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Marathi Panchang 1.1
Shree Sankalp Marathi Panchang Samvant2070Shree Sankalp Marathi Calendar 2014 – 2015• Get Tithi Details in Marathi and English• Hindu / Marathi Calendar in Marathi and English• Know Shubh / Ashubh days of the month• Festivals of India / Maharashtra• Set Notification for Desired Dates• Tithi Notifications• Never miss Chaturthi , Ekadashi Ect.• Get Mahurat for your desired location. (scientific dynamiccalculations based on Latitude and Longitude from database and GPSlocation)• This Marathi Panchang / Marathi Calendar works without activeinternet connection
Jain Panchang 1.0
Jain Panchang (Jain Calendar for 2018 - 2019) Veer Samvat 2075 JainPanchang that support Android 9 Pie Version. Jain Panchang (JainCalendar which is available in Play Store from 2014) is anapplication which works without active internet connection. You caninstall it and use without active internet. Changes and NewFeatures in Jain Panchang Samvat 2075 Supports Latest Android 9 PieVersion Added Option to Enable or Disable Tithi Notification AddedMultilingual Support, now single panchang with Gujarati, Hindi andEnglish Language Added 1 Tithi and 2 Tithi Jain Panchang in singleApp Added Pachkhan Audio support without need of Active InternetConnection Added feature of Sharing your Favorite Jain Panchangwith family and friends via Social Media, Messaging and Email AddedSettings menu for easy switching between language and selectingyour desired location Added Kalyanak List for the year Added Listof Panchak, Vinchudo, Pushya Nakshatra Added Home Screen Quick DayView including sunrise, sunset, running mahurat (Choghadiya) andPanchak Details Added Current Day Highlight in Panchang View AddedHigh Resolution GUI Other Addition under development Panchang forother Sects of Jainism (Digamber and Stanakwasi) Feature to setnotification / reminders for any Mahurat (Choghadiya) Hora forglobal locations Rohini Nakshatra Chart AND MANY MORE...---------------------------- • Jain Panchang is provided as freeApp by Experian Infotech (Software and Website Development Companyin Mumbai - India) • Jain Panchang is brought to you as a MobileApplication. (Shwetamber Jain Panchang) which shows TITHIS &other details which follows Jain religion. • Jain Panchang willalert you for Tithis / Festivals / important days etc. • SomeFeatures of Jain Panchang • Panchang (calendar) in Gujarati MonthFormat • Tithis for every month • Sunrise / Sunset / Navkarshi /Porshi ... Timing. (you can set your own location city) • 24Tirthankar Kalyanak • Day & Night Chogadhiya (Mahurats) • JainPanchang will be available in Android and iOs Mobile platforms.
Gujarati Jain Panchang 1.0
Gujarati Jain Panchang or Gujarati JainCalender (2014-2015) is mobile application with many user friendlyfeature.Gujarati Jain Calendar is developed by Experian Infotech(previously RD Consultancy) for Matoshri Kantaben Rasiklal SanghviParivar Sankul which is being constructed at Girnar Taleti ofJunagadh District in Gujarat.Highlight of Gujarati Jain Calendar (2014-2015)Day Information in Gujarati like, Kalyanak, Panchak, Guru PushyaNakshatra, Subh Asubh Day, Tithi Days of the month, Gujarati JainCalendar with English Month view and many more....Gujarati Jain Calendar (2014-2015) also make it easy to knowNavkarshi timings based on your selected location and you can viewMahurat / Choghadiya of respective place.Jain Calendar 2014 have Pachkan Audio which will help you takePachakkan as and when required.You will get Tithi and other notifications too
Jain Genius 1.4
This mobile game is Dedicated to PanyasShriHansratna Vijayji M. S. disciple of Shri Aadarniya Vijay ShriPrem,Bhuvanbhanu, Jaydhojsuri Samuday.After the fierce fast of 180 days, Mahatapsvi PanyasShriHansratna Vijayji M. S. is currantly doing 16 month tap whichiscall "Gunratna Sanvatsar Tap" , Parna will be held in Mumbai.The entire Labh for organising and Sponsoring theGunratnaSamvatsar Tap Parna Mahotsav has been given to respecteddonorfamily “Matoshri Kantaben Rasiklal Sanghvi (originally fromDisa –Gujarat) at present Nashik, and her sons - Shri Rajendra ShahandVilas Shah along with their wives Mrs. Kashmira R. Shah andShilpaV. Shah respectively.Date of Prana: 01/11/2015Program Time : 7.30 AM onwardsVenueBKC GroundsOpposite DBD (Bharat Diamond Brouse)For more details and news visit www.jaintirthyatra.com
Pushtimarg Vratotsav 4
Pushtimargiya Vratotsav Panchang in Gujarati , Hindi and EnglishLanguage Features : Pushtimargiya Vrat & Utsav Calendar basedon Indian Months General Panchang in Gujarati , Hindi & EnglishDynamic Choghadiya Based on your currant location Custom ChoghadiyaNotification One Day Prior Notification on Monthly Tithi Dates Pad& Kirtan Audio Files Vaishnav Video Section Yearly NakshatraDates Dynamic Hora Based on your currant location Compass Feature(Hokayantra) to find direction Report Bug Multiple Language Support- Gujarati - Hindi - English Nitya Shriji Darshan - Share on SocialMedia Jai Shri Krishan, Thank you for your interest in PushtimargVratotsav Mobile App. Do you know people around the world areaccomplishing amazing things with Vratotsav - the beautifullydesigned, easy to understand and navigate ... Pushtimarg Vratotsavprovides great user experience. Pushtimarg Vratotsav, Why would youwant to Install it? Pushtimarg Vratotsav provides details like ,ekadashi / chaturthi / poonam and much more... You get to knowdates in advance and never miss another Vrat of Utsav and it worksin offline mode so you do not need to have active internetconnection. So now you know! Pushtimarg Vratotsav is the first ofits kind Mobile App to cover this much of details and your supportcan help us write a success story of an Pushtimarg dedicated MobileApp.