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METANOIA is an incredibly thrillinginteractive story which cannot be told without your help. For Sam,you are the only contact outside of the evacuated area.Live up to the trust placed in you and guide Sam through thepost-apocalyptic adventure in real-time.Make your choices carefully, as they will have severe consequenceson the course of the gameMETANOIA's interface is based on a messenger app representing yourconnection to Sam.It is neither necessary to answer all messages immediately nor tohave the game open permanently.You will be notified about new events even if the App is closed andyou can decide yourself how things should be run.Sam needs the help of a good friend. Without you Sam will notsurvive the next days!Will you meet this challenge?✧Interactive real-time adventure✧Breathtaking story✧Your decisions determine the outcome and the setting of numerousstorylines✧Several days of play time✧Statistics: Learn about the decisions other players made at theend of each day*✧No internet connection necessary✧No in-app purchases and no advertising*for this feature an internet connection is necessary