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Spooky Horror House 2.0
You're here to investigate some strange case which will lead you tomystical spooky house of horror. The house which will freezes theblood in your veins and make your feet soften. That's a horror.Unravel an interesting quests and puzzles, step over many levels ofhorror atmosphere. The horror style of Spooky Horror House is scarybut soft enough to not cause disgust feelings. Gameplay is easy andinteresting. Some kind of home horror :) This spooky and hauntedhorror house is full of ghosts, which are everywhere! Woman ghosts,kids ghosts will fear you while you play this game. Oldishdecorations, cracked walls, big evil spider, stone statues - allthat is making unique atmosphere of the game Spooky Horror House. -Mystical spirit of horror house - Plenty of levels - Absolutelyfree to download - Nice decorations and backgrounds - Supportingmany devices - Simple interface and gameplay So we can makeconclusion this game is for all fanatics of quests, horror, spookyand mystical escape games. If you've liked our game Spooky HorrorHouse. please rate it for all 5 stars! Thank you! ARPAplus sociallinks (more games): 💎 VK: 💎 Facebook: 💎 Twitter:
Horror Escape - Cracked Mind 3D 1.5
FULL VERSION - NOW FREE !!! Cracked Mind: 3D horror adventure gamewith scary ambience full of puzzles and fear gameplay. ... Lovelystrong family, good job - successful life. It was a good old timefor our character. He lived by a restful life and enjoyed everymoment, every second of his existence. But there are situationswhen something goes wrong when you do not want to commit the act,but the fate decided otherwise… The aftermath can bring you out ofa rut and change your world, change us, break our minds. And now,instead of the evening family dinner, you'll find yourself in astrange place...and the most important thing in your eyes... thefear... fear of the unknown. While you playing 3d horror gameCracked Mind you will see paranormal activity, sick mind games andhorror puzzle games. Your aim is to understand what is reallyhappened and how to escape from this haunted place. * Interestingcomics story * Very good HQ 3D graphics * Handy control *Interesting puzzles and adventures * Spooky haunted house PlayCracked Mind (3D Horror Game) if looking for quality scary games.It is an absolutely free game of "horror" genre game for all loversof fear! Boost your adrenaline! ARPAplus social network (share ourposts & like us please): 💎 Facebook: 💎 VK: 💎 Twitter: 🎆 Play ourgood games at Google Play:
Abandoned Hospital of Horror 3D 1.9
Deadly fail occurred due experiments in the secret hospitallocatedin Eastern Europe named "Research Health Center". Evilpsychopathicdoctor improved the formula of the black plague vaccineandcovertly injected that virus into all of the saline bags.Duringseveral days most of the patients got infected. Week laterdiseasedpatients became scary monsters, zombies. They killed andate allthe doctors for few hours and that was a real terriblemassacre inthe house of pain. Next day hospital been quarantined,barbed wireisolated and became abandoned for the few years.Government decidednot to make it public. Two ways to solve thisproblem: first - isto blow this horror hospital. But then theywould not able toexamine monsters, research this virus andinvestigate this scaryincident. The better way was chosen: to callsecret agent calledLiquidator - irreplaceable guy when you need toclear that horrorhouse out. Now you play as liquidator guy and yourmission isclear: to kill all zombie monsters and escape theabandoned horrorhospital and stay alive. Unravel an interestingquests and puzzles,step over many levels of horror atmosphere. Mainfeatures of thegame Abandoned Hospital of Horror 3D : -First-person survivalhorror + camera surveillance view likeresident evil style -Interesting story - Great stunning horroratmosphere - Good 3Dgraphics - Interesting puzzles to guess duringthe game - Plug inyour headphones for the best - Fear and heartattacks guaranteed ;)- Creepy hospital interiors So we can makeconclusion this game isfor all fanatics of 3d shooter horror,spooky and mystical escapegames. If you've liked our game AbandonedHospital of Horror 3D.please rate it for all 5 stars! Thank you!ARPAplus social network(share our posts & like us please): 💎Facebook: 💎VK: 💎 Twitter: 🎆 Findotherexcellent games by ARPAplus at GooglePlay:
Scary Horror Escape 1.7
