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בן-איש-חי - Ben Ish Chai 1.6.1
Eran Cohen
Ben Ish Chai is a Sefer of sermons, with commentary on the weeklyTorah portion and the Halachos written by Rabbi Yosef Chaim ofBaghdad which is why he is known as the "Ben Ish Chai". The Seferwas received as a fixative sefer by part of the communities in theMiddle East and especially the Babylonian Jewry. The Sefer isdivided into "First year" and "Second year" and the years aredivided into weekly Torah portions. At the beginning of every Torahportion are aggadah (historical and anecdotal material), followedby Halachos. The Sefer is written in a clear, short and pleasantway. Two important figures guided his work: Rabbi Shimon barYochai, author of the Zohar, and Rabbi Isaac Luria, the Arizal. Theapplication does not require an Internet connection. Please shareand rate. Tizku L'mitzvos.
חוק לישראל - Hok Leisrael 1.8.5
Eran Cohen
Hok LeIsrael Application, allows you to learn every day: Torah,Mishna, Talmud, Kabala, Musar and Halacha The application does notrequire an Internet connection. Please share and rate. TizkuL'mitzvos. Important Note: If your device does not support thehebrew punctuation ('nikud') then you can select the setting'Remove nikud and te'amim' which can be found under settings, Ifthe hebrew punctuation ('nikud') is not always seen under the wordsin your device then mark the setting 'align right' under thesettings, If you are not located in Israel, uncheck this option inthe settings. Tags: hok le israel ,Jewish , bible , torah, sidur,chumash, mikra, gemara, tanakh, Nevi'im, ketuvim, tehillim, yalkutyosef, sifrei kodesh, books, book, judaism,kitzur, kitsur,Halachos
com.eran.orhachaim 1.1
Eran Cohen
"Or HaChaim" is the famous compliation of Rabbi Chaim ben Atar, whowas one of the greatest commentators of the Bible from the pastgenerations, a Talmudic commentator, a mekubal, and a halachicauthority.Even though he was born in Morocco, his compilation waseagerly accepted by the leaders of the Hassdic movement in Europe,who saw it as fundamental to their ideology. They encouragedintense study of this work, distributing it in print, and believedit to be a charm for many things, amongst them fertility andchildbirth.The name of the work is explained in its introduction,"for the Torah is called light (o'hr)...and because there are manythings which give off light - such as candles, and the sun, moon,and stars - we call it [the Torah] O'r HaChaim. This name relatesto the Creator, who is called Life (Chaim), as it is written 'andthe King of Life', and the Torah is called Life (Chaim), as it iswritten, 'The Torah of the wise is the source of Life', and theRighteous as well are called Life (Chaim), as it is written, 'andall of you who cling to G-d...are all Alive (Chaim)."Theapplication does not require an Internet connection.Please shareand rate.Tizku L'mitzvos.
Yalkut Yosef- Halachot La'Isha 1.0.3
Eran Cohen
Sefer "Yalkut Yosef - Otzar Dinim Laisha Ve'Labat" by RabbiYitzchak Yoseph, the son of the Torah leader Rabbi Ovadia YosephZATZAL. A collection of Laws and Customes for the Jewish Womenbased on the Shulchan Aruch, like, Netilat Yadayim, praying, Candlelighting, Cooking, separating on shabat, Rosh Chodesh, Purim,Holidays, Meat and dairy, honoring parents, Wigs, mixed dancing,etc.This Sefer Halachot is a must for every jewish lady! Sorted byan easy to find order! The app includes search in every'seffer'.The application does not require an Internetconnection.Please share and rate.
Family Purity Laws-טהרת המשפחה 1
Eran Cohen
Laws of Family Purity retain the freshness of married life, protectthe couple and give that happiness and stability. Jewish lawsanctify family life, elevate the relationship between husband andwife physical-material level to a higher level of holiness, purityand transcendence. For many generations, many nations of the worldstood and marveled at the sight of a Jewish family. Not once theytried to understand the magic which, for its tranquility andhappiness she gives. The Jewish religious laws (Halakhot) in theapplication are for Sephardim and Ashkenazim, and only when thereare disagreements between the Shulchan Aruch and the Rema wemention these disagreements. Rabbinical approvals to the book werereceived from Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef Zt"l, Rabbi Shlomo MosheAmar Shlita, and Rabbi Asher Zelig Weiss Shlita.
Pirke Rabbi Eliezer 1
Eran Cohen
Passages of Rabi Eliezer is one of the most common interpretationin the Jewish world of commentary on the Tora.According totradition the author is Tana Rabi Eliezer Ben Horkanus and his BaitMidrash.