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Abandoned Mine - Escape Room
Ever been trapped in abandoned mines? Buckleit up and get ready for the most adventurous escape of your life.!“Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” is designed with thrilling abandonedmine scenes with killing 3D graphics and lots of stories hiddenbehind the old mines. Discover the hidden clues and solve thepuzzles to find the only way out to escape from the abandonedmines. This is your only chance. Stay focussed. Keep your eyes andminds open.!“Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” gives the best experience whileinvestigating the scenes with mysterious and thrilling soundeffects. The game is perfect for all age group players from kids toteens to adults who love solving logical puzzles. The game is bestmind exercising game and requires complete concentration skills.Analyze every clue you discover and find the way out to solvepuzzles, crack the number puzzles, open combination locks, removethe rocks and lot more exciting puzzles to finally discover theonly escape route.The game comes with simple touch mode gaming controls andfascinating background scenes to investigate different objects inthe abandoned mines. “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” is the mostaddictive theatrical gameplay with lots of exciting and countlesspuzzles to solve. Play the thrilling stress buster game anytime andanywhere. The game is super exciting and will never let you getbored. The game will help your brain to work faster andefficiently.************************FEATURES************************✓ Great user interface with thrilling graphics and mysterious soundeffects✓ Fascinating abandoned scenes and background✓ Loads of hidden puzzles to discover the only escape route✓ Countless clues to crack before finding the exit✓ Exciting and addictive gameplayWith deep hidden stories and lots of adventurous levels coming upyou will have the ultimate fun. Get the game now and get your mindworking to unlock the hidden clues, find suspicious hidden objects.Download the game “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room” and enjoy theunlimited adventures. The only way to get out of the dark abandonedmines is to solve the puzzles, find the solution and discover theonly escape route out to the fresh air.Put on your logical thinking hat and use your powerful analyzingskills to solve the thrilling levels. The game will improve yourconcentration skills, analyzing skills and logical thinking. Youwill surely love playing the game investigating clues to get out ofthe dark abandoned mine.!************************SAY HELLO************************We are constantly working hard on making the “Abandoned Mine -Escape Room” game better with more advanced and thrilling features.We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free tocontribute and email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or ifyou just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If youhave enjoyed any feature of the “Abandoned Mine - Escape Room”game, do not forget to rate us on play store and share among yourfriends.
Skyscraper: Room Escape
Test your abilities. Are you able to cope with the complicatedvitalsituation? You find yourself on the roof of themysteriousskyscraper and you know how you got here, but you cannotimaginehow to get out of here. You have only one purpose – toescape fromthe roof of the skyscraper. The remains of the chopper,closeddoors; it is incomprehensible who has built rooms on the roofofthe skyscraper, a lot of secrets – these all are importantdetailsof the puzzle without which you will stay on the roof of thedamnedskyscraper. And what is most horrifying, you will soonunderstandthat you are not the first one fallen into this trap. Canyousettle all puzzles, find all secret codes? Find out yourlocation.Take a look into each corner, box and room. Who knows –maybe thereis a detail providing a solution. Find connections, lookfor keys,open the doors, and be extremely cautious andconcentrated, as eachdetail, even the most unimportant one, couldoccur the key for thesettlement of the next puzzle opening a way tofreedom. Search forsolutions, settle the puzzles, open the locks,by using your logicand imagination, you could find a way out. Testyourself, if you donot fear. “Escape from the skyscraper“ includes:• realistic sound• elaborate design • puzzles of different degreeof difficulty •escape to freedom • understandable interface Byfinishing the gameand finding one’s way out – do not remain restingon your laurels.Solve the last task – give your feedback. Thus youcontribute tothe creating of next levels.
