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Twin Shooter - Invaders 1.0.7
*** Pocketgamer Silver Award Winner *** Now with NEW SHIPS, NEWENEMY and a brand NEW POWER-UP!!! Shoot Once. Die Twice! Shoot.Kill. Die. BOOM! Welcome to Twin Shooter, the old school spaceshmup where YOU CAN SHOOT YOURSELF! Fight increasingly difficultwaves of invaders controlling two starships that are facing eachother. Shoot enemies before they get you… but beware, because yourships can also shoot each other! Try conquering the high scores byyourself or bring a friend and play on the same device with the 2player cooperative mode. With up to 20 different spaceships tounlock, Twin Shooter distills the experience of the explosiveaction of arcade machines such as Space Invaders or Defender andbrings it to your smartphone and tablet, maintaining the same kindof playability: easy to pick up and play, but hard to master! Areyou ready for the next level in arcade shooters? How many waves areyou going to last before obliterating into millions of pieces? Areyou going to be shot… or are you going to shoot yourself? FEATURES✔ 1 player and 2 players cooperative mode! ✔ Simple touch control -slide to move your starships ✔ Endless gameplay ✔ A considerableamount of explosions ✔ 20 different ships to unlock, each with anspecial power-up ✔ Epic Boss fights!
Age of Lords: Legends & Rebels 2020.9.1
Age of Lords is a popular strategy MMO game set in the MedievalAge. As a mighty lord you will build a grand castle, forgealliances and TRAIN massive armies to defeat other REAL players. Agame of kings and queens who fight to become the most fierce slayerin their kingdom. FEATURES ✔ Develop your castle, research newtechnologies and become a kingdom builder ✔ Use diplomatic strategyto forge Alliances with other lords ✔ Use brute force andsubterfuge to defeat enemy players ✔ Train a massive medieval armywith various troops including cavalry, infantry and archers ✔Explore the Kingdom Map to gather resources, scout rebel players ✔Experience the bearded dragon age and become a monster slayer ✔Chat in real time and set up diplomatic ties with other alliances ✔Discuss war strategies with allied lords ✔ Form a rally march andhire lords and knights to boost your chances to win ✔ Become partof the legends and rebels by conquering the King's throne ✔ Reachthe top of the rankings and earn the respect of the whole kingdom ✔Compete with thousands of player in weekly events ✔ Level Up yourHero to be worthy of a rising empire ✔ Learn the greatest mmostrategy of medieval times by completing hundreds of Quests andcollecting massive rewards ✔ Use FREE Speed Ups to develop fasterand trump your enemies ✔ Become a VIP player and gain game-changingbonuses ✔ Save the day by choosing the right time to attack orretreat, to wage war or make peace ✔ Discover countless strategiesand diplomatic choices! Passionate players from all over the worldhave joined to form alliances and explore together the medievaltimes warfare, but real friendships were craeted and those gobeyond the games' borders. Meet people like you, strategise andbecome famous in the most popular strategy mmo with a medievaltheme! ★Military Game Build barracks to train medieval troops. Oneyou have created an army worthy of great battles, equip your Herowith the invincible gear such as Ring of Desctruction and Ring ofKnowledge and become another type of lord of the rings. Send scoutcavalry towards your target and, if the odds are in your favor, usebrute force to destroy you enemy's Castle. Great battles put you onthe top of the rankings, making you renown for your strategicskills in military actions. ★Social Game Fights are not everythingyou need to know in a game of war: communication, leadership andsocial ties make the difference in battles' results. Chat and planahead with your alliance, but always keep your enemies close by.★Economy Game Apart from getting the right people to fight in theright war, you also need the right resources. Create and developthe economic branch of the game by using tactical trades with yourallies, gathering resources from the map, using strategic boostsand skills to grow your economy stats. Join a new age of warfareand test yourself against real players worldwide in the best MMOmedieval! PLAY NOW! Support For feedback, contact us .
