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Paranormal Ghost EVP/EMF Radio
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Ghost EVP/EMF Radio has been developed forexciting paranormal detection and exploration. We've put a lot ofeffort into making the app easy to use, so that both professionaland enthusiast paranormal researchers and ghost hunters can enjoyit.If you are either easily frightened, a super skeptic "leftbrainer" or have a serious heart-related medical condition, you areprobably better off avoiding this app.Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the collective name forthe sounds sometimes detected on electronic recordings andreminiscent of human speech. These sounds are usually found inrecordings with noise or poor radio reception, and is considered bymany to be the voices of paranormal beings such as ghosts, spirits,demons and other energy based entities. EVP is a form ofInstrumental Trans-Communication (ITC), a term coined byprofessor Ernst Senkowski in the 1970s.This app has taken the traditional ghost box to the next level, andalso incorporates an EMF (Electromagnetic Field) scanner. As withtraditional ghost boxes, chaotic noise seems to be both invitingand sensitive to paranormal manipulation. The app generates audiblespeech by detecting meaningful phrases and words together withproperties such as gender, age and current mood of thecommunicating entity. We continuously improve the app, based onuser feedback, and use it during our own paranormal investigationsas well.*** Features **** A built-in EMF scanner: Used as entropy seed for the noisegeneration and shown on the TV screen.* Quick text log: Tap on the main TV screen to toggle betweenmodes.* Text log screen: The persistent text log is where you can sort,share and delete.* Record your encounters with or without the microphone of yourdevice.* Real-time audio visualization: Oscilloscope and Spectrometer (tapto toggle).* In-app audio analyzer; which enables you to perform furtherstudies by visualizing the audio and changing the playbackrate.* Open your EVP recordings in compatible audio apps with the touchof a button.* Optional Auto Recording only produces recordings when somethinginteresting is encountered.* Optional vibration and audible alarms every time an entity hasbeen detected.* UI themes, including the new theme for Halloween.* Share your recordings with friends and family.*** Languages ***Full support for English (US/UK), Czech, Dutch, French,German, Italian, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish,Swedish and Turkish*** Contact/Support **** Use the help buttons, located on every screen, to start thein-app guides.* Reach us by email, our support sitehttp://exelerus.com/ostic, or use the buttons on theSettings screen.* Twitter https://twitter.com/GhostRadioEVP* Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ghostevpradio* Google+https://plus.google.com/110271368396925391871* Mailing list http://tiny.cc/ghostradiomail* The Ghost Radio website:http://exelerus.com/apps/ghostradio*** Usage **** Patience required; Don't expect amazing results after just acouple of minutes. The analyzer needs time to calibrate, and mayinitially not detect any patterns at all or may even give you falsepositives.* When fully calibrated the speech to text translation and speechquality should be improved.* The EMF scanner use the magnetometer sensor of your device soensure it is calibrated (by waving the device in a eight pattern acouple of times).We hope that you, like many others, will be fascinated by theparanormal experience of Ghost EVP Radio. Thanks fordownloading!DisclaimerEvery effort has been made to make this app truly unique, but wecan offer no guarantee that you will get specific results by usingit. Since the results of this app haven't been scientificallyverified, it should only be used for entertainment purposes. Pleaseuse it responsibly.
