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Flight Sim : Plane Pilot 2 2.3
New and better version of flight simulator: plane pilot game. So ifyou are a flight simulation lover and you feel yourself an airplanepilot, don't loose time, get your airplane and feel real pilotexperience in our flight world.✈ FREE WORLD - best open worldflight simulation with contracts, buying home positions, saving atdifferent home positions, earning money like real pilots do.✈ TESTDRIVE - try any airplane you want to feel how each of them works,what is different in parameters and physics.✈ TRAINING - ourtraining course will teach you how to control airplane. You willlearn how to do a takeoff, how to do flight maneuvers, how to do anexcellent landing with different airplanes and jets.✈ MISSIONS -flight simulator includes various missions where you can check yourpilot skills + earn money. You need to pass checkpoints, farcheckpoint circles, do landings. Completing flight missions youwill earn money. Show your plane pilot skills in action!To give thebest flight simulation experience we have developed real day timesystem for you. So you will get real morning, day, evening andnight feeling. Also you will get a weather - wind system. Islandsare unique: winter snow island, desert island with name Colorado,tropic islands, rocky islands and more.There are many airportswhere you can land or start game from. Airports are located onvarious islands across the sea.As a real airplane pilot your goalis to earn money doing contracts (transportation jobs from oneisland to another) and missions (you can earn rank and stars if youcomplete flight maneuvers well).Home positions are the next uniqueexperience in our open world flight game. You can use your money tobuy home positions, then you can save game at that position andrestart the game from the saved position. If you are a good pilot,start right away, fly, earn money, buy better planes, buy homes andcomplete hard missions. But if you are a starter, no worries, startfrom training and we will help you to become an expert airplanepilot.Enjoy flight simulation and good luck on air!!!
Offroad Car Driving 3.0.6
This simulator is created for real offroad car driving lovers. Gameincludes all essential components to get maximum enjoy from cardriving: almost all possible environments for offroad drivingincluding sand, snow, grass, rocks, ice, gravels. Real SUV carswith different engines, speed, controls and brake parameters withgreat sound effects, animations, true physics and professional carcontrol system. Simulator has 3 control types: gyroscope, steeringwheel, buttons - here each driver will find what he needs. 4 Leveltypes: OFFROAD - offroad rally where you need to drive car inoffroad environment, pass all checkpoints and drive to the finishline RACE - driving through mountain roads to complete race and getto the finish line as fast as possible JUMP - car jumping levelswhere you have to drive correct and fast to get a jump with rightspeed and direction to achieve the endpoint CHECKPOINTS - distancecheckpoints where you have to find right routes to complete themand get more time for next checkpoints Various environments: -Desert - offroad safari simulation - Winter - driving on the snow -Mountains - hill climb levels through high mountains and differentobstacles - Rocks - different rocky environments to feel realoffroad driving experience - Islands - tropic sandy islands in themiddle of the ocean, be careful to not get into water - Valleys -grassy valleys where you can drive your car on maximum speed RealOffroad SUV cars: - Hyundai Santa Fe - Hummer H2 - Honda CRV - FordEscape - Nissan Pathfinder - Infiniti JX35 - Jeep Grand Cherokee -Toyota Land Cruiser - Dodge - Ford Excursion - Nissan Xterra -Range Rover - Land Rover - Porche Cayene Test this great cars infree mode to check each car's performance, strengths, weaknesses.Or just drive them to enjoy offroading simulation. Then takechallenge to complete all levels for each car and get points.Collecting points you will unlock more offroad cars and newinteresting levels.
