ExaWave Studio Apps

Crusader v1.3
Crusader is an ExaWave product which is motion sensor based freegame for all those action lovers out there. Do you like air to airbattles where you can destroy your enemies? Then you have arrivedat right place.In this game you control one plane fully loaded withinfinite drop bombs and missiles and you fight your way throughenemy fighter planes, tanks, aliens etc...Here you can control yourplane (i.e move up, down) using motion sensors and can firemissiles and drop bombs with single tap to kill your enemies. Themore you play, the higher intelligent enemies you explore.For moredetails, Visit us on: http://www.exawave.inLike Us on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Exawave.in
Bull Cow v1.3
BullCow is number game. Logic is to guess a 4-Digit Number.CPU willgenerate 4-digit secret number. All you have to do is to guess thatno in given time to win the game. To help you guess that no, everytime when you guess a no you will be told about bulls and cows inthe number where bull means no of digits which are on their exactposition and cow means no of digits which are NOT on their exactposition but in the secret number.For e.g. Suppose,Secret number:5732Your guess: 1532Here there is 2 bull and 1 cow. Because 3&2are on their exact position and 5 is in the secret number but notin its exact position.Note:1) Secret number is of exact 4 digits.All digits are between 1 to 9. 2) All 4 digits should be distinctin your guess. e.g. 4234 is invalid number. 3) You can have guesslike 4020 where 0 means empty place.For more details, Visit us on:http://www.exawave.inLike Us on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Exawave.in