Escape Game Studio Apps

Escape Games - Fantasy Jungle 1.0.3
This little boy went to this jungle for schoolpicnic with his classmates. Somehow this boy was left behind andeveryone returned back. The boy is at a loss now and he doesn’tknow what to do. Have pity on the poor boy and help him escape fromthe fantasy forest. Look for objects and interact with them andsolve puzzles to aid the boy in escaping from this fantasy forest.All the best and have fun!
Escape Game Under Construction 1.0.4
Assume that you were stuck in an underconstruction house. It seems that there is no way for getting out.You will have to try your level best to find the key to the gate.For that you need to solve some difficult puzzles with the help ofthe objects you get around the house. Let’s see whether you can getout or not. All the best!
Escape Game Pictorial Street 3.0.2
Assume that someone has cast a spell on youand you got lost in this pictorial Greek street. If you want to goto the real world, you need to escape from this pictorial street.For that you need to solve various puzzles and find the key to openthe gate of the street. Avail the things you get for solving thepuzzles and escape from the street. All the best and havefun!
Escape Games - Asian Building 2.0.0
Assume that you are trapped in an Asianbuilding and you find it difficult to get out from the building.But you want to be out by all means. Hence, you must find a way outfrom the building. Collect objects and interact with them forsolving puzzles and get out through the gate with the key. All thebest and have fun!
Escape Games - North Pole 1.0.3
Santa got stuck in the North Pole and you willhave to help him escape from there. He is confined in a room andhis reindeers are missing. You will have to rescue Santa and hisreindeers so that he can ride off in his chariot. In order to helpSanta escape from the North Pole, you need to solve some toughpuzzles with the help of hints and objects you get. All the bestand have fun!
Escape Game Shopping Complex 1.0.7
Assume that you went shopping to a shoppingcomplex and you went around the complex and bought some items. Youtook more time to do purchasing that you somehow got locked insidethe shopping mall. You will now have to escape from the shoppingmall by all means. Look for hints and objects that can help you toescape from the mall. All the best and have fun playing this escapegame!
Escape Games - Retro Room 1.0.3
Assume that you are locked up in a house withretro room designs. You want to go out desperately. Hence, you mustdo something in order to escape from there. You can very wellescape from the house if you find the key which is somewhere in thehouse. Look for objects that can be used to get the key and escapefrom the retro house. All the best and have fun!
Escape Game Christmas Snowman 1.0.7
In this Christmas themed escape game, you willhave to help the snowman escape from the room where he has beenlocked in. Look around for hints and objects and solve puzzles withthe help of them for helping the snowman in escaping from the room.All the best and have fun this Christmas season with our escapegame!
Escape Games - Super Yacht 2.0.0
Escape Games: Blue Water is a point and click escape games. This isa bunch escape games relating to sea. You are either on an islandor struggling to survive on the sea in a boat or something.Whatever be the situation, you must try to find a way to escape andreach the main land with whatever is available and by solvingpuzzles. Have fun!
Escape Games Trapped Deer 2.0.3
A deer hunter has managed to get a deer intohis trap which he had set up in the forest. Now, the hunter is awayfrom his tent looking for some other animals to hunt. Avail thisopportunity and help the deer escape from its trap by setting itfree. Collect objects and interact with them in order to solvevarious puzzles to get the key of the cage. All the best!
Escape Games Lost Snowman 1.0.7
You have made a nice snowman just outside yourhouse but someone has stolen it from your place. You are in searchof it now. Once you find out your snowman and you can escape withit. You need to make a thorough search using clues and hints inorder to find your snowman. It takes solving some difficult puzzlesto achieve your goal. All the best and have fun!
Escape Game Suite Hotel 3.0.0
You went to a foreign country to spend yourholidays and you have checked into a hotel and staying in a luxurysuite. After taking a little nap, you wanted to go out forsightseeing. But you lost the keycard of the door. Unfortunately,there is no way to seek outside help as there is no means ofcommunication in your suite. The only solution for you is to searchfor the spare keycard in your suite and escape from there. Collectobjects in your quest for the keycard and interact with them inorder to solve the puzzles. Once you solve all the puzzles, you canescape from the suite. Have fun and all the best!
Escape Games - Lost Ring 1.0.8
Assume that you have bought a ring for yourvalentine and you have lost it now. You need to find the missingring to present it to your beloved. Search for the ring by solvingpuzzles using clues and objects.
Escape Games Santa Gifts 1.0.9
Santa was ready with his gifts to give to kidsthis Christmas. But at the last moment, the gifts were stolen awayfrom him. Now he needs your help in finding his gifts and givingthem to kids. He is waiting in his horse carriage for the gifts.You need to find out the gifts and help him escape with them. Solvepuzzles in order to help Santa with the gifts. All the best andhave fun!
Escape Game Calf Rescue 1.0.9
A calf is struggling in a boat on the river.You need to rescue the calf and take it to its mother cow. Collectobjects that can be helpful to you in your rescue mission. Usehints and objects to solve the puzzles and help the calf escapefrom the danger. All the best and have fun!