World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO 2020.9.0
Become an army general in the greatest war the world has ever seen!TRAIN massive armies of panzers and aircraft, go to war withthousands of REAL players, form great alliances and develop yourown strategic center of operations. Join the largest WW2 strategyMMO game in the world! FEATURES ✔ Build historical WW2 panzers andaircraft belonging to Allied and Axis powers ✔ Develop your base,research new military technologies and send your platoons in theworld warfare ✔ Explore the Front Map to gather resources, scoutenemy generals or defeat rebellious armies ✔ Use brute force andsubterfuge to defeat enemy players ✔ Become part of history of theSecond Great War by conquering the Atomic Facility ✔ Choose aGeneral to represent you on the battlefield from Patton to Rommel ✔Call your friends to arms and forge Alliances to win the great war✔ Chat in real time to discuss war strategy with allied generals ✔Join troops with allied generals, create massive marches and leadan army war in a World War 2 game ✔ Save the day by choosing theright time to attack or retreat, to wage war or make peace ✔ Levelup your Commander to turn him into a hardened WW2 veteran ✔ Followthe call of duty in fights and battles ✔ Compete with enemy andallied generals for the top spot in the events ✔ Employ subterfugeand military tactics to outwit your foes. ✔ Do your duty and placeyour country’s flag in the world rankings ✔ Command vehicles basedon your strategies: the impenetrable armor of the King Tigerpanzer, the agility of the Spitfire or the explosive power of theB-17 Flying Fortres ✔ Lead infantry platoons with machine guns,rifles and snipers. The call is yours! ✔ Be a general amonghistorical leaders like Eisenwhower, Patton, Rommel, Rokossovskyand Montgomery ✔ Visit famous landmarks such as Stalingrad,Peenemunde, Monte Casino, Dunkirk or meet Wojtek the Bear ✔Complete hundreds of Missions to collect massive rewards ✔ Use FREESpeed Ups to develop faster and trump your enemies ✔ Become a VIPplayer and gain explosive bonuses for building your base ✔ Discovercountless strategies and diplomatic choices! ✔ Base building, realtime strategy, and subterfuge will help you win the Civil War! Joina world of war and test yourself against real players worldwide inthe most addictive army game online! PLAY NOW! ★Historical GameExplore a historically realistic universe created by the same teamthat brought you games about the American Civil War, World War I,and the Vietnam War. ★Military Strategyl Game One you have createdan army worthy of great battles, equip your Hero with theinvincible military gear and prove your supremacy on thebattlefield. ★Social Game Fights are not everything you need toknow in a game of war: communication, leadership and social tiesmake the difference in battles' results. Call your friends and planahead with your alliance, but always keep your enemies close by.Support For feedback, contact us at .
War and Peace: The #1 Civil War Strategy Game 2020.9.4
Build army bases, raise infantry, use subterfuge - anything to winthe Civil War. Welcome to the year 1861, soldier! The Civil War isat its peak and we need a commander for our troops. Use real timestrategy to lead our army in this conquest and become a Civil Warhero! Build your empire and send your soldiers to the battlefield.Real time strategy will determine which side wins and sets thecourse of American history. Use base building to create your campand customize your army with soldiers of all kinds: infantry,cavalry or heavy artillery. The Civil War was one of the mostfamous battles in world history and now you can be the hero bydemonstrating your power on the battlefield. Develop war strategy,check civil war battle maps, optimize the battlefield, and becomethe legend of the Civil War. Be the American Civil War commanderthat kids will study in their history books! Play real timestrategy war games and test your tactics - resources are scarce andcollecting them takes time, so manage them well to win. Build anddefend your base, follow your goal and use military strategy toachieve victory. As the war commander, you decide who lives or dieson the battlefield. Looking for fun and free games? Check out theWar and Peace Features: Civil War Game • Fight in the America CivilWar - side with the Union and Abraham Lincoln or join theConfederacy with Jefferson Davis. • Real time strategy in epic warbattles let you decide the course of history! • Multiplayerstrategy and tactics will decide the outcome of the war. • CivilWar battle maps based on historical battles. War Strategy Game •Use Civil War military weapons and artillery from 1861. • Build anddefend in the most epic fights in American history with one of themost realistic MMO 4x strategy games. • Command and conquer an armyof 1861 soldiers and become a military hero! • Use base building tocreate and defend your base of operations. Online Strategy Games •Use your American history knowledge to fight on the battlefield. •PvP battles have your army face off against other players! • Warand Peace leads you to a time where wars cannot be won withhelicopters - remember that you’re in 1861 and there are no modernweapons! • Base building, real time strategy, and subterfuge willhelp you win the Civil War! Army Strategy Games: • Build a militarybase and command your army against the enemy. • Manage soldiers anddevelop tactics to win this epic war. • Use subterfuge and militarytactics to outwit your foes. • Step into USA history and be part ofthe country’s defining war! • Conquer civil war battle maps withoutusing a tank or battleship! Start base building, develop wartactics, take command and prepare your artillery for the MMO 4xstrategy war in War and Peace! Take a break, install War and Peaceand immerse yourself in the authentic Civil War atmosphere.
Battle Star Arena 1.57.1
Lead your space armada to the victory! Become the best general inthe entire galaxy. Define your strategy and choose the cards thatyou will use in the combat. Your decision will make the differencebetween victory and defeat in the deep space. FEATURES ● OFFLINEsingle player campaign , play epic space battles in the subway,train or plane, no need for an internet connection to have fun. ●Earn crates to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards andupgrade existing ones. ● Live a space adventure with nostalgicretro pixel graphics yet fast paced modern gameplay. ● Build andupgrade your card collection. ● Construct your ultimate ARMADA todefeat your opponents ● Progress trough multiple planets in theoffline campaign and multiple arenas in the Real time, 1v1 arenaduels ● Challenge your friends to a private duel in the Play vsFriend mode. PLEASE NOTE! Battle Star Arena is free to download andplay, however, some game items can also be purchased for realmoney. If you do not want to use this feature, please set uppassword protection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Store app. Join Battle Star Arena community: Facebook Page Community
Tactical Heroes 2: Platoons 2020.8.3
Become an army general in the newest strategy MMO with realisticgraphics! TRAIN massive armies, produce helicopters, go to war withthousands of REAL players, form powerful alliances and develop yourown military strategies. FEATURES ✔ Build Hueys and tanks ✔ Developyour town and research new technologies ✔ Choose your faction andfight for domination ✔ Use diplomacy to forge Alliances with othercommanders ✔ Use brute force and subterfuge to defeat enemy players✔ Explore the World Map & prepare for conquests through theVietnam jungles ✔ Gather resources, scout enemy players and defeatrebellious armies ✔ Chat in real time and set up diplomatic tieswith other alliances ✔ Join troops with allied commanders andcreate massive rally marches ✔ Conquer territories for powerfulbuffs for you and for your allies ✔ Become the President and assignmilitary roles to your friends and foes ✔ Reach the top of therankings and earn the respect of the whole world ✔ Take advantageof the FREE Speed Ups to develop faster ✔ Compete with thousands ofplayers in daily events ✔ Level Up your Commander and equip himwith military gear ✔ Develop strategies to prepare for times of warand peace ✔ Complete or team up with hundreds of Missions tocollect massive rewards ✔ Aim for the highest military rank byproving your loyalty to the Alliance General ✔ Become a VIP playerand gain game-changing bonuses ✔ Discover countless of strategicand diplomatic choices! ★Military Game Build and upgrade yourbarracks to produce war weapons starting from infantry rifles tomassive tanks or bomber aircrafts. One you have created an armyworthy of great battles, equip your Hero with the invinciblemilitary gear and prove your supremacy on the battlefield. You cansend reconnaisance planes to scout your target and, if the odds arein your favor, use brute force to destroy you enemy's base. Greatbattles put you on the top of the rankings, making you renown foryour strategic skills in military actions. ★Social Game Fights arenot everything you need to know in a game of war: communication,leadership and social ties make the difference in battles' results.Chat and plan ahead with your alliance, but always keep yourenemies close by. Friendships are made easier when you discover howmany things bring you together in an army game. Discover a world ofhistory passionates about Vietnam War and share your knowledge withthem. ★Economy Game Apart from getting the right people to fight inthe right war, you also need to have the right resources. Createand develop the economic branch of the game by using tacticaltrades with your allies, gathering resources from the map, usingstrategic boosts and skills to grow your economy stats. Join aworld of war and test yourself against other real playersworldwide! Whether you are an experienced strategy MMO player oryou've just started your journey in games of war are, this is theperfect game for you. Use your tactical skills to plan, manage andmaintain favorable alliances that would win you not only battles,but also wars. PLAY NOW! Support Do you have suggestions to improvethis game or you want to report an issue? Please get in touch withus at .
Create your Citizen and you will have the opportunity to developyour military, economy or political career.
Game of Trenches 1917: The WW1 MMO Strategy Game 2020.4.8
World War 1 continues on your phone in Game of Trenches! The newestMMO strategy where players faceoff in base building, militarystrategy games as army generals during The Great War! TRAIN WorldWar 1 armies, aces and tanks and go to war with thousands of REALplayers! Hone your subterfuge and war strategy skills, build anarmy, form great alliances and develop your own strategic center ofarmy operations. Real time strategy games are designed test youringenuity - watch out for trench-lurking soldiers and flying aces!Build an army, equip your Hero with invincible military gear andprove your supremacy on the battlefield. Use WW1 military gearbelonging to the British, German, Russian, Austro-Hungarian,Ottoman, French or American army. Test your military might andtactics today! Use subterfuge and cunning military strategy toscout your target and destroy their Headquarters. Engage instrategy war games, rise to the top of the rankings and earn renownfor your strategy skills. GoT’s real time strategy games requireyou to chat and plan ahead with your alliance, but always keep yourenemies close by. In a war strategy game, communication,leadership, social ties and even subterfuge, can make thedifference in every battle. Use base building to create planes andtanks. Learn war strategy tactics, trade with your allies, gatherresources from the map, and use strategic boosts and skills to growyour economy stats. GoT introduces you to the most epic warfareamong online games. Join the largest WW1 RTS game in the world!GAME OF TRENCHES FEATURES ★World War 1 Game ✔ Build WW1 aces,including the Red Baron's famed aircraft ✔ Choose civilizations andfactions to fight for: the Kaiser's War vs Clemenceau's politics. ✔Real time strategy: Explore the Front Map to gather resources,scout enemy generals or defeat rebellious armies. ✔ MMO strategy:Call your friends to arms and forge Alliances to win The Great War.★Military Game ✔ Choose a WW1 General to represent you on thebattlefield from Ludendorf to Alexei Brusilov ✔ Command World War 1vehicles based on your strategies: the impenetrable armor of theBritish Mark V or the agility of the Albatros D.I. ✔ Be a WW1general among historical leaders like Kaiser Wilhelm II, GeorgesClemenceau, Mustafa Kemal and J Pershing ✔ Level up your Commanderto turn him into a hardened WW1 veteran ★Base Building ✔ Buildbases, research new military technologies and get involved in theworld warfare ✔ Build World War 1 barracks and produce massivetanks or aircrafts ★Real Time Strategy ✔ RTS game: Utilize strategyand tactics in real time with allied generals ✔ Military strategy:unite troops with allied generals, create massive marches and leadan army to war ✔ Epic war games: will you attack or retreat, wagewar or make peace ✔ Subterfuge, scouting, planning and coordinationwill help your army succeed ★Online War Games ✔ Follow the call ofduty in explosive daily events ✔ Place your country’s flag in theworld rankings ✔ Use FREE Speed Ups to develop faster and trumpyour enemies ✔ Become a VIP player and gain explosive bonuses ✔ RTStactics: Discover countless strategies and diplomatic choices! Joina war game of power and a world of war! Play real time strategygames against real players worldwide in the most addictive onlinearmy game - play Game of Trenches NOW! Support For feedback,contact us at
Game of Nations
Take a break now and then and discover the joys of worlddominationin the NEW IDLE RPG Game of Nations. You won’t have tolift afinger, just swipe away and start today! Don’t worry, you’renotalone in this! The wisdom of Plato will be your guide and showyouthe ropes once you get started. Can you believe he was awrestleronce? Sit back and relax as you unlock special Units fromLegendaryNations each with its unique abilities. You will enjoy thecompanyof Epic Heroes, mythical creatures and Gods alike who willrally toyour cause and obey your commands in battle. Control yourenemieswith the help of Cleopatra’s entrancing gaze and use herAura toheal your legions! Enlist the aid of Loki, the god ofmischief whosurely has some tricks up his sleeve. We got word Thormight jointhe brawl. Or perhaps, if you’re all about offence thenthemythical Minotaur should do quick work once you face thegoddessAthena who will make for a worthy opponent in your firstbattles.Embark on an epic fantasy adventure! Roam the World Map todiscoverthe fiercest warriors and lead them in the ultimate battleofnations! If you like your army disciplined, then you’ll lovetheGreek Units as well as famous Gods from Greek Mythology.Explorethe Sun warmed temples of Egypt, whose dunes hold more thanjustsand! Or travel to the wintry forests of the north where DarkElvesstill roam and the old gods walk. Don’t let them walkalone!Instead, make use of their unique skills in the Campaign ModeorAFK Battles in the Arena. Make sure you upgrade your HeroesandUnits to keep them in tip-top shape and enhance theirskills.Explore all Nations in the game’s Campaign Mode, enjoy theiruniqueart style and collect each Unit to achieve the ultimate army!Evenmore, mix and match your Units to find that killer combo andwreakhavoc on your opponents. Test out your tactics and yourarmy’sspecial skills against other players from all over the worldin theArena to discover all sorts of fun ways to combine yourunits. Notonly that but you can unlock awesome rewards whilefighting otheropponents in the Arena as well as in Campaign Mode.Make sure togather all the keys in PvP Arena to unlock your 3 DailyChests andcollect amazing loot! To top this, you get idle loot inyour ownchest when you’re not with us. Need some extra help? Noworries,we’ve got you covered. You can always summon Heroes andunits fromany distant Nation who will surely lend a hand. Conquerthe Worldin your spare time and jump right into the IDLE RPG Gameof Nationsto start living the dream. Features: ✴ Recruit mightywarriors foryour army and unique Heroes to fight for your cause. ✴Upgrade yourtroops to make them stronger and unlock unique skillsfor yourHeroes. ✴ Arrange and rearrange Units to get the perfectcombo,make a better team and try out different formations. ✴ Summonthebest Heroes or units from wild beasts to mythical creatures.✴Complete missions and earn massive rewards in Campaign mode aswellas the AFK Arena ✴ Collect Daily Loot from your chest and seewhattreasures await along your adventure. ✴ Match up againstotherplayers in competitive PvP mode and climb up the ranks intheleaderboards as well as earn amazing prizes in specialtournamentsand seasons. ✴ Explore ancient civilizations and embarkon an epicadventure by completing the missions on the world map aswell asenjoy our colorful fantasy art style. ✴ Enjoy a casual gameandchat for fun or debate strategies with other players ✴ Carefreeandeasy competitive gameplay mechanics BUT with countlessstrategicoptions to help you on your epic adventure as well as earnawesomerewards. Enjoy the adventure, gather the greatest army, makenewfriends or taunt your rivals! Go conquer your World and join uson: