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Eventbrite - Discover popular events & nearby fun 6.7.0
Discover upcoming events near you and get personalizedrecommendations. Stay up on the latest for popular events likeconcerts, festivals, yoga classes, holiday events on New Year’s Eveor Halloween and networking events. Find something fun to hit up bydate, time and location. Buy tix and keep ‘em handy on your mobiledevice to make check-in nice and easy. Ready to explore? With theEventbrite app you can: • Find what’s new and hot nearby at a widevariety of venues • Stay in the know on what’s going on today, thisweek, this weekend, whenever • Get personalized event recos forwhatever you’re into • Share events with your crew and vice versa •Add upcoming events to your calendar • Buy tickets and check outeasily on your mobile phone • Store your credit or debit cards forfast, secure checkout • View event details so you can get there ontime and own it • Check-in with the app, ditch old school paper tixWhat does Eventbrite do? There’s an amazing, fun, interesting worldof events going on anywhere at anytime, we help you discover thebest. You can find things to do based on what you’re into, whereyou want to go or when you want to go out. We’ll also personalizerecommendations based on where you’ve been and what you like. Let’sget out there and explore. This app is also available in German,Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.
Eventbrite Organizer 8.7.1
Eventbrite Organizer (formerly Entry Manager) is the one-stop shopfor event management on your Android device. Event planners can nowcreate and edit events, monitor real-time ticket sales, check-inattendees, track attendance live, and quickly accept, securepayment for tickets and merchandise on-site. Get more details belowor visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/l/Organizer-check-in-app/ WithEventbrite Organizer app event management is a snap. You can: *Create events directly in your mobile app. * Edit key event details(like your event description, ticket types and quantity and more)on-the-go — perfect for the busy event planner lifestyle. * Takecontrol of your ticket sales with access to real-time data. *Easily edit your event listing from anywhere. * Rely on easy-to-useticket scanning and check-in to give guests a flawless entryexperience. * Keep your finger on the pulse of your event with liveattendance tracking. * Quickly accept secure payment for ticketsand merchandise on-site and never miss a chance to sell. Key EventManagement Features: * Edit from Anywhere: Make updates to yourtickets or event listing seamlessly from your mobile device (whichautomatically syncs with the Eventbrite database) so you can stayin control of your event listing, no matter where you are. *Check-in That Works: Reliably and efficiently check-in attendees byscanning tickets with the camera on your mobile device. Or, simplylook up your guest’s name directly with a quick search of yourguest list. Say goodbye to check-in headaches with our easy-to-useentry manager technology. * Mobile Box Office: Accept all majorcredit cards, track cash transactions, print tickets and receiptson the spot, and send mobile and print-at-home tickets. Take yourbox office to the next level with easy-to-use accessories like ourcard reader and ticket printer. * Solve Customer Requests Fast:Quickly look up orders, and reissue, cancel, or refund orders onthe spot. * Real-Time Data: All sales and check-in data is syncedwith Eventbrite’s servers, so you can use multiple devices atdifferent entry points without missing orders or duplicatingtickets. * Multi-lingual? No problem: Organizer is also availablein German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, andSpanish. Olè! Thanks for all the great feedback – we can’t getenough! Keep it coming at mobilefeedback@eventbrite.com. And ifyou’re loving the app, drop us a rating (and don’t be afraid togush). What is Eventbrite? Eventbrite is the world’s largestself-service ticketing and registration platform, hosting a vibrantcollection of live experiences to fuel people’s passions and enrichtheir lives.
Eventioz Entry Manager 1.0.3
*For Eventioz organizers* Stay organized andcheck in attendees faster at your event with the Eventioz EntryManager app! Scan tickets or look up names on your Android phone ortablet.All check-ins are synced with our servers, so you can usemultiple devices at different points of entry and not worry aboutthe same ticket being used twice.Features:- Look up and check in attendees off a list – search by first name,last name, or browse the list- Easily validate ticket barcodes using the camera on yourdevice- Check in attendees using multiple devices at the same time- View live sales and attendance stats at any time- Analyze your attendance data online after the eventAlso available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch,Portuguese, and Swedish.
Eventbrite Moments 1.0.7
Let the world see the event through your perspective by sharingyour favorite moments. Whether you want to capture that moment asan event-goer, or you want to get your audience hyped as a creator,Eventbrite Moments is extending the live event experience.Event-goers: - Share your favorite moments during the event -- theones that inspire you, make you laugh, or make you think. - Don'tmiss a beat and stay in the know with event updates - Connect withthe crowd before the event kicks off - Create an experience foreveryone excited about the event Event Creators: - Get youraudience hyped by posting updates before the event. - Check theaudience’s pulse through live updates from your attendees - Keepyour audience engaged after the event through discussions andphotos