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Goku Blue Xenoverse Tenkaichi 1.2
This is an advanced transformation assumedbyextraordinarily powerful members and hybrids of the Saiyan raceinGoku BudokaiThe ability to become a Super Saiyan was once considered tobenothing but a legend, as it had not been performed foroverone-thousand years. Vegeta stated that a Super Saiyan hasachieveda level of power so overwhelming that it could only bemaintainedin a transformed state. Despite only being told throughlegend,Frieza, who has Saiyans in his army, became paranoid overthepossibility of truth behind the legend due to theconstantlygrowing power of the Saiyan race.Because of this fear, Frieza came to the conclusion that hemustannihilate the Saiyan race by destroying Planet Vegeta,thusapparently sparking the end of the Super Saiyan legend.However,twenty-five years later, the Super Saiyan legend was provento betrue when Goku accomplished the feat during his titanicbattleagainst the evil tyrant, Frieza.The Super Saiyan transformation comes in response to a need, notadesire. In all known cases, the form has been initiallytriggeredby either desperation or indignation. Any Saiyan canbecome a SuperSaiyan, however the requirements are: a high battlepower above thestandard level, a calm heart, sensing extremedanger, and feelingstrong anger or sadness are essential keys totransforming.Motivation tends to differ; for example, Goku achieves the formoutof anger over the murder of his best-friend Krillin andBardockachieves the form out of anger after Chilled attacked aPlant childcalled Berry, while Vegeta achieves the form throughsheerfrustration at his original inability to achieve it,especiallywhen Goku already had.[Saiyan Modes]- Super Saiyan Second Grade- Super Saiyan Third Grade- Super Saiyan Full Power- God-enhanced Super Saiyan
Xenoverse 3 All Transformation 1.2
Best game for fighting with SSJ3,SSJ4fansSeveral new notable features include: Battle Replay, night anddaystages, the Xenoverse online capability, and Disc Fusion.BattleReplay allows players to capture their favorite fights andsavethem to an SD card to view later on.There are also several other time differences, such as dawnandafternoon. Not all stages provide different times. You canalsochange the aura of your character. The Xenoverse versionfeaturesonline multiplayer capability, the first game in the seriesto havesuch a feature. Players can fight against anyone from aroundtheglobe with a ranking system showing the player's currentstandingcompared to anyone else who has played online. Ascompensation forthe lack of onlineOther features in the game include more combo attacks orcharacterspecific combos, the Blast Combos, and the Z Burst Dash.Theadditional combo attacks will be able to help chain in moreattacksfor more damage and longer combos. The Blast Combos arenormalcombos used in the game, however by inputting the anotherbuttoninto the attack will allow you to use a blast attack forextradamage.[Modes]- The addition of a new day and night system allowscertaincharacters to harness the power of the moon to transforminto aGreat Ape.- With the addition of the Battle Replay mode, players cannowcapture up to seven of their favorite fights and watch themagainlater on. There are also several camera angles that can beused toswap views of the battle: behind the player's shoulder orbehindthe opponents shoulder. The bars at the top can also beremoved forbetter viewing.- The addition of character disintegration from certainUltimateAttacks, such as Dirty Fireworks or Shining Sword Attack,dependingon how much health the opponent has.The Xenoverse version does not make use of the Xenoverse'ssensorbar. The game instead uses the Xenoverse Remote'saccelerometerwhich provides animations demonstrating how toperformtechniques[Xenoverse History]- Saiyan Saga- Frieza Saga- Android Saga- Majin Buu Saga- Special Saga[Ultimate Battle]- Sim Dragon- Mission 100- Survival- Disc Fusion
Ben Alien 10: Earth Protector 1.2
