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com.rlsimulator 1.1.9
What is RLSimulator? Rocket League Crate Simulator, open crates forfree, trade, gamble. It's a whole trading simulator with even morefeatures, 100% free. What are Rocket League Crates? Rocket leagueis a popular game with over 50 million players, however, thetrading scene is a complex and confusing scene and can even costreal money! Now, there is RLSimulator. A Rocket League tradingsimulator based off of the communities real time prices, you can doeverything and more for free! Why Crate Openings? Rocket League hasa crate system, which cost 1 key per crate to open, far toexpensive for some. We have solved this expense, by creating arealistic simulating game that allows you to open crates (forfree), trade these items, gamble them and much more, all for free.What is so special about RLSimulator? It's free, fun, realistic andmuch more. Find out for yourself and give it a try, right now.