Evelyn Klassen Apps

My Wish List 1.1
A very simple application for you to store your wish lists andgifts for your friends. You can create several lists, so you cansplit by categories, as you wish.
Shades Of Gray 1.1
Join the shades of gray and get to the darker shade tile!Swipe tomove all tiles. When two tiles with the same shade touch, theymerge into one.Get to the darker tile, and reach a highscore!Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game (2048).
Size Guide 1.1
Size Guide is the best partner when you are shopping clothes. It isa guide to help you during your shopping for clothes and shoes inanother country or even when you are buying gifts for your familyand friends.The application stores your sizes and the sizes of yourfriends. It is easy to check at any time. Size Guide has sizesavailable for Brazil, U.S.A., Europe and U.K.. You only need tochoose the size of a country that the application will show therest.
Porta Documentos 1.0
Com o Porta Documentos você não precisa mais carregar todos os seusdocumentos e decorar todos os dados, basta você cadastrá-los noaplicativo e poderá consultá-los a qualquer momento.Com a opçãoOutros, você pode cadastrar ainda mais documentos.With Documentsdoor you do not need to carry all your documents and decorate allthe data, you simply register them in the application and mayconsult them at any time.With the Other option, you can registereven more documents.