Real Offroad Simulator 1.6
Wanting to feel true offroad driving experience? Drive by rightroutes and control your car professionally to climb hills? Exploredifferent huge terrains? We have made a simulator where you canturn on and off every single lights on the car, open the hood,trunk and doors, see the real working transmission, see engine withall its details, color your car like you want.But the mostimportant things to enjoy offroad car simulation are physics,transmission, engine and suspension system.And here you will findthe most realistic suspension system in the store, made exactly foroffroad driving and the most true physics ever built for mobiledevices!Desert – dead rocky desert to experience driving onsandsSafari – limitless safari simulationCliffs – drive onrocksRally – rally car simulatorMountain – hill climbing – drive tothe top of the mountainSwamp – drive your car in swampyenvironmentThistle – interesting scene to explore and show your cardriving skillsVillage – time to drive your car in the villageDriedLake – scene for open space drivingCanyon - enjoy hill climbingsimulation on both sides of canyonWinter - for driving simulationon the snowPLUS - DAY and NIGHT driving simulation! Select day ornight mode for each world!There are contract positions where youcan enter buy goods and transport them to earn money. You cantransport different good also using car trailer. Driving car withtrailer is harder but brings more money!Go ahead! Check yourdriving skills and enjoy offroad car simulation!
Warship Simulator - Battle of Ships 2.0.1
Warship Simulator : battle of ships is a game where you can becomea real captain of a warship. Hard naval battles are waiting foryou, enjoy realistic simulation and win the battles. First chooseyour warship: Warships: - New generation Patrol Ships - Cruisers -Helicopter carriers Then upgrade your ship controls, strength,engine and armory. Controls and engine are important so you can dostrategic maneuvers and strength and armory are for hard battleswith warships and submarines. Game includes real naval battlesimulation where you choose size of your team (ally warships) andenemy army size, then one of 6 environments and start the battle.Also try free mode - explore the naval territories and islands ofocean. Enjoy the simulation of the naval environment of highquality! But do not forget to be careful: enemy warships andsubmarines can appear and you will need to fight against them.Enemy ships: - Patrol ships of the new generation - Cruisers -Helicopter carriers Enemy submarines: - Akula Typhoon 941 - KiloClass - US Ohio Class Game includes wide range of weapons. So thisis not just another warship simulator, its a game where you willtry all weapons which modern warships have: On water weapons: -Artillery guns - Ballistic missles Underwater weapons: - Torpedo -Smart torpedo Enemies can shoot with torpedos, smart torpedos andartillery guns. Get the best warship battle simulation game andenjoy realistic visual and sound effects which will lead you toreal naval warfare world!
Cargo : Truck Simulator 1.3
Travel across world as king of the road, a trucker whodeliversimportant cargo across impressive distances! Explore world,earnmoney and grow your skill! Complete missions, deal withdifficultassignment, make it in time, buy new trucks, explore everysinglecorner of the map, deploy every kind of cargos , helpconstructtown! -14 different real truck simulations! "Ford F550" -solidtruck, with good controls and speed "Belarus 922" - Goodoldtructor, with trailer possibilities! "Cargostar 1710" -Strongtruck for deploying almost any kind of goods. "MackSuperliner" -One of best "Mack's". Reliable and powerful. "AMGeneral M939" -Military truck, little bit old, but strong and used."Man TGX" -Famous MAN garbage truck. "Mack DM600" - Custom model.For realprofessionals - brutal and strong. "Man TGA Mixer" - One ofMANtrucks. Cement mixer. Very used in constructions. "Man TGM"-"Golden mean" for trucks. Good controls, speed and power."IvecoStralis" - Italian heavy-duty model.it covers the range,between 19and 44 tonnes "Scania R730" - Swedish truck for longrange duties."DAF XF105" - produced by the Dutch manufacturerDAF.Also used inmilitary forces. "Komatsu HA250" - Japanese model.Used in hugeconstruction sides. "Caterpillar 777" - is a 100-tonhaul truck,typically used in open pit mining. - Start with smalltruck andbecome experienced driver with huge trucks. - Try realtrucksimulation like IVECO, SCANIA, DAF and CAT! - Open worldtrucksimulation with cargo contracts! - Use your map for travel!-Different landscapes to pass, that needs driving skills,trucksimulation in various environments. Game is a mix of Americantrucksimulation and Euro truck simulation! - Cargo selection, youcanchoose your delivering items. - Deliver items on your truckortrailer like "Fuel" ,"Chemicals","Wood","Bricks" and more!