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com.pzlapps.bipit 2.92
Eran Katsav
Bip it voice commands will make your life a lot easier by doingexactly what you are thinking of doing without even touching thephone! Bip it voice commands has an auto detect driving mode. WhenBip it enters driving mode you can open the app by saying “ExecuteBip it” and then whoa, all the incoming WhatsApp messages will beread to you, you can call, navigate to anywhere, schedule a meetingor a reminder, you even can search for a song to hear, and ALL ofthese wonderful things you will be doing while your HANDS on asteering wheel and driving safely only with the help of your voiceand with very easy and short voice commands. Please note: Werecommend not to send text messages during driving, since itinvolves touching the phone and manually sending the messages. Nosubscription plans, actually you don’t even have to sign up! Justenjoy & drive safe. Bip it Voice commands is your personalvoice assistant, which helps you by translating From 25 differentlanguages, and in addition to that it can open the camera and takepicture or videos for you, just by a voice command ! Too Good to betrue ? Well, download and see :) for any questions, replies orreviews : And if you liked the app please rate it5 stars! ★ Quick launch to the app by saying Execute Bit it or anyother keyword you choose from the settings. ★ Listen by thebluetooth speaker to incoming sms & whatsapp messages, with anoption to reply to the sender. ★ Listen to the incoming calls \caller’s name , with an option to accept the phone call or to replywith a text message. ★ Call and send messages by a voice command toevery contact you have. ★ Write Sms and WhatsApp messages. ★Launching the navigation apps you have, to navigate the address youspoke. ★ Searching for every address or location and get access tovarious of options like calling them, or even navigate to them. ★Play music from your phone or from youtube based on what you choose( Singer, album or song name) ★ Launching the camera to take apicture or a video. ★ Our system learns by it self, it can rememberyour favourite contacts ! ★ Custom alert just right the moment youleave the car. ★ On the settings you will find various optionsincluding: Detecting driving mode, when to read messages/calles andan few options for a quick launch, from double clicking the lockbutton to launching the app by a voice command which is “ExecuteBip it” by default and can be changed in the settings screen. ★ Theapp automatically detects driving mode when you connects thespeaker(bluetooth) or with location services ( What you’ll decidein the settings). You can also launch the driving mode manuallyfrom the main settings. Notices : ★ Bip it has Widgets for opening/ recording quickly in different dimensions ★ All the voicecommands presented to you at the main screen in a way that enablesyou to scroll between them horizontally. We would love to hear fromyou.. Enjoy & stay safe.
Voice translator Translate it 1.2
Eran Katsav
Traveling abroad? Don't know the language? Translate it Voicetranslator speaks for you! And speak out loud!Forget about languagebarriers when traveling abroad, voice translation became so easy!Just double click and speak!Translate it Voice translator allowsyou to instantly speak and translate by double clicking the powerbutton of your device. Translate it allows you to choose from any29 supported languages and double click the power button fromanywhere (Yes, anywhere) and speak. It’s the pocket voicetranslator you have been waiting for. It doesn't matter if youtravel or just want to learn a language, voice translations havenever been easier and quicker. You don’t have to enter the app, youdon’t even need to unlock your phone! Even when the phone islocked, double click and speak! within seconds you will see andhear the translations.This is by far the simplest and the fastestvoice translation app. Just download and enjoy. it will make yourlife abroad easy and fun. Additionally, it includes a conversationmode for managing full conversations with ease.Supported languages(voice recognition and text to speech): Arabic, Cantonese, Catalan,Chinese (Mandarin), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French,German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indian, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Slovakian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.
VoCaller - Voice Dialer 1.2
Eran Katsav
VoCaller offers you the fastest way to voice call any contact!Double click the power button and dial only by speaking thecontact’s name! With flawless performance and perfect voicerecognition, Vocaller will voice dial to any contact in a breeze.Without the need to even enter the app, even when the phone islocked and the screen is turned off, double click anytime oranywhere and call or dial with your voice alone! It is the fastestway to make voice call. When you are busy or just lazy, withVoCaller you don’t have to bother yourself with searching forcontacts, calling and dialling is done within seconds only with thehelp of your voice! VoCaller gives you the option to automaticallyturn on your speaker mode when making a call, so that even whenyou’re driving you don’t have to touch the phone order to dial toanyone! In VoCaller you can also customise everything from the timeinterval between the two clicks that start the voice recording tothe number of seconds you get before the app makes the automaticcall and dial. VoCaller can be customised for your needs. VoCalleris also a learning system and saves your favourites contacts tomake voice dialing even faster! Everyone has situations where hecan't unlock the phone and search for a contact, just downloadVoCaller and forget about searching for contacts and trying to dialwhile driving and risking those around you.
com.pzlapps.gatez 1.7
Eran Katsav
No more wasting time and touching your phone while driving, withGateZ your call based gate will open for you like a charm themoment you approach it. After a very short setup you will no longerhave to call the gate yourself, instead we will do it for you. Thesetup includes 3-steps: 1. Set the gate phone number. 2. Set thegate closing hours (from when and until when it is closed). 3. Markthe gate location (either on map or by standing next to it andusing current location). Thats it! The next time you will approachthe gate GateZ will automatically call the gate for you so by thetime you arrive it will be wide open for you, like a magic! Gatezalso allows you to pre-define a special key phrase that uponreceiving an WhatsApp message containing that key phrase, GateZwill automatically prompt you to open the gate. It is up to you toshare that key phrase with the correct friends. More then that youcan create your own favourite friends list, that upon receiving thesms from them the gate will automatically open without the need ofmanual confirmation. In order for GateZ to work you must enableLocation services in your phone but don't worry about the powerconsumption, GateZ only use your location while you are driving thecar and the greater the distance between you and the gate the lesslocation we use. More then that, GateZ can also detect driving uponconnecting to your car Bluetooth hands-free device. This isrecommended since it is more precise and energy saver. AttentionXiaomi users: in order for the app to work please allow it theAutoStart option in the privacy settings.