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Reggaeton Music Bachata songs 2.0.1
Reggaeton Music and Bachata songs is NOW available for all theAndroid devices (support Android 2.3+). You will have access to afull party playlist, with the best perreo and free latin musicincluding 2016 radio hits!If you love caribbean and want to listenit best reggaeton music and dominican bachata music, don't doubt,DOWNLOAD it!It include the best spanish songs of the moment, allthe latino beats and 2016 reggaeton music on your smartphone.Youcan have your own perreo party, with spanish songs and latinreggaeton music. You can use it at any place, you only have tocarry on your mobile. You will find free 2015 radio hits and muchomore! You will love our bachata songs, many of them are verypopular.Why you should listen reggaeton music and spanish songs? Itis very funny! People love to dance it and have a real party withreggaeton pads and beats. You can listen bachata music in all theEuropean radio, it the most trendy music genre now!! Other reasonis that you can use it to reach your fitness body; some famousaerobics workout use it, like aerobic or zumba! If you want toweight loss dance this is your best choice, just dance and enjoyfree reggaeton latino hits.You can also have a karaoke party, feellike a superstar singing free reggaeton music. Guess who sing everybachata and have fun, we include the best 2015 lyrics about latinmusic.Why you will love our app:* The most trending 2016 latinradio playlist to enjoy in any place. You only need an internetconnection to use it.* You can share its reggaeton music onWhatApp, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or other social networks. Youwill be the next party host for your friends.* Move through ourmenu to select reggaeton latin songs or free bachata music. * Dancezumba fitness hits and aerobic workouts included!* Lyrics aboutreggaeton music are included. Have a nice free karaoke time. Ouroldies will make you to vibrate.* 2016 reggaeton songs and bachatamusic behind other genres like salsa, pop, merengue and otherspanish music.Disclaimer: All the content included in this app arepublic and hosted on YouTube. Reggaeton Music and bachata songsdoesn't have the intelectual property of the included themes. Wealso don't let to download music, it is forbidden.
Spanish Songs Latin Music 2.0.1
For all the spanish music and free latin songs supporters, this isthe best Android app if you want latino rhythms in your smartphone.From romantic spanish ballads to free bachata and dominican dembow.We include all kind of musical genres about spanish songs. Youwon't have more excuses to avoid dancing salsa. You can use ourvideos as salsa lessons, since we include kids songs, making iteasy to follow the cuban classics dance steps and other latinmusic.Of course, we include 2016 reggaeton music latino. You candance with your friends and look at karaoke version to sing spanishsongs.Why we are the best latin music app?=> Nursery rymes andkids songs included! It will help you to educate them to learnSpanish with music.=> Easy to use app. It include a sliding menuwith all the categories about free spanish music that we have!=>You can play to guess the spanish song with the karaoke and kidskaraoke. Have fun with your friends, some lyrics are included tosing with great detail.=> Free Latin music about some genres:spanish pop, tropical merengue, radio dembow, 2015 reggaeton music,rock love songs, bachata 2016, etcSo, don't doubt, if you want tohave the best spanish music player, press the download button andstart to have fun with the best latino spanish songs.
60s 70s 80s 90s 2000s Music 2.0.2
Are you looking for oldies music hits from all the times? Do youwant to remember classic themes of your childhood?60s 70s 80s 90s2000s Music include all the songs that I can listen to: 60smixtapes, 90s tv theme ringtones, classic cartoon themes from the80s and 70s and 2000s electronic music (edm). If you dream with thegolden times, we are sure, this is the app you are looking for.Welove oldies radio station, who includes free songs from the 60s,80s dance music, 70s tv theme song too and 2000s music songs. Ofcourse, you will enjoy our private collections, with all kind ofclassical music, themes and classic songs.In this app, you canfilter by decades using our sliding menu:-> 2000s music playerto dance with the most recent summer pop hits.-> The 90s musicis your best choice if you love hipster culture.-> Spanish Music80s pop, with lyrics to sing like in a karaoke.-> 70s tv themesong and ringtones, tune in music like house and other.-> Full60s music playlist, the oldest free classical music that weinclude.You can also find tones of genres: 90s pop, love songs,soft rock of the 70s and 80s music, dance (EDM), Latino (Reggaetonand Latin Music), hip hop, worship christian songs, nursery rhymes,60 epic power ballads, jazz, 80s party music, Dubstep, rap,ballads, ...Which is your favourite music group? From which Ages?Let's try to find it in our app! If you don't find it, please,write us and we will update our free music player with yoursuggestion.We would love if you share our 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s MusicHits with your friends via Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook(fb). Help us to reach more people and we will continue workinghard to improve this awesome application. Don't worry if you arenot a classical pop supporter. You can also listen with your kidsmusic from the 90s parties to remember your youth. The lyrics letyou to enjoy a Karaoke party!!! If you love rock, you can alsobecome a 60s music maniac; anyway we include all the 2000s radiohits.So... Press the ---> DOWNLOAD <--- button and enjoy ourgreatest hits and remembers from the 60s 70s 80s and 90s music.
