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The Express Tribune is thefirstinternationally affiliated newspaper in Pakistan. PartneredwithThe New York Times, the paper caters to the modern faceofPakistan. With its groundbreaking layouts created byaninternational award winning designer the paper offers astimulatingvisual experience.
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Download the Express Tribune app for the Android from Pakistan's #1brand for breaking news in politics, sports, business, lifestyleand more. The Express Tribune is the first internationallyaffiliated newspaper in Pakistan. Partnered with The InternationalHerald Tribune - the global edition of The New York Times – thepaper caters to the modern face of Pakistan. With itsgroundbreaking layouts created by an international award winningdesigner the paper offers a stimulating visual experience.TheExpress Tribune App makes easy access to Staffedwith a team dedicated to bringing the latest news as events unfold, relies on its distributed team of news professionalswho work 24 hours, 7 days a week to bring accurate and up to theminute news to its readers. Get real time credible informationabout what is happening around the world.Features:1. App remembersyour visited sections, and reopens in same section forconvenience2. Explore our top and trending stories from the homescreen3. A more visually appealing layout4. New Interactive Storieswith option to post comments from within the app5. Save bandwidthby disabling image download on 2g/3g6. Twilight Mode: darken yourscreen for more comfortable reading in low light7. Collapsible topnavigation: see more of your screen as you scroll through thenews8. Share articles, photos and videos through your favoritesharing platform9. Watch exclusive videos and browse ourphotography
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Express News App made easy access to Staffed with ateam dedicated to bringing the latest news as events unfold, relies on its distributed team of news professionals whowork 24 hours, 7 days a week to bring accurate and up to the minutenews to its readers. Get real time credible information about whatis happening in Pakistan and around the world. Offline access willallow you to read stuff even when you are not connected tointernet.Features:1. App remembers your visited sections, andreopens in same section for convenience2. Explore our top andtrending stories from the home screen3. A more visually appealinglayout4. New Interactive Stories with option to post comments fromwithin the app5. Save bandwidth by disabling image download on2g/3g6. Twilight Mode: darken your screen for more comfortablereading in low light7. Collapsible top navigation: see more of yourscreen as you scroll through the news8. Share articles, photos andvideos through your favorite sharing platform9. Watch exclusivevideos and browse our photography10. Favorite articles now syncacross platforms to revisit later on any device (iOS, Android,Tablet)
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Food Tribune brings you everything you need to know about cookingfood. Hundreds of recipes, easy to follow steps and ingredients,tips and tricks, tutorials, hacks and more. Log on for your one-stop portal to all thingsfood-related. Find us on: Instagram: YouTube: