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Doodle Toy!™ Kids Draw Paint
Kids doodle draw, glow draw neon paint colorin doodle toy glow draw, kids doodle draw free fun! Share yourdoodle glow paint drawing with Doodle Toy kids FREE! Easily postyour creations to Google Plus (Google+) or Facebook or share withinstagram or other apps!Draw on the best glowing neon drawing pad app with fun kaleidoscopemirror drawing on photos! Paint and doodle draw on your instagramphotos or any other gallery photos! Enjoy Doodle Toy mirror neoneffects rainbow, Kaleidoscope, and more!It's kid-safe completely free all features unlocked, no in-apppurchases!Multi-Touch drawing with multiple fingers so kids can draw andcolor together and share! Its an awesome app for kids and even thelittle kid in all of us adults to spark our creativity! Draw, paintand create cool designs and artwork from scratch or on top of yourgallery photos! It's easy to use and lots of fun! Let your kidsdoodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketchpad for quickly drawing diagrams! Kids doodle Glow draw, color andpaint with Doodle Toy!™★ All features unlocked, now kids doodle with Multi-Touch support!Its an awesome app for kids and even the little kid in all of us tospark our creativity! Doodle draw, paint and create cool designsand artwork from scratch or on top of your gallery photos! It'seasy to use and lots of fun! Let your kids doodle on your phone,use your tablet as a drawing pad or sketch pad for quickly drawingdiagrams!★★ Fun to finger paint even detailed art, helps bring out theartist in everyone! Start painting your masterpiece now!There are many drawing effects for them to choose from — Choose anycolor you like, turn it into a neon version of the color or evenhit the Rainbow button to draw with a rainbow colored brush! Kidslove the mirror draw modes! There are tons of mirror effects tochoose from too, you can mirror your drawing at any angle! (use themirror mode for easy drawing of Christmas trees :)★★★ Load a photo from your gallery or take one on the spot and useit as a background and draw on it! There is even a coolkaleidoscope effect where you can choose your own kaleidoscopeimage and use that as a background too! Teach your kids to draw andpaint or let them learn on their own all while having fun!★★★★ Easily post your creations to Google Plus® (google+) orFacebook® or share with Instagram® or other apps or save them toyour gallery!Older kids and adults should try our Doodle Gram!™ app which notonly lets you paint and draw on your Instagram® photos or any otherphotos but lets you create collages!For younger kids, try our Doodle Color!™ Kids Coloring app!Let your kids doodle on your phone, use your tablet as a drawingpad or sketch pad for quickly drawing diagrams.Fun to finger paint even detailed art, helps bring out the artistin everyone! Start painting your masterpiece now!You can load photos from your gallery and paint on top of them.It's very easy to draw with doodle toy, simply click to select apaint brush style and choose your color mode, the default alreadygives you fun vibrant random colors!Teach your kids to draw and paint. Let them learn on their ownwhile having fun learning!Great doodle glow (neon glow) effects, rainbow colors and doodlemirror with all effects, kids love the mirror draw modes! (use themirror mode for easy drawing of Christmas trees :)Doodle Toy! for Kids or the lil kid in all of us! Try Doodle FireGlow Draw too!Enjoy DoodleToy!Legal disclaimer: * All trademarks and copyrights referenced arethe sole property of their respective owners. Android™ is atrademark of Google® Inc.* Not endorsed by or affiliated with Google®, Instagram® Inc. orFacebook®
Doodle Scratch kids color draw
★Doodle Scratch! Kids color draw is an awesomecoloring app for little kids to have fun. They "scratch" thecolorful screen to discover a picture hiding underneath!★★★There are cool sound effects so turn up the volume for your kids!The pictures rotate and will be updated every couple weeks, sothere is always a new surprise! They can also scratch the picturesto add color to the black and white photos. Its a great way to keepthe small kids entertained!A $.99 version with NO ads will be available again if we hearenough requests for it. (Let us know at doodlescratch.com)Older kids and adults should try our Doodle Text! or Doodle Toy!apps for even more features and fun!
Collage Gram!™ with Doodle Gram 1.1
Collage! with Doodle Gram Photo Collage! Love making photoscollages? Try Doodle Gram™ Photo Collage Free! No Bars, No Grids,just free-style Thrills! Doodle Gram™ is a fun Photo Collage makerwith many custom designed photo frames found nowhere else,birthdays, holidays, and romantic love frames included! ★★ Hashtagyour DoodleGram to Win a FREE Tablet! ★★ (*details bottom) Join thefun! Free your photos from behind bars! Try photo frames photocollage maker with Doodle Gram™ and send a Collage Gram™ today! Getmore likes, share on instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest,whatsapp! Supports Square Collage mode which is great for sharingyour photo frames to Instagram! You can send and share your DoodleGram Collage with anyone by email or SMS texting, MMS texts,multimedia text message, or any other send option your phonesupports. Send a Collage Gram Photo Collage with Doodle Gram! It'sa great way to send your special someone a love message or start aromance :) send a doodle gram to the one you love! A fun photoeditor even Kids love to use. Doodle Gram! Make the best collagephoto frames, no ugly grid collage pic stitch! Make Free-StyleCollages. Photo editing made fun and easy :) Look Ma' No Grids!FEATURES: You can picture stitch four or more photos without grids,free style! You can collage instagram pictures together and shareyour picture collage by email or post on Google+ or Facebook orinstagram edited as a square photo no crop, with frames! Tons ofphoto frame love templates included and more! Send a picturecollage gram today! No grid! Doodle Gram Photo Collage is the besteasy fun photo collage maker for your pictures! Frames! Includesmany beautiful custom designed photo frames! Simple, Fun, and Easyto use for all ages! Just add your pictures from your cameragallery and choose a background and template and type a messageusing a nice selection of lovely Fonts! Doodle Gram works greattogether with the DoodleText app! You can use the Doodle Text appto write in your own handwriting on your Doodle Gram or draw andpaint on your photo collages! You can also decorate your DoodleGram with stickers from Doodle Text and apply photo effectsfilters! Simply install DoodleText and then you can Share andExport your doodlegram photo collage directly into doodletext app!You can Crop your images to any aspect ratio and the app supportsboth full screen mode and also a Square photo mode optimized forinstagram and other apps like pinterest that use square pictures.Simply select multiple photos from your tablet or phone photogallery and mix and match different frames for each photo until youhave the perfect picture collage! You can also choose from a lot offun artistic beautiful fonts and type your season greetings on yourcollages. We also included some nice cute valentine love backgroundimages but you can load your own from gallery to create your ownpersonalized love cards and send valentine or even birthdaygreetings to your friends and family with a Doodle Gram! We love tohear from our users on what features they'd like to see next as wework make Doodle Gram the best Gram ever! You can share yourcollage gram with anyone on Google+ GooglePlus or any other socialnetwork, just click on share export button! You can also email yourlove photos and other doodle gram collage greeting cards! DoodleGram photo collage doesn't let you just stitch your picturestogether, it lets you arrange your photos in any way you want forendless possibilities! Share a Doodle Gram today! *** InstallDoodle Gram and see doodlegram page for details on the Win a FREETablet Contest! *App is not affiliated with Google®, Google+™,Facebook®, pinterest, whatsapp, or instagram®.
Christmas Cards 4 Doodle Text 1.3
Christmas cards for Doodle Text! app :) You can Doodle onwonderfully designed card templates and even add your own images!Choose different fonts to write out your messages. Then send it toyour friends through email or text! It's fast, it's easy, and it'sso convenient if you're late in sending your Christmas cards anddon't have time to send anything through snail mail. Did you forgetto send someone a Christmas card? No problem! With Doodle Text youcan instantly send a card to your loved one even if they are milesaway! It saves paper too!
Best Dad Cards for Doodle Text 1.3
These cards were originally created as a Father's Day GreetingCards (but are great at any time for letting Dads know they'reappreciated!) content pack for the Doodle Text! app. If you do notalready have DoodleText! installed, it will guide you to install itfirst. Enjoy 16 unique Dad Appreciation and Father's Day Cards forDoodle Text! This content pack also works with the Doodle Gram! appalso.
Mom is Best Cards! Doodle Text 1.3
These cards were originally created as a Mothers Day Greeting Cards(but are great at any time for letting Moms' know they'reappreciated!) content pack for the Doodle Text! app. If you do notalready have DoodleText! installed it will guide you to install itfirst. Enjoy 16 unique Mom Appreciation and Mothers Day Cards forDoodle Text! This content pack also works with the Doodle Gram! appalso.
Doodle Fire! Kids Glow Draw! 2.0
Doodle Fire! Kids doodle glow draw with Doodle Fire!* Glow drawcolor fx with the ★ONLY★ realistic fire effects app! Kids doodledraw with colorful Glowing particle fx, rainbow, stars, and morethan 14 real-time doodle magic effects glowing neon brush stylesand drawing modes! Draw fire and bright colors effects on colorcanvas or on top of any of your pictures and save to doodle fireart gallery or share on facebook, instagram, whatsapp, email sendto other apps :) If you like doodle toy, you'll love doodle fire!Doodle Family Fun for Everyone! (You can disable the kids modeaudio sound effects!) ★ Kid SAFE! No In-App Purchases! 100% FREE! ★Play with fire the safe way :) drawing with Doodle Fire! Try Mirrormode and all kinds of color shapes, hearts, and firework like neonlike effects glowing brilliantly. ★ Drawing on top of your picturesin your photo gallery is easy just click the first button on thesecond menu to load your image from gallery then draw and make apainting or work of art or just make something funny for somelaughs and likes on instagram! You can even playback your drawingfor the shapes. If you'd like a more traditional drawing style tocreate other type of styles you can try our other apps also such asdoodle toy. ★ Have fun drawing and sharing your creations! Postthem on facebook, instragram, or simply email them. ★★★★ Appfeatures enough options and configurations to keep any adult busyand easy enough for kids of all ages to have fun drawing anddoodle'ing with! Children love the sound effects but you can turnthe audio off in the settings on the second row of buttons. You canconfigure the particle life time and also the size and evendirection of the fire and other particle effects. Even choose thedistance between the drawn shapes. The app renders in real time anduses native opengl for high performance. You can save a snapshot ofthe screen at any time, simply click on the floppy button to save ascreenshot. Then when you click on the f facebook sharing buttonyou can view your saved snapshots and choose to share them byfacebook or email or any other app you have installed likeinstagram or whatsapp or doodle text or doodle wish! ★★★★ Have funwith all the intricate symmetry drawing modes. Simply trying outthe various symmetrical drawing modes is a sure way to boostcreativity and spark the talent within. Not just great forimproving children's concentration and drawing skills but helpfulfor even grandparents to exercise their mind while having funwatching their grandchildren learn and use their mind! Teachingkids has never been easier, they love playing with doodle fire tocreate all kinds of colorful drawings they are very proud of :) Andwith the easy press of a button snapshot, they can easily save alltheir work and share! ★★★★ Although there is a colorpicker, thecolor picker is not used as much as the random alternating colordrawing modes or the rainbow colors drawing mode which are toggledfrom the second button. The third button brings down a second rowof buttons for undo, redo, playback and a pencil for drawingsomething showing the numbers of the drawing style and then playingit all at one time. We love to hear your feedback! More featuresare in the works based on our users' feedback :) Can't wait to seeyour creations as we get ready to host a doodle drawing contestwhere you can use any of our doodle draw paint apps to sketch newdesigns or modify existing photos. Happy Doodle 'ing! * DoodleFire!™
Kids MPack1 for Doodle Scratch 1.3
Kids MegaPack1 is a content pack of 70 different pictures to add toyour Doodle Scratch™ app! If you don’t already have our DoodleScratch™ app, it will guide you to install it first. Kids can“scratch” the color to reveal the picture behind it or you can hitthe button that turns the photos black and white and then “scratch”the image to bring the color back to the photo! Contact usregarding the Doodle Scratch app and content packs athttp://www.doodlescratch.com
Love Stickers! for Doodle Wish 1.3
This Love Stickers pack is for our "Doodle Wish!" App, Enjoy! Youcan use these stickers inside the DoodleWish app to create thatcustom one of a kind Love Card for that special someone! (This willwork in the DoodleText! app also.) If you don't have DoodleWish Appinstalled the pack will guide you to install DoodleWish first.After installing, from inside DoodleWish just click on the stickersIcon/Button, the 3rd icon from the left, and then slide theslot-wheel to choose this Valentines1 pack.
Easter Cards for Doodle Wish™! 1.4
Happy Easter! This is a content pack with 11 Easter Cards for theDoodle Wish™! app. You will be prompted to first install DoodleWishif you do not already have it installed. Inside are 11 unique HappyEaster cards available nowhere else! Enjoy! To use Cards simplyclick on the camera button/icon for background options inside theApp and then select "Bundled Images" and you can then selectEaster. Note to DoodleText users: This content pack will also workwith the "Doodle Text™!" app :)
Christmas Fonts 4 Doodle Text! 1.4
Christmas Fonts for Doodle Text! Merry Christmas! This is a ContentPack for the Doodle Text app. If you do not already have the DoodleText app installed it will ask you to install that first :) Afteryou install the Christmas Fonts you can use them to write withthese Christmas style fonts in different colors you can even drawwith graffiti font text feature inside the doodle text app. Youjust need to tap on the T for text button feature or the graffitispray doodle text feature under the magic hat button and select thefont pack and then choose the Christmas font you want to use.Enjoy!
Flowers & bflies 4 Doodle Wish 1.3
Add some pretty butterfly and flower stickers to your DoodleWish!when you want to send a personalized greeting! It also works withour DoodleText! app too! You can access the Butterfly and FlowerStickers from the sticker button within your DoodleWish! orDoodleText! app and even get more sticker packets when you click on"download" from your sticker options. ***Please note that this isNOT an app itself, it is a content packet for our DoodleWish! andDoodleText! app. If you do not already have our apps you will beguided to install the DoodleWish! app first.
Christmas pics Doodle Scratch! 1.4
Christmas pictures for Doodle Scratch app! This is a content packwith photos for our Doodle Scratch app. If you do not have DoodleScratch app installed yet you will be prompted to install it first.It will let kids scratch and reveal and also do color splash, colorpop effect on various pictures, photos. Happy doodle 'ing! MerryChristmas!
Easter Icons for Doodle Wish™! 1.4
Happy Easter! This is a content pack for the Doodle Wish™! app withEaster stickers, icons. You will be guided to install DoodleWishfirst if it is not already installed. To use Cards simply click onthe stickers button/icon inside the App and then select selectEaster1s with the scroll wheel to use the Easter stickers icons.You can use these icons stickers pack along with our "Easter Cardsfor Doodle Wish" content pack which is also available on the googleplay android market. Note to DoodleText users: This content packalso works for Doodle Text™! app.
Love Stickers! for Doodle Text 1.3
This Love Stickers pack is a content pack for our Doodle Text! App,Enjoy! You can use these stickers inside the DoodleText app tocreate that custom one of a kind Love Card for that specialsomeone! If you don't have DoodleText App installed the pack willguide you to install DoodleText first. After installing, frominside DoodleText just click on the stickers Icon/Button, the 3rdicon from the top, and then slide the slot-wheel to choose thisValentines1 pack. (This will work for DoodleGram/DoodleWish also.)
Flowers Butterfly Doodle Text! 1.3
Flowers and pretty butterfly stickers for your Doodle Text! app. Italso works for Doodle Wish! app when you want to send apersonalized greeting! You can access the Butterfly and FlowerStickers from the sticker button within your DoodleText! orDoodleWish! app and even get more sticker packets when you click on"download" from your sticker options. ***Please note that this isNOT an app itself, it is a content packet for our DoodleText! andDoodleWish! app. If you do not already have our apps you will beguided to install the DoodleText! app first.
