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Tap Universe 1.52
In Tap Universe new matter is being created bycollision of objects in the universe.When you have gathered enough matter you can build new objects likeblackholes, planets and even galaxies.Please keep in mind, that this game is in early alpha,especially when rating the game!If you find any bugs, feel free to report them [email protected]
Idle Universe 1.262
Create your own universe in this addictive idle game!First, youhave to gather matter yourself by tapping, but once you've gotenough matter to create a couple of particles in your universe,they will collide and automatically produce more matter foryou!Features:• Create 31 different interstellar objects - from tinyparticles to your own planets, galaxies and even more!• Unlock 22unique Divine Powers!• Upgrade all of your objects in various ways!You will be given multiple options to choose from and you can makeyour universe unique to you!• Obtain Dark Matter and use specialabilities like automatic tapping, speeding up collisions and manymore!• Get even bigger with prestige! Every time you restart thegame, you will obtain Antimatter, which can be used to buypermanent super powers!• Join the competition with leaderboards!•Get daily rewards!• Earn Achievements!There are plenty ofopportunities in the game - you can play for weeks and never getbored!Try our idle game and create your very own universe. :)•Music by Ckavi!• Graphics by Pocido!
Password Generator 1.4
Generate as many secure passwords, as you want!Lenghts reach from 1to 64, the charset can have up to 86 different characters.Thats upto 6,4*10^123 possibilities!