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Flag Quiz Game 1.0
Improve your knowledge of world and US state flags, while havingfun.Choose the correct answer from 3,6 or 9 possible answers, perquestion. After several game plays, you will be amazed at howwellyou recall and recognize the flags of the world. Eventuallyyoubecome an expert!
Monster Mash 1.0
Have fun playing Monster Mash by touching or mashing a monsterafter it pops out of the hole at random locations. You have 60seconds to mash all the monsters. It's a simple game if you havefast reactions. Compete against others that have played this gamefor a high score. Earn achievement levels based on your score.
Cool Movie Trivia 1.3
Test your knowledge of popular movies, movie themes and movieactors. With plenty of selections and thousands of unique questionsand answers from our movies database, you shall never be bored ordisappointed again. Have fun challenging your movie IQ on yourfavorite movies. Submit your own trivia question for other moviefans to enjoy!
Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles 1.0
Enjoy Halloween 365 days a year by piecing together qualityHalloween photos. The jigsaw puzzles included are designed forchildren and adults. All puzzles are family friendly and fun toplay. This app runs best on phones or tablets.
Scary Puzzles 1.0
Complete scary puzzles in the fastest time possible. This apppresents an evil twist, that other puzzle games lack. There are twogame play modes, easy and hard! Several puzzles are included toguarantee that you will be challenged and entertained. This app isa legitimate game and a prank.
Halloween Movies Trivia 1.2
Test your knowledge of Halloween Movies and Michael Myers.Enjoy achallenging quiz on each classic movie in the Halloweenfranchise.The quizzes change every time you play!
Napolean Dynamite Trivia 1.5
Have fun testing your knowledge of Napolean DynamiteMovie trivia.You will enjoy a different selection ofquestions every time youplay. You can never be bored with Kip, Uncle Rico or Lafawndah.
Zombie Costumes 1.2
Search for zombie costume ideas. Creepy punks, rotting flesh andstalker costumes are always a big hit on Halloween.
Halloween Costumes 1.0
If your looking for a Halloween Costume, you've found a greatapp!Search our online catalog of some of the finest HalloweenCostumes made.Superman, Zombie and plenty of Ghost Costume ideasare presented.
Scary Maze 1.1
Are you ready for some scary fun? Test your hand-eye coordinationand master enough levels to be uniquely rewarded. Select fromseveral maze background colors and the app will provide a newscare, for every player! Easier to play than ever.You can adjustthe levels that the game ends at to suit your skill as well as thesensitivity of play. Play in the dark, with your friends for thebest prank experience.
True Paranormal Tales 1.9
Read real scary and paranormal tales submitted by members. Are youafraid of ghosts, demons or the unexplained? Submit your ownstrange story for others to read and comment on.
Scary Stories 1.1
Read scary stories from the oldest and largest database of strangetales ever publicly collected. All stories are submitted and ratedby real people for others to enjoy. New stories are added to thecollection each week. Stories are categorized and listed by ratingorder and many retell scary events that have actually happened.Submit your own story as it's sure to be noticed.
Calculus Quiz 1.13
Improve your knowledge of Integral Calculus while having fun.Thisapp reinforces a high-school level knowledge of derivatives,integral calculus, limits, concavity, asymptotes, tangents tocurves, areas enclosed by curves, mean value theorem, Riemann sums,inflection point and rate related concepts, convergent anddivergent series. If you struggle with Calculus, you 're not alone.The purpose of this app is to provide practice, leading to a senseof confidence, that too many students in high school or collegenever achieve. Learning calculus only requires time practicingfundamental concepts. Too many students give up when they have theability to understand Integral Calculus concepts. Finally, a mobileapp has arrived that makes learning easy. Most quiz questions aresimple enough to facilitate learning, yet rigorous enough to teachthe concepts.If you are taking the AP calculus AB exam, this appwill help you prepare for it. If you are taking Calculus I or II incollege, this app is ideal to learn with.
Scary Pictures 1.1
View scary photos, masks, illusions and tattoos in detail. Enjoy aunique collection of scary pictures if you dare!
Ghost Photos 1.4
View and rate ghost photos that are organized into severalparanormal categories. Each photo has a short description providedby the owner. Some photos are unexplainable and others are possiblyfake. There are a good number of orb photos, but all areinteresting,so enjoy! You will need Wi-Fi or internet service touse certain app features.
Halloween Masks Online
Shop for popular Halloween Masks online.