Christmas Stickers Doodle Text 1.4
Christmas stickers pack for Doodle Text! to add to your artisticcreations! You can access the Christmas Stickers from the stickerbutton within your DoodleText! or DoodleGram! app and even get moresticker packets when you click on "download" from your stickeroptions. ******Please note that this is NOT an app itself, it is acontent packet for our DoodleText! and DoodleGram! app. If you donot already have our apps you will be guided to install theDoodleText! app first. Have a Merry Doodle Christmas! Happy DoodleTexting! You can see in the screenshots some of the images,stickers, included in this Christmas bonus content pack such asglobes, bells, santa claus, santa hats, christmas trees, gifts,nativity scenes, angels, stars, and more.
Love Cards! - for Doodle Text! 1.5
16 fun and unique Love Cards to send to the one you love! You needthe LATEST VERSION of DoodleText or DoodleGram installed first.After you install this love cards greeting cards content pack, youcan then access them by clicking Camera icon/button insideDoodleText or DoodleGram and select "Bundled Images" and thenyou'll see "Valentine" when you scroll down the wheel/spinner rightbelow the "built-in" category, similar to how it is for thestickers.
Mom is Best Cards Doodle Text! 1.3
Mom is Best Cards for Doodle Text! Because mom is the best! Enjoy12 brand new custom designed Mother appreciation cards created justfor you! Use them to send greeting cards to your mom or create aphoto collage honoring your mom :) You need Doodle Text app to usethese greeting cards. Enjoy!
Doodle Coloring!™ Draw Color 3.3
Doodle Color!™ - Kids Coloring Your Photos app is simple & funfor kids of all ages! No upper limit ;) (for Android™ 2.0 or above)Kids Coloring Features explained: ★ Simple photo color up methodfor kids, lets kids easily do color splash effect of object orperson they trace/color in the middle of an otherwise black andwhite photo. ★ Kids can draw colors on any pictures in your gallerythat you screen and select for them using "Add Pictures": meaningthey can even color Instagram® pics located on your device/sdcard;the app scans for photos and lets you choose which ones to let thekids see and paint colors back in on. Images are loaded in black& white and colors will reappear wherever the kids doodle withtheir fingers. ★ Save! Kids' artwork can be saved to your gallery.The original photo is not edited, it remains untouched, just asnapshot of your kids' coloring is saved to a new file. ★Multi-Touch! Kids can draw with more than one finger, depending onyour phone/tablet's support for multitouch. ★ Sound Effects! Theycan be turned off by turning media audio volume control all the waydown on device. ★ Solid color scratch & reveal mode buttonincluded, users report its popular with younger kids and eventoddlers, especially with the sound effects volume control turnedup! This button simply calls a random solid color and when kidsdraw, they scratch away the solid color revealing a picture. ★Brush size: There are three paint brush size options, small brush,medium brush, and large brush. ★ Easy for kids to use, even youngerkids who can't trace well yet or draw within the lines, yet fun foreven adults! A more complex feature full version for grown-ups willbe released soon! (See doodlecolor.com for info.) If you prefer tolet kids color on provided content other than your own photos, tryour Doodle Scratch!™ Kids Color Draw app instead. Also, please tryour Doodle Toy!™ Kids Draw Paint drawing app which is popular withchildren and adults alike! For more mature kids, teenagers, oradults, please try our Doodle Gram!™ Photo Collage SMS app :) Ifyou have any feature requests, comments, or suggestions pleaseemail us at kidsversion@doodlecolor.com Or contact us online athttp://kids.doodlecolor.com orhttp://www.doodlecolor.com/kidsversion.html Legal disclaimer: * Alltrademarks and copyrights referenced are the sole property of theirrespective owners. Android™ is a trademark of Google® Inc. * Thisapp and its creators are in no way related to, endorsed by, oraffiliated with Instagram® Inc.
Doodle Runner! Ginger Man Run! 1.1
Kids Doodle Runner! Ginger Man Run! Kids game free! Help gingermanrun and jump over tons of candy! Gingerbread man can't crush thecandy, it will make him trip and fall so keep jumping and have fun!Post your highest score on facebook! :) Kids love gingerbread manrun! Also try doodle toy kids doodle glow draw or doodle fire todraw with fire glow :) DoodleRunner.com™