F0RIS Apps

Parrots 1.6.4
This app don't have english content yet! Ifyou have time, know russian, like this app, and wanna share thiscontent to english speakers, write me to f0risw@gmail.com
Snake WiFi 1.7.3
Hello everybody, i am usual student from notsafety Donetsk city. This is my first app. This game for people,who doesn't like casualty but like challenges and competitions. Iguarantee that you will sweat a lot trying to defeatcomputer.Also there is a multiplayer via WiFi, where you can get a lot offun with your friend. For this you need just create a wifi accesspoint on one of the devices.I maked this app for me and friends, so there are no advertisement.Also will be glad to see your proposals to improve the app!
Blob io 7.1.0
This is a mobile multiplayer online actiongame.You starting game as a tiny bacteria in a petri dish. You must tryto survive by avoiding from attacks of much bigger bacterias.Simultaneously you eat food and becoming bigger and bigger circle,until you start hunting on another players-bacteria. The game isvery immersive and have very active gameplay with a lot of action.All your enemies are real persons, so you must find out some tacticto become the biggest cell on the gamefield! Every one can becamebig in one moment or lose all his progress, be carefull :). Gamemechanic similar to io games which probably you already know. Butit's not agar.io or diep.io!!After every game session you getting experience point. With thatpoints you getting lvl up and unlocking some additional features(like bigger starting mass or exclusive skins). As much action youmade during game session, than more experience you get, so don'tfall in mope state, you will paid for all your effort. Just like inother games .ioWarning! Game is very addicting and takes form you a lot of effortto survive in game with so many action.So if you die just on the start, be patient, and improve yourskills :)Available game modes:- FFA- TEAMS- EXPERIMENTAL- InstantMerge- Crazy- SELFFEED- TS2v2- ULRANew game modes with more action are coming soon!