You’re coming to entertaining horror escape room game and you aregreeted by a suspicious man. The first thing you’re offered to dois to sign an agreement to participate in this scary horroradventure. So here the horror adventure begins... but somethingwent wrong... It seems like it’s not a game but a trap of somecrazy madman, who made this psycho escape rooms. Now it’s time tothink and escape house horror, otherwise you're dead. In thisadventure escape game, you’re gonna have a long journey to escapethe room aim! Well, will you open the doors can you escape theroom? Fear! *** "Scary Horror Escape" - it is a full free game,without paid content! *** *** For all the fans of point and clickadventure and horror escape games! *** Have you ever been in horrorhouse? Have you ever faced terrible entity and tried to get out ofdangerous places? Now you will have this opportunity. So be readyfor the HQ quality horror escape room adventure game. Come andaccomplish this well animated escape quest. Move through thishaunted house, solve mystery puzzles, and escape the room. Thisscary house is terrifying, so we need to escape horror house assoon as possible! It’s a perfect opportunity to pump your logicalskills by solving mysterious puzzles to escape. High quality artand exciting plot make this horror game a real masterpiece. Manyinteresting locations make this game special among other horrorescape games. You won’t forget this creepy adventure, where youshould open the doors, secret doors! Hundred percent you should doas much as you can to stay alive, it is so true fear! "Scary HorrorEscape" won't be an easy game, but with so many free hints andclues you will figure it out anyways. Fear house can bring youdifficult puzles to solve as good as easy puzzles to solve. So ifyou like to play detective games, solve puzzles and if you’re fanof scary stories and room games free, this is perfect horror gamefor you! You will need a knack to get through whole game, don'tforget to unlock the doors, mate. Maybe it’s gonna be challengingbut definitely worth it! Here the scary game begins in the hauntedhouse of fear. Test your logical skills and explore this escapehorror game. One of the best adventure games. Goosebumpsguaranteed! Features of "Scary Horror Escape" adventure game: -Well animated high quality art and realistic graphics - A lot ofcreepy trapped locations with doors open challenge - Horroratmosphere and spooky sounds - Understandable escape room withclues and hints - Search for clues and solve difficult puzzles -Many interesting puzzles and riddles: mathematics puzzles, numberspuzzles and more! - The game is translated into 15 languages -Ambience of horror house and addictive gameplay - Intuitiveinterface - Escape adventure without internet connection If youlike "Scary Horror Escape" and like to tickle your nerves, take alook at our other escape horror games. We have many other detectivegames, room escape, mystery and point and click adventure games.Just press the link: «More by AAA Adventure Games» and play highquality escape house horror, scary games, room games free and otherescape games offline free! You will get a goosebumps. We areconstantly trying to improve the quality of our games so that youget the maximum pleasure of the game. Have fun and share with yourfriends!
Kids Escape Room - Find the Lost Doll 1.7
🔎 Find yourself in children's room, examine the house inkidsperspective and solve all puzzle, escape the kids room, findallkeys and put together all parts of your doll! The littlenaughtyboy - your brother. He was stole your favourite doll anddismantledit to pieces! All doors closed by caring parents. Openthem andfind all of the pieces: legs, hands and head. Now you canbe happy,that's it! :) 🌈 While playing Kids Room Escape - Find theLost Dollyou will get a lot of fun and excellent pastime! This gameis goodfor kids, adults and family. Neat interiors good,pleasantbackground music in combination with puzzles for kids -that's whatthis game is made of. But don't be deceived, becausethere is someplaces in the game where kids or even adults can bestuck for awhile ;) Kids Escape Room - Find the Lost Doll features:-Interesting story with comics - Simple and understandableinterface- Good childhood atmosphere of the house - Plenty ofitems, scenesand backgrounds - Children escape puzzle - Nicein-game animation -Escape the room for kids genre If you're parentsand if your childis interested in a prison escape puzzle games (100doors) but youwas unable to find appropriate game for your kids -this is exactlywhat are your looking for. "Kids Escape - Find theLost Doll" - isdesigned for family and kids (for boys and girls)!And if you loveadventure games for boys and girls - you are at theright place!👫👍🏻Keep in mind that this game is focused on all thefamily members.We love kids! All of them! ❤️ Child's entertainmentand developmentis the one of the directions of our company ARPAPLUS and we loveto make free logic family games. Age fit: Puzzlesfor kids of ages:5 years, 6 years, 7 years, 8 years, 9 years, 10+years and anyadult! 👫 Download our games for boys and girls forfree! Spend goodtime with us, share with your friends! If you'veliked Kids Escape- Find the Lost Doll, then please rate it for allfive stars inGoogle Play, thank you!
