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Saiyan Ultimate Xenoverse Fusion 2.0
Fighters can traverse the levelsfree-roamingin very large spaces and can be fighting on a platform,go in theair, and fight underwater. They run when on the ground,and swimwhile underwater.Fighters show facial expressions when they strike an opponentortake damage. In addition to the ever-present ki meter, there isagreen stamina meter which can be used up to instantlydisappearbehind an opponent. This meter can also be used up bycertain superattacks like the Kaio-ken.This is the process of merging two or more separate beings intoone,combining their attributes, from strength and speed toreflexes,intelligence and wisdom. When properly fused, the singlebeingcreated has an astounding level of power, far beyond whateitherfusees would have had individually.Fusion is a short series of poses that are performed bytwocharacters of equal power levels and roughly equal size.Tocorrectly perform the Fusion, the fusees must strike the poses inaperfectly symmetrical image of one another.[Types]- Namekian Fusion is the first biological fusion that appears intheseries. A special technique unique to the Namekians, it is moreofan assimilation than a fusionThis technique is used twice in the series. When this happens,theNamekians can choose who's form the new being will be basedon.Both times, Piccolo fused with Nail, the lastWarrior-TypeNamekian.- Fusion Dance performed using the Fusion Dance, a dancedevelopedby an alien species called the Metamorans which Gokulearned in theOther World. It was first introduced when the threatof Majin Buuemerged.
Super War: Goku Tenkaichi 2.0
The games are quite different fromtheoften-compared Goku series; they use a"behind-the-back"third-person camera perspective. Also differentfrom the SaiyanBattle series each form is treated as its owncharacter, withvarying stats, movesets and fighting stylesIn battle, players can build up their Ki gauge to executevarioustechniques such as the Power Guard, which reduces thedamagecharacters take by 1/4. The Ki gauge can also be used to usemovesreferred to as Blast 2 skills. Every character has a uniqueset ofBlast 2 skills that allow the character to use special movessuchas Ki blasts and physical attacks.The story mode of the series progresses similarly to the storymodesin previous games. Players can select battles from differentsagasand proceed through the story[Features]- Over 70 deeply customizable characters.- 10 different stages.- Character customization.- Incredibly deep combo system.- 1 vs 1, 1 vs 2, 2 vs 1 & 2 vs 2 battles.- High-Impact battles.- Consists of Blow Exchange and Shot Exchange.- In-game transformations.- Three Super Blast moves or combat moves for all characters.The game has a total of 31 playable characters including fusionsofdifferent fighters, and Majin Buu's various forms. TheJapaneseversion of the game added several new costumes, as well asa newstage in the game's story mode. Some of the added costumeswereadded to the North American release of the GameCubeversion.[Training Mode]- Health: The amount of health you wish to begin the fightwith,which you can also set for the CPU (they do not have to bethesame). There are 7 bars of health, each a different color.- Starting Ki: How much energy you want to begin the battlewith.You can give yourself an advantage by setting the CPU's Kienergyto low. There are 7 bars of Ki.-Check Energy: The amount of Ki needed to teleport behind theenemyto dodge his/her attack. For example, the original kiconsumptionfor teleporting is 3 ki bars. The higher you make it,the more kiit consumes. The lower, the less ki it takes.[Survival]This is a mode where you pick your character, and fightnon-stopenemies, until you lose. After a certain amount of wins,yourhealth will not regenerate fully.