Escape Games - Fantasy Flower 1.0.8
You have been cast a spell by a wizard and youended up in a fantasy flower world. You need to escape from thisfantasy world and come back to earth. Look around the flower worldand solve puzzles with the objects you can find and escape from thefantasy flower world.
Escape Games- Polka Dots House 1.0.8
Assume that you are trapped in a house withhas polka dots on the walls. You need to escape from the house withthe available things. Make use of the hints and clues to solvepuzzles and escape from the house. All the best!
Trapped In Underground House 1.0.9
You are in a fantasy world where thesurrounding looks very peculiar from the normal world.You are inthis fantasy world to rescue a person who is trapped in anunderground house. You must do whatever it takes to help the personescape from the house.Look for the useful objects that can be usedto solve puzzles in executing your mission.All the best and havefun!
Escape Games - Livestock Farm 1.0.3
At this farm there are various animals rearedup for different purposes and there is a donkey which is not at allhappy being confined in the farm. It needs your assistance toescape from the farm and lead a free life. Therefore, set thedonkey free by solving the puzzles and interacting with the objectsyou collect.
Escape Games- Wooden House Boy 2.0.0
A boy got locked inside in one of the rooms ofthis wooden house. Rescue the boy by helping him escape from thelocked room. Use objects and solve puzzles to achieve yourgoal.
Escape Games- Shopping at Mall 1.0.9
Assume that you were shopping at a mall andsomething that you have bought is missing now. You need to get yourmissing item by solving the puzzles with objects and clues you getaround the mall.
Escape Games - Play Park 3.0.2
A group of children were playing in the play park and one of thegirls got locked up in a room in the park. You must help the girlescape from the room by opening the door of the room. Look forobjects and clues to solve puzzles and open the door.
Escape Games - Lost Boy Forest 1.0.6
A boy has been lost in the forest. The boycame to the forest with his parents but somehow the boy got strayedaway from his parents. You will have to help the boy escape fromthe forest and get back home. Use hints and clues to solve puzzlesand make the boy escape.
Escape Game Abandoned Junkyard 1.0.8
Someone has been locked up somewhere in thisabandoned junkyard. You need to help the person escape from thejunkyard. Look around the junkyard and gather objects to solvepuzzles that you may help the person escape.
Escape Games - Fisher Fish 1.0.8
A fisher has returned to the shore catching arare fish after staying many days out on the sea. As it is a rarefish, you want to have it by all means. So look around the placeand search for clues to solve puzzles that you can get fish fromthe boat.
Escape Games Forest Lake house 1.0.7
Assume that you had been abducted and kept ina house which is in the middle of a lake in the forest. You need toescape from the lake house by seeking outside help as you aresurrounded by water and the forest. Avail the things at yourdisposal and solve puzzles to escape from the lake house.
Fantasy Forest Cave Escape 1.0.7
Assume that you are trapped in a fantasyforest and you want to get to back to the real world. The only wayto escape from the fantasy forest is through a cave. First, youneed to get into the cave and escape through it by opening the exitdoor. Therefore, collect objects that will be helpful to you insolving the puzzles.
Vintage Blue House Escape 1.0.6
Assume that you got yourself locked up in avintage blue house. It is such a beautiful house but you can’t stayinside it forever. You must escape from the house in order tofulfill your needs. Hence, find a way to escape from the house bysolving puzzles and using objects.
Escape Games - Castle Chojnik 1.0.8
Assume that you were sighting the medievalcastle Chojnik which is a lovely castle on a hill top. You werebusying going around the castle and marveling at its beauty andwhen you came back to the entrance point, you find the door hasbeen locked. You are at a loss. You must get out of the castle. Butit is not as easy as you might think. In order to escape from thecastle, you must use your puzzle solving skills with the help ofhints and clues.
Great Wall Treasure Escape 1.0.3
Assume that you are on a holiday trip to Chinaand you are visiting the Great Wall of China. There is a precioustreasure in the wall and you want to have it as a memento of yourvisit to the Great Wall. Hence, try to possess the treasure bysolving the puzzles with the help of clues and objects youfind.
Lone Wolf Escape Game 3.0.1
A lonely wolf strayed away from its pack andentered the country side. It was caught and caged by thecountrymen. The wolf is not used to solitary confinement as it wasfreely roaming in the forest. Have pity on the poor wolf and helpit escape to its natural habitat. Solve different puzzles to getthe key of the cage that the wolf can escape from the cage. Havefun and all the best!
Escape Game Solitary House 3.0.0
Assume that you are leading a solitary life ina huge house where you have been locked up for a long time.Finally, you have made up your mind to escape from the house andset yourself free. The key of the house is kept somewhere in thehouse and it takes lots of puzzle solving skill to find the key.So, your freedom is in your hand. Look for the hints and solve thepuzzles to escape from the house. All the best!