EDM Electronic Dance Music 2.0.0
🎉🎉🎉🎉 Let's dance with the best EDM (Electronic Dance Music) app!!🎊🎊🎊🎊We include all the summer electro hits, from electronic musicradio trending songs to the best dj edm music pads played in Ibizaand Miami beach.If you are looking for dance music 👯, top edm songsand the best house electronic music, don't doubt, download thisapp.=====> PRESS on the INSTALL button <=====Start yourhardcore party and dance with our electronic dance music 💃 👯!!Ourmain features are:-> HD Free Music player, you only have toincrease your speakers volume and enjoy it 🔊🔊-> New Trap sets,the more than possible electronic music of the future!-> Thebest edm 2016 dj trending hits. Have a look to the latest swedishdj set 🇸🇪🇸🇪-> All the summer music and dance songs. You can alsosee it live in Ibiza 🎈🎈-> Free Netherlands Techno and Electronicdance Music 🇳🇱🇳🇱-> All the edm 2015 shows. Included tones offestivals, enjoy the youtube dance music videos!-> Oldies fromthe 90s music like breakbeat 🔝🔝We also have other electronic musicgenres: techno, house, trance, trap, breakbeat, hardcore,electronic rock, space....All the djs has an space in our app!!Ifyou love the electronic dance music, trap, house or techno, youwill love our app, promised :) See you in Ibiza or Miami!
Aerobics weight loss workout 2.0.0
If you want to weight loss quickly without diet, to do aerobicexercise is your best choice. In this app you will find the bestwomen workout. So, if you are looking for a free Android app (2.3+)with the best aerobics workout to weight loss at home. Don't doubt,DOWNLOAD IT!!You will find tones of fat loss exercise routines andhome workouts, using aerobic exercise and dance latin music (famouson zumba fitness), or reggaeton, or electronic dance music (EDM) todo a High Intensity Training (HIIT). Train your cardio exercisesdancing with the best music, don't doubt, you can weight losswithout diet!You will love our app and video fat loss aerobicsworkouts. Some of our home exercises are:- Cardio training, ABSworkouts (belly fat) and zumba dance aerobic.- Aerobics exercisesto weight loss dance with spanish music.- Home workout and dailyexercise to do at gym.- Expertize aerobics classes to fat loss andgrass burn.- Home training doing aerobic dance with reggaetonmusic.Stop following spinning clases, do the same with long andboring bike sessions. The best aerobics exercise is to dance, likezumba classes, it is super funny! Weight loss and fat loss ispossible doing our daily workout and home exercises. Invigorateyour body and reach a perfect body! And the best if... that you canweight loss without diet, you only have to do cardio exercisedancing with the best Spanish music. Begin your new healthy life,do exercise with the best routines and home workout with aerobicexercise to reach a belly fat loss. We include videos from all theexpertize levels, from beginners dance clases to advancedaerobics.Do it yourself (DIY), download the app and do the bestfitness exercises, zumba dance and home aerobics workouts.
Nursery Rhymes Kids songs FREE 2.0.0
Nursery Rhymes Kids songs FREE is the best Android app (2.3+) ifyou want to play the best kids songs and rhymes for free. From babyand children songs to pre teen nursery rhymes videos, you will findkids games to sing and play watching fairy tales and listening kidsmusic.You are going to be able to play kids songs at home. They arethe best fun songs for kids free. You won't need to hire a babysitter, relax at home and educate them playing our various hits,like the best christian music and happy birthday song.In our appyou will find greatest music hits, like the following: Kidz bop 31;Christian songs; Violetta and other famous music; Greek nurseryrhymes; Dave and ava fairy tales; Suzie has a mouse; Humpty dumptysong; Top songs 2016; Old mother hubbard; The wheels of the bus;Abc songs, letters and the alphabet; Dinosaur nursery rhymes;Christmas carols; Sultan songs; Surprise eggs videos; Neeti homansongs; Relaxing music to sleep; Christmas songs; Kidz bop 32; Pawpatrol; Cantajuegos; Dancing frog; As you can check, we have thebest 2016 free kids songs in english. As we are going to update theplaylist, you will also have the best 2017 nursery rhymes, you willlove our private collection.Moreover you can teach your childrenwith spanish songs for kids, it is always nice to learn languages.You can play cantajuegos and use the kids karaoke version, to playalone or in group. Our playlist include the trending hit pollitopio song, it is lovely! We also feature some children karaoke andspanish songs for kids. Don't doubt, play cantajuegos in group oralone. Our famous nursery rhymes sing and learn are nice, guys lovethe abc songs for kids free, the rock star violetta music or frozensongs. As we are close to christmas carols are included! You caneducate with kids songs and christian music, they will love themusic awards 2016 hits.These features make our app special:★ Kidssongs with video and lyrics to sing with friends like a Karaoke.★Frequent updates of our nursery rhymes playlist. You will have thebest 2017 music hits.★ We have prepared kids music videos to shareon social networks. Please, help us and share our english kidssongs.★ Nice user interface to manage hundreds of nursery rhymesplaylist from 2015 to 2016.Any other question? Download it and havefun with your kids songs and nursery rhymes music.Of course, wealso include lullabies for babies with lyrics, free kids songs andchristian music. EVERYTHING IS FOR FREE!!!What are you waiting forpressing the --> DOWNLOAD <-- button?To conclude, if you loveour videos (surprise egg videos, abc songs, christmas carols),please, share free kids songs on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, ...Share it!!
Popular songs 2.0.0
Do you want to have the most popular songs and free music?What areyou waiting for pressing the --> DOWNLOAD <-- button?Thesedetails make you fall in love with our app:- Simple user interfacethat will allow you easily to reach a long popular music playlistfrom 2017 to 2018. You will love our design.- We will update ourpopular songs set. We will provide the best music hits 2018.- Ourpopular music videos are ready to be shared on social networks. Ifyou love english popular songs, please, share it!- Video songs andlyrics to sing with friends like a Karaoke.Stop thinking about it,we have the best popular songs, download it and have fun with yourfriends!