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School Notepad : Reminder & Timetable & Grade Calc 2.2
It has been designed to improve students' performance and to makethem more organised. (Teachers can also use:))School Notepadincludes 5 different characteristics: -Notepad -Weekly CourseSchedule/Timetable -Exam/Assignment Reminder -Grading Calculator-Questionmeter--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------🎒Firstregister your subjects🎒Specify the classes with colors. Red forMath , Green for English...🚀Take your notes for every lesson.🚀Makeyour Program Schedule/Timetable easily via drag-drop just inseconds.🚀You can see the today's timetable on your Home screens byadding the widget🚀Update your schedule/timetable whenever youlike🔔Create your reminder for each class🔔Don't miss your exams,assignments, homeworks, appointments and other activities.🔔You cansee all events on your Home screens by adding the reminderwidget🔔Set notification reminder about your events. 💪Record yourmarks with Grading Calculator💪Learn your results and average💪Recordthe number of questions you solved on Questionmeter and followyourself💪Assess your performance👊Share your daily performance withfriends.👌Now available in English, German, Portuguese andTurkish.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Simple& Easy to use★The only thing to do is to record yourclasses★Then you can use other tools by selecting theclasses/subjects❤You will love School Notepad with its attractiveinterface and simpleuse❤--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Aneducational app for students.Easily manage your subjects, lessons,classesEasily manage your reminders about yoursubjects,classesEasily manage your marks,gradesNot only for K-12Students, College Students also teachers can manage their schedule,reminderseasily.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sendus an e-mail for any suggestions, We welcome your questions and areeager to meet your [email protected]👍Join us on facebook🐦Follow us on [email protected]_Notepad All the iconshave been licensed by creative commons Attribute 3 licenses. Theyhave been used with somechanges., Notebook, Timetable, Class, Course, Exam, Schedule,Student Agenda, Teacher, Reminder, Grade Calculator, Homework,Planner, Notepad, K-12, College, Education, School Notepad,Assignment Organizer, School Timetable Creator, Timetable Organizer