Escargot Studios, LLC Apps

Cats 1.7
One of the largest catalogs of Cats for yourAndroid phone and tablet. Abyssinian, British Shorthair, Persian,Munchkin and dozens of other breeds. An almost infinite collectionof the most beautiful photos in this free app. Employ the magicpowers of the bing image search to find any cat photo.
Dog Breeds, HD Catalog 1.7
Dogs categorized by breeds in this HD catalog,including but not limited to: Terriers, Hounds, Spaniel, Dalmatian,and Mastiffs. Keep track of your FAVORITES, EMAIL and TEXTbeautiful photos to your friends. Employ the power of the bingsearch to find any dog you can think of! Download NOW forFREE!
Sharks and Fish 1.7
Enormous catalog of Fish for your phone andtablet. All fish you know are in this app! All fish you want toknow about is here too! Have you heard about Arapaima? Demoiselle?Cornish Spaktailed Bream? Or Crocodile icefish? Employ the magicpowers of the bing image search to find any image you can think of!Download NOW for FREE!
Butterfly HD Collection 1.7
Amazing Butterfly high-def images and photos.Monarch, Dotted Blue, Red Admiral and hundreds of other butterfliesfrom bing image search.
Bird Guide 1.7
A VIRTUALLY INFINITE collection of the mostbeautiful images and photos of BIRDS in this HD Catalog. Bobolink,Doves, Woodpeckers, Grackles, Flamingo, and all other birds you canonly imagine using the bing image search.
Trees - HD Wallpapers 1.7
The World's Best Catalog of Trees for yourAndroid phone and tablet. A VIRTUALLY INFINITE collection of themost beautiful images and photos.★ HD quality, FIND and save FAVORITES, SAVE images to your Gallery,EMAIL and TEXT beautiful images to your friends, Use images to SETWALLPAPERS directly from the appMillions of trees sorted by type including:AlderBaldcypressBirch... and EVERYTHING ELSEEmploy the magic powers of the bing image search to find any imageyou can think of!
Amazing Animals 1.7
The best catalog of Animals for your Androidphone and tablet. Tigers, elephants, snails, penguins, bisons,giraffes, etc, etc, etc. Find the most amazing animals using bingimage search and share with your friends.
Cool Flower Wallpapers 1.7
Millions of Flowers for the mostamazingwallpapers. An incredible collection of the mostbeautiful,high-def images in this free app! Roses, Tulips,Carnations,Japanese Lantern and King Protea just to name a few.Find anyflower you can think of using the bing image search.Download forFree now!
Electronics for sale by owner 3.0005
Sell and buy used and new electronics. No middlemen, no extra fees.Just rapid and person-to-person sales. Make money selling yourunused camera or phone. Get rid of your computer, or drone, or TV,or anything else. Classifieds listings from your neighbors thatinclude drones, TVs and video, smartphones, car and home audio,sound systems and much more. Posting takes seconds. Absolutely nofees. Advanced communication features. Honest and straightforwardtransactions. Powered by cPro.
cPro: USED and FREE Stuff 3.0014
BUYING: • Millions of items nearby. Cars, electronics, householditems and much more. • Used and free items. • Garage sales.SELLING: • Post in less than a minute from your phone, tablet, orcomputer. • Make money by getting rid of your unwanted items fast.FREE STUFF: • Get free stuff from your neighbors or donate back toyour community. JOBS: • Thousands of job postings across the US andCanada. HOUSING: • Rent an apartment. • Buy a house. ALERTS: •Receive a notification when a new listing matching your search isposted. • Be the first to make an offer or grab that free item.VERIFIED: • Star-ratings and seller reviews. SMART features: •Favorite listings. • Listing notes. • Saved searches. • Maps anddirections. FREE to use: • Browse for free, search for free,message for free, post for free.
Apartments for rent. Housing for sale. 3.0006
Apartments by cPro is your ultimate app for housing listingsnearby. NO MIDDLEMAN: Contract the landlords and sellers directly.Your messages will be delivered in less than a second! SMARTSEARCH: Search for apartments and houses using advanced filtering.Search rental listings by the number of bedrooms/bathrooms orsearch for in-unit laundry, on-site parking and pet-friendly homes.PRIORITY ACCESS. Instant notifications when houses and apartmentsmatching your rent and sale criteria become available. NOTES.Contact landlords and property managers right away and keep trackof your contacts by adding notes to your favorite listings. MAPBROWSER. Search for apartments and houses using a map. PHOTOS:For-rent apartments, houses, condos and townhomes in a list or in aphoto grid. SMART FEATURES: Keep track of your recently viewed andsaved rental listings and for sale properties. cPro Apartmentsincludes all the information and features you’ll ever need to findthe perfect home or apartment for rent.
Used Cars Nearby 3.0009
Buying or selling a used car should be easy. It is easy with UsedCars by cPro. Posting is free and takes less than a minute. Snap aphoto, briefly describe your car, and... that's it. Free messagingconnects buyers and sellers, allows you to set up a meeting point,and have a test drive. Thousands of used cars that cost thousandsless than at a dealership. Simple. Easy. Free.
Free Stuff 3.0011
Please don't throw away your unused items. Give them away to yourneighbors. Spread love and care. Be good and the life will be goodto you. Spread kindness, spread love, donate stuff you no longerneed. Snap a photo of your unused item, post it in less than aminute, and feel good when someone picks it up and wholeheartedlythanks you. Powered by cPro.
Furniture marketplace 3.0006
Buy furniture from your neighbors and save money. Sell your unusedfurniture and make some extra cash fast! Amazing deals on sofas,couches, loveseats, tables, desks, chairs, ... you name it.Unbeatable prices and friendly neighborhood sales. Instantaneousmessages through the app let you agree on the price fast, discuss ameeting place and delivery options. After that, you are all set! Nomiddleman, no extra fees (no fees at all), no hassle. Set up anotifier, and you will be alerted as soon as the desired item isposted. It's that simple. Search by price, keywords and even seeall matching listings on the map. Download the app and see why yourneighbors use and love Furniture by cPro.
Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. 3.0005
Find a job or post a job. Anything from administrative positionstoengineering jobs, from media jobs to healthcare andgovernmentopportunities. Jobs by cPro is 100% free. Find a job,contact theemployer, and that's it! Don't spend a cent. If yourcompany has anopening, simply post it on Jobs and start receivingapplicationsfrom potential candidates. It's free, fast, and simple.Jobs ispowered by cPro and comes with all cPro features andtoolsincluding the instant messenger.