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NAS Sports Tournament
NAS program makes you updated in regards to the latest news andevents related to NAD El Sheba Sports Tournament. This applicationhas a variety of features that ensures the availability of theinformation about the teams participating, games available,schedules and Media in addition to a live feed so that you can stayin sync with the event.
UAE1971 1.5
مبادرة حمدان بن محمد للمعرفة الوطنيةمسابقة1971 في دورتها الثانية لجميع مواطني و مقيمي دولة الإماراتالعربيةالمتحدة بهدف ترسيخ المعرفة الوطنية بمجموع جوائز تتجاوز ال3.5 مليوندرهمHamdan BinMohammedNational Initiative for knowledge contest in 1971 at itssecondsession of all the citizens and residents of the UnitedArabEmirates in order to consolidate the knowledge of thetotalnational awards in excess of 3.5 million dirhams
InstaPost 1.7
InstaPost application for you can RepostPhotos and Videos from Instagram easily.
Athkar Almuslim 1.2.3
Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him has urged us on the benefits ofdua considering it as one of the superior types of worshiping inthe islamic religion. It forms a communication medium between thethe person and his creator (Allah Almighty). It is a soul feeding,self therapy and with it faith is strengthened. In this app wepresent a collection of duas that is indispensable for oureveryday's life.​
Prayer & Qibla 1.7.3
Prayer and Qibla App with the most accurate Prayer Times.Featuresinclude: Adhan notifications: - Adhan notifications in order to beinformed when it is time for Prayer. Qibla Compass : -AccurateIndication about the distance between your position and theposition of the Mecca.
Al quran Alkareem
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful { Thisis the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for thoseconscious of Allah} { Alif. Lam. Ra. (This is) a Scripture which Wehave revealed unto thee (Muhammad) that thereby thou mayst bringforth mankind from darkness unto light, by the permission of theirLord, unto the path of the Mighty, the Owner of Praise.} We arepleased to present to you our Quraan application with a hope thatAllah Almighty would include it in our good deeds as well as yours.The application include a diversity of features that would servethe cause: 1- A memorization assistant. 2- A variety of recitersfrom which you can download and hear. 3- The ability to bookmarkany verse in any page. 4- A Multi Lingual Menu. 5- AdjustableResizable font. 6- The Ability to Copy and paste the verses. 7- Theability to get translation on verses. 8- The ability to search forQuranic verses and locate their respective sourah's. Pleaseremember us in your prayers. Share your feedback by rating this appand don't forget to share it with others.