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E.R.I.C.A Speedometer 3.1
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First things first: Pay attention to the road... etc. etc. If youhave an accident while using E.R.I.C.A then it is your ownfault.Features:* Classic 80's Digital Styling and User Experience*Talking computerised assistant* GPS accurate speed and distance*Display of device sensor information* 80's Mini Monitor Display*Multi-Button Access* Secret unlock modes and AchievementsWithupgrades bought within the app.* Comical driving instructions*Intelligent Sensor Responses * Circuit Display * Lap Timers *Weather reports * HD Module for tablets E.R.I.C.A is an 80's retrointelligent car accessory. Just like, K.I.T.T., the most famoussuper car from the 80's TV series Knight Rider, E.R.I.C.A willmonitor your journey and provide sensor, speed and locationinformation using your device's in-built GPS. Many features ofE.R.I.C.A require GPS and she can stay awake. This will be abattery drain. In car, the use external power is advised.All basicupgrades will be available in E.R.I.C.A '88 along with HD view fortablets.David Hasselhoff, James Bond and Doc Emmet Brown will bejealous of your Android device sporting E.R.I.C.A. KITT and KnightIndustries could only dream of the technology held in your handtoday.==Upgrade E.R.I.C.A.==There are NO ADs in Erica, but you canupgrade your experience.-Basic AI ModuleThe basic AI module willmake your daily car trip a little more entertaining.-Level 1 AIModuleE.R.I.C.A will monitor its sensors and respond with sensibleand not-so-sensible suggestions.- Lap RecordingGreat when you needto time F1, Karting, NASCAR, Indycar, MotoGP, WRC, WSBK, and evenyour own journeys around town. Simply set E.R.I.C.A into pursuitmode and the monitor display will show you lap-times, providingbest and average speed. If you have the level 1 AI Module, she willeven keep you focussed on the road as she comments on yourachievements.-Weather ModuleWith access to the internet, E.R.I.C.Acan download local weather information and provide these to you onthe monitor display. With the Level 1 AI Module she will tell youhow the weather might change.- HD ModuleIf you plan to useE.R.I.C.A on your large screen tablet device, you will need thismodule. She will make use of more of your display when it isavailable.
SantaNav© 1.3
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At last, we can exclusively reveal how Father Christmas, aka St.Nicholas, aka Santa Claus will be finding his way around the worldon that very special night of the year. Rudolph guides the sleighevery year but this year, Father Christmas wanted to see if hecould give Rudy a bit of help.Santa's Sat Nav, or SantaNav, is thelatest in mobile technology and contains a digital copy of the bigman's famous list. Father Christmas has been making his list andchecking it twice and now he's got that list on his SantaNav. Theadvanced technology will give Father Christmas advice has hetravels around the world to visit all the good boys and girls atmidnight wherever they are.'SantaNav is just for Father Christmas'suse and shouldn't be used as a real Sat Nav!'Coming Soon:- Add yourown names to Santa's list from a file on the SD cardSpecial Offer:-The first 100 names and countries emailed [email protected] from customers will be added to the startof Santa's list (naughty or nice). The app will be updated on the23rd December so you can see you name on the list in time forChristmas.
Danceionette Yuletide (Free) 1.1
Everytale UK
Christmas comes but once a year. This year a dancing frostymarionette joins you in "Danceionette - Yuletide Edition". Thissnowman marionette is my favourite and I'm sure it'll be one ofyours. Danceionette is a rhythm matching game where you match thebeat of popular traditional Christmas carols by tapping onChristmas baubles. Your success is rated and scored. As you tap,our funny snowman will dance around in response. Highscores aresaved and you can compete with your friends and family duringChristmas parties to see who can get the best. But the best partis, there is a secret move. If you drag the baubles rather than tapthem, you will get more points. Until they find out you will beable to easily get the best score. There are 12 levels, each with adifferent Carol; plus, since it is Christmas and the season of goodwill, Danceionette - Yuletide Edition has been kept easy tocomplete, but difficult to master. Look out for more Danceionettegames in 2013. I welcome your feedback with improvements andmarionette suggestions that be put into future Danceionette games.Take a look at the developer website as I can take all yourcomments there. Links in the game will help you to find me! Happyholidays and have a great 2013. Carols included are: We wish you aMerry Christmas Deck the Halls O Christmas Tree O Come All yeFaithful Silent Night Good King Wensleslas Ding Dong Merrily onHigh Hark! The Herald Angels Sing The First Noël God Rest ye MerryGentlemen Joy to the World and of course, Jingle Bells