Jailbreak - Prison Escape
Wondered what it's like being sentenced for death, waiting fortheexecution on electric chair? "Jail Break - Prison Escape" startsina jail cell and at first glance the prison escape seems tobeimpossible quest. Take another look! Usual items surroundingyoucan be an important key or a part of combination with otherobjectsthat would finally let you out! Would you order you lastsupper andgive up? Or rather fight your way to freedom through themostchallenging quests and brain teasing puzzles you've everseen?Excellent graphics, nutcracking riddles, thrillng backgroundmusicand realistic effects would help you to stay involved andunlockall doors, solve the mysteries of all difficulties and revealthetruth about your death penalty circumstances and previouslifebefore prison. Hurry up! Tomorrow is your execution and timeisrunning out! ************************FEATURES************************ ✓ Nice looking user interfacesandintuitive controls ✓ Impressive game views and thrilling story✓Relaxing ambient background music, great sound effectsandqualified graphics ✓ Original puzzles and excitingrealisticgameplay ✓ New levels with new quests and puzzles are keepcomingup! ************************ SAY HELLO************************ Weare constantly working hard on makingthe "Jail Break - PrisonEscape" game better with more advanced andthrilling features. Weneed your constant support to get going.Please feel free tocontribute and email us for anyqueries/suggestions/problems or ifyou just want to say hello. Wewould love to hear from you. If youhave enjoyed any feature of the"Jail Break - Prison Escape" game,do not forget to rate us on playstore and share among yourfriends.
100 Rooms Escape - Imatot Escape
You discovered a strange maze of rooms where the laws ofnaturedon't exist. Use your logic and creativity to unravel themysteriesof this place. Make your way through the ancient ruins,moderninteriors and magic worlds. Every room is a tough riddlewaitingfor you to find all the clues in your surroundings. Become amasterof puzzles and prevail against all odds! Features: - sheeramountof unique and mind-blowing puzzles; - peculiar places toamaze eventhe veteran players; - high-detailed environment andobjects tosee; - classical “50 rooms” formula but with a moderntouch and afew surprises. Challenge other players from all otherthe world tobecome the fastest puzzle solver! Use your wits, logicand in-gamehints to complete the “Imatot Escape” adventure!Attention! Thegame is in development and at the moment there are 3of 100playable levels! Please share your feedback with us aboutplayablelevels and possible issues, so we can make this game evenbetter!Attention! From now on all doors are equipped with extrasecurity'IMATOT LOGIC LOCK'. Some logic tasks requireout-of-the-boxthinking.
Ultimate Escape: Laboratory Raid
You are trespassing secret laboratory in a search forexperimentalmedicine. But it was a trap and now cops aresurrounding the house.The only way is to find a cure and a secretpassage. But the owneris not only the talented chemist but alsoquite a riddler! So…would you try to solve his puzzles or is ittime to surrender tothe police? Play against a mastermind oftalented chemist. Can youunravel his malicious thoughts and leavethe puzzle mansion? Onlytrying and experimenting can give you asolution to all thesepuzzles. But be prepared, because every stepwill be full offailures. Features: challenging puzzles; accuratelycreatedapartment of a talented chemist; high-concept story, whereeverylocation is a trap; modern improvement of a classical escaperoom.The story consists of several chapters which will be releasedoneafter another. You can help to speed up development by playingthegame, sharing your opinion in comments and spread the newsaboutthis game to your friends!
Ultimate Escape: Cursed School 1.10.0
An atonement for sins or someone’s cruel joke, you findyourselfinside the old school. You don’t know how you get here orwhat isyour kidnapper plans. All exits are closed and every room isatrap, made by twisted mind. Only if you manage to completealltrials, you will understand why are you here and what iswaitingyou in the end. Every puzzle you will meet on the firstlookdoesn’t seem to have any logic behind them, You must think likeamaniac, who trapped you there. Look carefully for clues anduseyour logic to the limits. Every tiny thing can free you fromthisprison. Features: ● hard, but fair puzzles; ● livingsurroundingsmade by astonishing art and atmospheric sounds; ●twister storywill be revealed only to the most perceptive players;● modern viewon a classic room escape. The story consists ofseveral chapterswhich will be released one after another. You canhelp to speed updevelopment by playing the game, sharing youropinion in commentsand spread the news about this game to yourfriends!