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No Crop InstaFit, Square Photo 1.5.2
EyeCare Lab
InstaFit is the best and simplest app topost entire photo on Instagram withoutcropping.Photo collage maker is available now!You can combine multiple photos into photo collage. Make your photogrid with many layouts in seconds. And blur border for photocollage!◉ Features:- Post entire photo on Instagram without cropping.- Insta sized photo in one tap.- Set blur background, white background and more.- Add interesting stickers to photo.- Pinch to resize the photo.- Rotate and move to customize.- Grid your photos with photo collage maker.- Blur border for pic grid.- Change the size of the photo grid.◉ How to use:1. Select a photo.2. Set a background (optional).3. Add stickers (optional).4. Save and share to Instagram.P.S. Photo Collage added in the new version.◉ Tips:Switch between Single and Collage:Use Single to square single photo, and use Collage to grid photosinto photo collage. You can switch between Single and Collagefreely.If you have problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us atcontactshamble@gmail.com.Don’t forget to tag with #Shamble on Instagram.
Night Mode - blue light filter, eye protector 1.1.4
EyeCare Lab
Night Mode is an eye protector, which can protect your eyes andhelp you sleep well. It has no ads and it's totally free.Troublesfalling asleep?Feel tired during night reading on the phonescreen?All the problems are caused by blue light which is producedby phone screen. And Blue Light is very harmful to your health.Research suggests exposure to blue light before sleep may distortyour natural circadian rhythm and cause inability to fallasleep.Night Mode is built to reduce the blue light. All you needis to shift to Night Mode in the app. You can also adjust colortemperature, blue light filter intensity and screen dimmer to adaptto your eyes. Night Mode is a nice eye protector.Night Mode can:👀Reduce blue light for eye care.👀 Adjust screen dimmer for night tochange screen light.👀 Set blue light filter easily with widget.👀Schedule blue light filter start in the night and close in theday.👀 Night Mode is the thinnest blue light filter app with only 1MB.Have a good sleep with Night Mode. 💤In the following case, youneed to turn Night Mode OFF temporarily, or use Pause 60s option:-When installing app outside the Google Play.- When snappingscreenshots, otherwise screenshot will be along with theeffect.Sorry for the inconvenience.