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[ARCHIVE] Equisense 1.5.27
This app is no longer maintained, to enjoy newfeatures seehttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.equisense.motionsinsteadIn a few weeks, this app will be removed from the play store infavor the new app.
Equisense - Horse riding improvement 15.4
Free riding exercises and training programs with the 1st connectedsensor that helps rider and horse progress. Get access to more than100 riding exercises and training programs for riders and theirhorses and that for all disciplines: dressage, show jumping, cross,flat... You can also pair the connected sensor Equisense Motionwhile riding in order to record the training sessions and tomeasure the rider's and the horse's evolution over the time.Improve the rider's performance, follow the horse's or pony'sactivities, watch over the horse's health, register the horse'sefforts and anticipate abnormalities like lameness. The sensormeasures in real-time: - the time spent at each gait: halt, walk,trot, canter - the number of jumps and transitions - the trotsymmetry of the horse - the elevation of the horse at walk, trotand canter - the cadence and regularity at walk, trot and canterOther available features of the sensor: - Free riding exercises andtraining programs - Horse tracking and horse profiles