidents to earn more money. Unlock everything!
Paladin vs Demons 1.07
Paladin vs Demons is a side scrolling hack and slash game for iOSand Android devices. Fight your way through hordes of demons whilecollecting treasures and money to upgrade your arsenal. Weaponsinclude a sword, mace, maul, javelins, and throwing daggers! Castspells to heal, summon allies, and rain down fireballs!
Scratch Tickets 1.0
Scratch Off Tickets is a simulated scratchoffticket game! Redeem FREE coins to purchase tickets every fewhours.Enjoy up to 10 tickets, unlocked by scratching the onesavailable.Scratch to reveal prizes that are instantly redeemed!Use instant scratch tokens to scratch tickets instantly!
Pigs Will Fly 1.1
Epace Games LLC
Pigs Will Fly is a cute time-travelingpuzzlegame! It is the sequel to the Flash game Pigs Can Fly for theweb -played by millions! Guide the pig to the rainbow potion bottlesohe can grow wings and fly away!Select up to six colored potion bottles to move boxes andpopballoons of the same color. Actions of the other colorsarereplayed, so cooperate with yourself to solve all 40 levels!
Zombie Guard 1.9000006
The city is under attack! Grab a nail gun, top hat, and bring anally because these civilians need your help. Defend against anonslaught of zombies using a personal arsenal. Upgrade yourequipment and abilities. Find allies and unlock all the loot!Zombie Guard is the spiritual successor of Web game, ZombieSituation.
Gassy Goat 1.1
Launch off bamboo and use items to reach the end!
Match 3 Fantasy 1.00023
Collect shiny loot and unlock heroes to conquer lands of fantasy inthis Match 3 RPG!
Sky Words 43
Hundreds of free word puzzles! Can you find all the missingwordsgiven just 3-5 letters?
Gem Heroes 1.0056
Over a hundred items to discover! Select your team and skills, anddefeat enemies in this action Match 3 RPG! Many weapons, skills,spells, enemies, zombies, demons, boss fights, and awesome loot!