Ruined Church Escape 1.0.9
This is an old church which is almost inruins. You are on a mission to find something very important inthis ruined church. If you don’t find it, it will be lost in theruins forever. Hence, use your puzzle solving skills and find theobject that you are looking for. Make use of hints and clues inachieving your goal.
Television Studio Escape 1.0.6
In this escape game, assume that you are anemployee working in a television studio. Somehow you got locked upinside the studio when no one was around. You will have to escapefrom the studio on your own by solving puzzles and usingobjects.
Escape Games- Abandoned Monkey 1.0.9
In this escape game, a monkey has been trappedin this abandoned building. No one is there to help the monkeyescape the trap. Have pity on the monkey and help it get out of thetrap. You can use the clues and hints to solve the puzzles and freethe monkey.
Escape Games - Burano island 1.0.3
Assume that you are a vacation to Burano whichis a lovely island. The boat that carried you to the island has setsailed. Now, you will have to escape from the island on your own.Look for things and solve puzzles that you may escape fromBurano.
Statue House Escape 1.0.6
There is a beautiful statue in this house. Youwant to have the statue by all means because it is a rare one. Noone is there in the house now but the main door and the rooms arelocked. You must find a way to get into the house and the roomsinside it. Use the clues and hints to get into the house and getaway with the statue. All the best and have!
Fiery House Escape 2.0.0
In this escape game, assume that you are stuckin a house which is on fire. The fire is spreading gradually fromone room to the other. You must escape from the house before wholehouse catches fire. Collect the required items and solve puzzleswith them so that you may be able to escape from the house.
Fantasy World Rabbit Escape 1.0.5
A rabbit has been trapped somewhere in thisfantasy world. You must help the rabbit escape from itsconfinement. Look around the fantasy world and collect things thatcan be of use to you in solving the puzzles for setting the rabbitfree from its trap.
5 Doors Escape 2 1.0.6
5 Doors Escape 2 is another point and clickescape game developed by firstescapegames. In this escape game, youwill face the tough challenge of escaping from 5 different rooms infive levels. Look for hints and collect objects with which you cansolve the puzzles and escape though the doors. Are you ready forthe challenge?
Escape Games - Opulent House 1.0.5
In this escape game, assume that you areliving in an opulent house with elegant interior designs andfurniture. Today, you got locked inside your own house and you areunable to open the door as you don’t have the key. Try to escapefrom the house by finding the key to open the door. In order toobtain the key, you must solve some puzzles and manipulate theobjects you get.
Escape Games Trapped Tunnel 3.0.0
Assume that you are making a tunnel for anunderground passage. Now you have come across a huge stone blockingthe exit of the tunnel. To escape from the tunnel you need to breakthe stone and for that you need some necessary things to break thehuge stone. Solve puzzles and look for things which will help youescape from the tunnel. All the best and have fun!
Escape Game-DollHouse Lost key 1.0.6
In this escape game, your main objective wouldbe to find the car key which has been lost in the doll house.Search different rooms of the doll house and manipulate the objectsto solve puzzles and find the lost key.
Car Junkyard Escape 1.0.7
In this escape game, assume that you are anemployee working at this car junkyard. You are trapped inside thejunkyard as someone has locked the main gate. Find ways and meansto escape from the junkyard by interacting with objects and solvingthe puzzles.
Escape Games Lost Documents 2.0.5
You are in search of some lost documents. Youcame to know that they are in an abandoned palace. You are onmission to find the documents and escape with them from the palace.Use the hints and collect necessary objects to solve the puzzles todiscover the lost documents and escape from the palace once you getthem. All the best and have fun!
Overtime Office Work Escape 3.0.0
Assume that you are working overtime at youroffice and the security guard has locked the office not knowingthat you are still in the office. You want to go home now but youdon’t have the key unlock the door and there is no way to call forhelp. You will have to escape from the office on your own bysolving the puzzles and using whatever things you can find in theoffice. All the best and have fun!
Escape Games-Vintage Red House 1.0.8
You are locked in a vintage house which hasmodern amenities. Try to escape from the house on your own usingobjects and interacting with them. Collect objects and solvepuzzles to escape from the house.
Forest Day Out Escape 2.0.1
Assume that you are on a trip to a nearbyforest to have fun and enjoyment. You went to the forest in yourcar and spent the day being one with the nature. It is now time towind up your trip and hit the road to get back home. Butunfortunately, you have lost the car key somewhere and you willhave to find it out because there is no way of escaping from theforest. Search for clues and solve puzzles to get your car key.Once you find the key, you can escape from the forest or else, youwill have to spend the night in the forest. All the best!
Mediterranean Streets Escape 1.0.9
In this escape game you will be taken to somebeautiful old Mediterranean streets and in each level you will haveto escape from a street that you are locked in. Solve puzzles andescape from the streets by finding objects and interacting withthem.
Escape Games Santas Venture 1.0.8
Santa is on a mission to collect gifts forchildren. But there are some problems to collect the gifts on hisway. You must help him overcome the obstacles and escape each levelcollecting all the gifts so that he can distribute them to as manykids as possible. All the best and have fun!