Zener ESP Simulator - Trainer and Tester 1.5.108
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Welcome to a fun and powerful simulation environment for runningtraining and test sessions using the famous Zener cards! The cardswere designed in the early 1930s by the perceptual psychologistKarl Zener, and were originally developed to conduct experimentsfor Extrasensory Perception (ESP), most often clairvoyance. Theresults from these studies were promising at first, but the studymethods were flawed which led to the conclusion that ESP couldn'tbe scientifically proved. Nevertheless the Zener test is stillfascinating to this day and this app is our best effort toimplement the test in as a transparent way as possible. A Zenercard deck consists of five simple symbols. In total, there are 25cards in a pack, five of each design. In the original tests, theperson that conducted the test picked up cards from a shuffledpack, observed the symbol on each card, and recorded the answer ofthe person being tested for extrasensory perception, who would tryto decide which of the five designs was on each card in question,without actually seeing the face of the card. Now this app enablesyou to experience various variants of the Zener card test! TESTThis is the original Zener Card test. Each card is drawn from ashuffled 25 card pack with five cards for each symbol. During thetest no card faces are shown, to ensure that the test result isvalid. The result is instead presented after the test. TRAIN A funvariant of the original test, where you will see if yourpredictions are correct, one card at a time. Since card faces areshown after each choice, the app always draws cards from a full andshuffled deck. MARATHON A never-ending marathon test session, whichin our opinion is a powerful form of active meditation! The appwill produce new cards from an unlimited pack of cards, and youwill see your result in real-time. In addition, all the abovesession can be performed in either of two different modes:Postcognition a.k.a. Retrocognition Defined as knowledge of pastevents which could not have been learned or inferred by normalmeans. The app will choose the next card BEFORE you make yourchoice, just like the original Zener card test. Precognition a.k.a.Future sight or Second sight Is defined as the ability to seeevents that will happen in the future. The app will choose the nextcard AFTER you make your choice. *** FEATURES *** * Training,Marathon and Test sessions. * Test Certificates - Create and shareunique certificates/diplomas based on your personal results. * Allsessions can run in either Precognition (the future) andPostcognition (the past) mode. * The app keeps tracks of all yourresults, which can be viewed from the Statistics screen. * Shareyour results on Game Center, and compare your results with bothyour friends and the world! * Numbered Cards - We are alldifferent: Some like numbers more than symbols, therefore Pro usersalso can run sessions with numbered cards. * Colored Cards - Somelike colors even more than symbols and numbers, therefore Pro usersalso can run sessions with colored cards. *** FEEDBACK &SUPPORT *** Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions orfeedback through email, our support site, or via the in-app buttonson the Settings screen. We hope you'll enjoy this free app, andthanks for downloading! Disclaimer The app works as exactly asdescribed; i.e. it will not give any nonsense or fake results, butsince the results cannot be verified scientifically, you'reexpected to only use it for entertainment and with common sense.
Paranormal EMF Recorder Simulator 2.1.4
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The creators of Ghost EVP/EMF Radio bring you EMF Recorder; anEMFdevice simulator that allows you to measure and recordtheelectromagnetic fields around you. Features • Easy touseElectromagnetic Field (EMF) detection and monitoring.• Realmeasurements using the magnetometer sensor of your mobiledevice.• Automated EMF recording for long-time measurements.• Analyzerecorded EMF data directly from within the app usinginteractivecharts. • Gauge showing real-time EMF magnitudemeasurement.• Diagram showing real-time measurement of EMF strengthin allthree dimensions. • Simulated measurements can be activatedfromthe Settings screen. • Responsive UI with full support forallscreen sizes and device orientations. As you probably have seenonTV, or maybe even in real life, most professional Ghost huntersandParanormal investigators use various electronic equipment todetectthe presence of spirits, ghosts and other supernaturalentities.Special purpose hardware EMF meters are one of thosetools, andthey are often quite expensive. This app tries to mimicthesedevices since the truth is that most mobile phones have abuilt-insensor, a magnetometer which measures electromagneticfields (EMF).An EMF is a physical field produced by electricallychargedobjects. Like gravity, it is one of the four fundamentalforces ofnature, and although it has never been scientificallyproven, manybelieve that paranormal entities can emanate, influenceand distortmagnetic fields. This app uses the magnetometer sensorof yourdevice to transform your phone into an easy to use andaccurate EMFmeter. It also allows you to record the scanmeasurements andanalyze recorded results directly from within theapp. Therecording feature, allows you to do other things insteadofconstantly keeping your eyes glued to the screen during ascanningsession. Recording can be performed with or withoutscanning soundfeedback. The interactive in-app analysis, allows youto swipe andzoom through the diagrams representing recorded EMFscan results. Aneat feature is that the recordings are saved ascomma separatedfiles (CSV), which is a common file format that manyapps andcomputer applications support (e.g. MS Excel).Paranormalinvestigators certainly appreciate this, since it makesit easy toinclude long-time scan results in logs and clientreports. And tomake things even easier, you can open yourrecordings in other appswith the push of a button. Support • Forsupport and feedback, mailus, visithttps://paranormalsoftware.com/support or use the in-appbuttons onthe Settings screen. Usage • Test the scanner by holdingyour phonenear devices that emanate electromagnetic fields or aremagnetic,i.e. device screens, sound speakers etc. • The Earthsmagnetic fieldranges from 25 to 65 microtesla, depending on yourlocation. • Formore information, please visit the KnowledgeBase:http://tiny.cc/paranormalemf We've worked hard to make thisfreeapp as good as possible, and hope that you will find itbothentertaining and useful. Constructive feedback and reviewsarealways appreciated, since it is your opinion that drives thefuturedevelopment of the app. Thanks for downloading! DisclaimerAllmeasurements provided by the app are based on realsensormeasurements. Since the app use a hardware magnetometersensor, allresults are dependent on the quality of the sensor inyour specificdevice. Since the results of this app haven't beenscientificallyverified, it should only be used for entertainmentpurposes.