Pretty good but does it being easy andshortgameplay affect the game.As Ben looses his forms he now has to recover them bybeatingbosses. You're first aliens are four arms and heat blast youalsoxlr8 in the first mission boss.the forever knight boss givesyoucanon bolt while the plant boss gives you wildvine. The gameisvery easy but there are some challenges that are quiet hard. Ifyoufinish a level very fast you unlock a video and artwork.Thegameplay is a side scrolling beat em up . Controls are good andtrysupport the same graphics for each system release. Just toremindyou the aliens are heat blast,four arms,xlr8,canon bolt andwildvine.Vilgax attacks and ultimate alien cosmic destruction. Alienfoeplays like this game then viilgax attacks plays likecosmicdestruction. Overall the game is very good and recommendforhardcore Ben Alien fans for gamers seating for game this a rentdueto being short.At the start of the game, a mosquito-like drone extracts much oftheDNA from the Omnitrix, leaving only Fourarms and Heatblast onthewatch. Ben finds that the stolen DNA is being used to powervariousrobots in the form of Omnitrix Crystals, and in destroyingtheserobots he regains some of his alien forms.Ben later finds Vilgax's drones and the Forever Knightsfighting.Enoch is building a mech using technology from Area 51 inanattempt to stop Vilgax; and though he is also trying to savetheworld, he isn't willing to let the Tennysons help. BydefeatingEnoch's mech, Ben acquired another Omnitrix crystal,unlocking XLR8and later, Cannonbolt.In San Francisco, Ben learns that Kevin escaped from the NullVoidand brought some plant creatures along. Kevin 11 kidnaps Maxandescapes to the crater lake, where Ben defeats him. Kevin 11 isthendrawn in the Null Void again. Ben tracks down and defeatsthemother plant in Seattle. He gets another crystal andunlocksWildvine.Ben finds out about Doctor Animo using the Alien DNA to createamutant army. Ben fights them, but Doctor Animo manages tokidnapGwen. After defeating Clancy, they receive a hint aboutGwen'slocation. They reach an oil platform, where Ben encountersDoctorAnimo. Ben defeats him and saves Gwen. He also regainsanotherOmnitrix crystal, which unlocks the next and last part oftheMaster control. During her imprisonment, Gwen learned thatDoctorAnimo works for Vilgax. She also learned that Vilgax wants todrawthe entire planet in the Null Void.
Saiyan Battle Of Xenoverse 1.2
Brings all the frenzied battles betweenGokuand his fiercest rivals, such as Vegeta, Frieza, Cell andmanymore, with new gameplay design. Players revisit all famousbattlesfrom the series through their own custom-created Avatars,which areconnected to Trunks and many other characters. With thehelp ofTrunks, travel through time and intervene with the past torestoreXenoverseTakes most of what I like about the anime and role-playing gamesandcombines them into a single, great-looking package. It’sstrange,then, that it mostly neglects the single most importantthing thatmakes Xenoverse great: the fighting.As much as I wanted to love the combat, I couldn’t. Everydifferentcombination of face buttons and resulting varyinganimations led tothe same outcome: punching your opponent andmaking them fly faraway from you. The strategy behind these fightsnever gets verydeep, and I settled into a repetitive but effectivepattern ofpunching and kicking a villain across the map, thencharging up toget enough Ki to use an ultimate attack.Defense is in the same boat: when an enemy starts to get acombogoing, dodging isn’t worth the stamina cost and blockingrequiresalmost psychic-like reflexes to pull off, meaning I neverreallyused them. Instead, I helplessly took the assaults, thenreturnedthe favor until someone’s health invariably ran out.With combat a lackluster affair, the most enticing part ofXenoVerseis the ability to create your own fighter. From SaiyanstoNamekians, there’s a wide range of races to choose from, eachwithunique stats and fighting styles. Everything from theirgender,size, shape, and voice is customizable. I settled on Muu, amutefemale Majin known for her high defensive capabilities, fastspeed,and slow stamina recovery.With character creation comes leveling up and stat allotment –anodd choice for a fighting game all about alienswithworld-destroying energy beam powers and masculinity complexestofeature such heavy role-playing influence, but it’s cool to seeacharacter I invested time in grow and ultimately becomemorepowerful. The pacing of character progression in XenoVerseisgreat, as new powers and skills are unlocked gradually – andthereare a lot of them. Crafting a skill set of hard-to-acquirespecialmoves that worked with my fighter was half the fun.Great game for someone like me who enjoys anime, fighting,androle-playing games. Customizing my own character’s equipmentandmove pool is fantastic...but it’s hard to get excited whencombatfeels hollow, especially for a franchise all aboutheroes