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Duel Otters 1.705
The cutest head-to-head (literally) 2-player game on mobiledevice."When was the last time you played a 2-player game and had ablast together?" Challenge your friends, grab each end of yourdevice and get ready. Compete in a series of wild missions allspecially designed for two players to play on the same screen.Featuring lively and adorable otters.Having this game on yourdevice is just like always having a game console and 2 controllerson you, ready to play together anytime!Features : - 11highly-competitive games that will put your reaction speed,dexterity and finger muscles to the test.- In Two Player Mode, beatyour friend in 3 out of 5 games to win the match or play endlesslyin big party in champion-stays-loser-switch style.- This gameshines when played 2-player but an AI opponent is also included inTraining Mode. Perfect your skills before you ultimately face offwith your friends or earn Achievement Points (AP) by defeatingharder AI and completing special challenges, then top the APscoreboard in Game Center.- Select each game as you like, or choose"Random" for a true test of dueling mastery.- Colorful otters!...and they can (kind of) speak.Watch the official trailer :http://youtu.be/4yRr0gEljxAJoin the official Facebook page to keepin touch! : https://www.facebook.com/exceed7.DuelOtters