Family Locator - GPS Tracker & Find Your Phone App 5.15.6
Family Locator lets you stay linked to your family members duringthe day. Family location tracker uses your phone’s native GPStracker to ensure family safety, even when they're far away! FamilyLocator is your family link: ✓ Get notified when tracked familymembers reach destination points ✓ GPS location sharing with yourfamily members on a family map ✓ Create private groups for yourclosest people ✓ Set up GPS-based safe zones such as home on thefamily map With this family location tracker you can also: ✓ Seethe location history of family members ✓ Know family are on theirway safely with location sharing ✓ Using GPS, track a cell phone ✓If stolen or lost – find your phone easily with the locationtracker Family Locator app keeps your family linked and secure: ✓The family locator app lets you find your loved ones easily withaugmented reality ✓ The family GPS locator keeps you linked even ifyou are busy ✓ Check-in to share your location with family ✓ Flightradar will share your flight status on the map with family members✓ Find your phone if you ever lose it Optional permission requests:• Location services, to inform family of your current location •Notifications, to inform you of your family's location changes •Contacts, to find other users to join your circle • Photos andCamera, to change your profile picture Please note, GPS locationsharing is only possible upon mutual consent of all family members.Privacy of your family is the top concern for us - share yourphone's location only with people you trust. For more informationon our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use, click: Please share your feedbackand suggestions: