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Only One 1.288
Ernest Szoka
TouchArcade - 4.5/5 "game with depth well beyond what youwouldexpect" PocketGamer - 9/10 "A brilliantly paced,sharp-edgedbrawler " Over 2 million downloads! One of the best hackand slashgames on mobile, Only One is an epic arena style swordfightinggame where you push and kill waves of enemies off a pillarin thesky with your magical sword. You don't fight for glory, youfightto survive! Defeat your enemies in gruelling combat or taketheeasy way out and push them off the pillar to their deathdownbelow. Capture enemy shields to block your opponents attacksanduse your abilities in strategic and dynamic ways likedeflectingfireballs back at the wizard or going in dangerouslyclose andunleashing the whirlwind. Gain powers and strength with awidevariety of abilities and upgrades. Hack and slash through over90waves and 9 bosses as you litter the tiny battlefield withbodiesand blood to ultimately become the only one left standing! ★In Apppurchase "Ultimate Power" unlocks the full game experience ★☆☆Android Game Controller Support ☆☆ ★ Awesome retro pixelartgraphics and music ★ Physics based sword combat with parryandshield mechanics ★ Upgrade your character over time withbetterstats and really cool abilities like push, freeze, bubble,infernowhirlwind and dart ★ 100 levels of soldiers, slimes,archers,wizards, loot gnomes, berserkers and mini bosses ★ Pushyouropponents off the pillar for easy kills and more points orstrikethem where they stand to get their loot ★ Ladder basedlevellingwith checkpoints every 10 levels, score resets each timeyou die ★Floating virtual joystick (can be changed to fixed insettings) ★Endless battle mode I read all reviews, so please leavefeedbackand follow me on twitter @ErnestSzoka for the latest inOnly Onenews :)
Vortexika 1.0.101
Ernest Szoka
Shoot incoming enemies and asteroids while avoiding obstaclesinthis high speed endless space shooter. Pick up armor, ammo andVbucks to upgrade your ship and level your way up through 100levelsof insane combat. challenge your friends to get the highestscore.From the creator of Only One 🧙‍♂️ 👍 HOW TO PLAY - Swipe 👈left orright 👉 to control your ship 🚀 around the vortex - Tap 👆 thescreento shoot 🔫 - Recommend to use both hands 🙌, one to move andone toshoot - Avoid indestructible cubes 🔲 death is instant -Shootenemies 🛸 and asteroids 🌑 to clear the way (big asteroids taketwohits) - Pick up armor to survive an extra hit and ammo toincreasefirepower - 100 levels, waypoints at every 10 levels -Failure tocomplete a level 25% of the way in drops your progress(except atwaypoints) - Pick up V bucks 💲 for revives, restoringlost levelprogress🏅 and upgrades💪 at the start of the game 🎮Bluetoothgamepads supported