Jailbreak: Prison Escape Adventure 2.1
Here is classic “room escape” game. You’re secret agent whosegoalis to break the prison. Escape from the most secret Asianembassy'sprison and steal top secret documents, quit your missionand thissurvival adventure. Now you need to use all your logicskills.There are a lot of hidden objects around the prison. You canusethem to solve different puzzles and prison quiz. This breaktheprison game is not only adventure game, but also logic gameandescape quest! There are many interesting riddles and doorsyoushould visit: council room, mobile nuclear research laboratoryandmany more. Keep your mind fresh and you will successfullyescapethe jail. Don’t break your survival mission and break theprisontaking important secret documents with you. If you areintosurvival games, hidden objects, room escape quest or breaktheprison games, this prison quest is just what you were lookingfor!Pump your logic skills or survival abilities with our escapeprisonquiz. Your main goal is to break out of jail and steal TOPSECRET// NOFORN documents about nuclear tests. What's good intheJailbreak : Prison Adventure: - Fascinating story describedincolored comics - Entangled escape prison quest and puzzles -Goodgraphics and atmospheric music - Complicated survival mission-Classic room escape game - Many hidden objects and logic games-High quality prison break game So we can make conclusion thatthisgame is for all fans of escape quest, survival missions,prisonquiz and logic games. If you've liked our prison quest«Jailbreak :Prison Adventure». please rate it for all 5 stars!Thank you! 🎆Play our good games at GooglePlay: ARPAplussociallinks (please, share and comment our posts): 💎Facebook: 💎VK: 💎 Twitter:
Ship Escape - Mystery Adventure 2.2
We are - researchers, the small crew which seek for aseaadventures. Our route ran not far from the Cuba islands. Small,butcozy ship sailed along the waves with a favorable wind. The aimofthe crew was to solve the mystery puzzles that one ofthescientists assigned to us. He talked about ancient maps, whichwerea puzzle. Professor unraveled on them an ship puzzle, in whichitwas told about the ancient genus of the Spaniards.Havingtransported ancient artifacts and treasures, these people hadtoconstantly survive on the ship every time getting intothemaelstrom of events, playing ship games and puzzles in reallife.For us, this task was - the most difficult puzzle that weeverperform. There have been various mystery games, but today weweredelighted in a double, were eager to move forward to newshipadventure and get into curise ship. But in life there aredifferentand you never know where your ship will lead next time totry yourluck and possibly get into the most incredible adventure,surviveat any cost. On our way, the captain and the ships ahead inthenearest radius reported that, according to the latestweatherforecast, there were huge black storm clouds ahead of us,i.e.there is a storm. The captain decided to do something like apuzzleto escape from a storm, that is, a maneuver, his skill wasalwaysat the level of aerobatics. To bypass the storm, then toreturn toour goal of following. As a result, the storm did notmanage tobypass at all, the ship was damaged. It was necessary tobe engagedin repair more likely, as such ships can not long go insuchcondition and can turn to the sunken ship. Repair of the ship,costa small expense, you can say for free in Russian ("for free").Wewere ready to go further, but the transmitter interceptedthedistress signal, again the horror quest, escape the ship,whichstill could not bypass the elements and got into the verystorm.Without hesitation, we went to the rescue. Already accustomedtoget into the woes or marine adventure! What could fate bring tousagain? When they reached the crash site of the children whosentthe SOS signal, it was already clear that no onecouldescape the cruise ship. There was a picture offloatingrags of clothes, wreckage and several boxes. I had to feeltheunpleasant feeling that this sunken terrible ship cast likepeoplestry escape from titanic. Then something happened that youlearn byplaying this game ... ... the ship began to panic, riots.Severalcrew members escaped from the box on the lifeboats. Wehavesuffered, it can be said, a collapse in full scale. It remainsonlyyou, around anyone, where all gone and what to do inthissituation? Life turns into a quest for survival. You will havetogo through the path of survival on the ship and get homealive.Erase this ship a ghost from your memory will not be soeasy.Cursed ship, will dream for a long time ... Play for freeinEnglish, as well as in other languages. Main advantages:-Excellent exciting story. - Stylish graphics. - Manypuzzles(quests). - An interesting original story with hiddenobjects. -Puzzle games, play with your family! - Suitable foradults andchildren of all ages. - No time limits. - Do not haveWi-Fi? Playoffline! - Continue on the same place if there is notime to playnow. ARPAplus social network (share our posts &like usplease): 💎 Facebook: 💎VK: 💎 Twitter: 🎆 Findotherexcellent games by ARPAplus at GooglePlay:
Stepmother - Mad Granny 1.03
When you've turned 21, your father left a will in whichallheirlooms should be passed to you. But there is a problem...yourstepmother. As soon as your dad passed away she went totallyinsaneand stole all the family values that your father hadbequeathed toyou! You know that she keeps it in her house and thereis no timeto slow down. Go ahead and return everything what isrightfullyyours. But be careful! Once stepmother sees you – you’redead! Herestarts survival game... High quality 3D graphics andcreepyatmosphere keep you in tension the whole game! Play inheadphonesfor more immersion in the scary game. A simple interfacemakes thisgame suitable for all kinds of people who like spookystories. ~Take everything that belongs to you and escape thecrazystepmother’s house! ~ Your stepmother is out of her mind andkeepsvalues, which your father bequeathed to you at her houseanddoesn't want to give it back! Search for objects, hidefromstepmother, open locks and doors and go through the horrorsurvivalquest! Use your logic to go through a series of challenges.Do notget caught in the sight of stepmother! If something goeswrong youhave ability to respawn in the game or choose the levelofdifficulty (easy/ normal/ hard). This game suits for all thegamerswho want to tickle their nerves and for all the fans ofspookystories, escape games, horror quest and creepy adventuregames!Features: - Awesome 3D graphics and animation - Excitingsurvivalhorror game - Three levels of difficulty - Atmosphericscary game -Simple game interface - Ability to respawn - Creepysounds So ifyou’ve already finished this scary game and want more,you canalways follow the «More by AAA Adventure Games» link. Checkout ourother horror quests, spooky stories, house escape andadventuredetective games! Have fun, tickle your nerves and sharewith yourfriends if you like haunted house games, granny games andcreepyadventure games!