com.fiogonia.yatzy 1.0.25
Join millions of fanatical Yatzy players. Get the best dice gameever: Yazy! It is simple, fast to learn and offers you guaranteedfun! Yatzy is composed of 13 rounds. There are five dice that canbe rolled up to three times in each round. At any moment you canchoose one of the 13 category boxes to score the result youachieved. Many of the sets are Poker like, such as 3 of a kind, 4of a kind, straights, etc. Some call it dice poker game. You haveto score once and only once in each category box. You must think,judge and develop your skills to progress and improve your gamingabilities. As the game unfolds your category boxes start to runout. The objective is to achieve the highest score from these 13rounds. Features: - The best tutorial for the new players - Best,easiest interface you will find anywhere - 4 playing options * -Customizable dice colors * This amazing Yatzy dice game has 4playing options: - One Solo Game: One column game - Triples Game:Longer three columns game - Play versus opponent: Play against therobot - Local pass and play: Play a friend using the same deviceThis is the coolest yatzy dice game ever. Try it now and let usknow what you think! We are always improving. The game is alsocalled Poker Dice Game, The Yacht Game, Yatzy, Yam’s, or Yatzee.Some common typos are yahtzy, yahtzee tm, yatze, yatsy, yazee and.It is a fantastic family dice game.
Dominos Game - Best Dominoes 2.0.7
Dominos Game is one of the most played board games in the world. Weworked hard to offer you a free and exceptional game experience.Enjoy the clean, easy to use interface, the fast and smooth gameanimations, and the self adjustable intelligence or your opponent.You can choose between the three most played game versions: AllFives, Draw Dominos and Block Dominos. This board game is alsocalled muggins, dominoes, domino and the tiles are sometimesreferred to as bones. To succeed you need logical reasoning andluck. Practice certainly will take you far! The game consists of 28dominoes. Each domino is a rectangle divided into two square ends.Each end has a number of pips (or spots) ranging from 0 to 6. Thegoal is basically to achieve a certain score. You must match thesame number of pips on one end of a tile to another equivalentnumber of a tile available on the end of a branch on the board. Youhave to get rid of all the tiles you hold before your opponent.
Solitaire Card Game Classic 1.0.10
This is a sure to love classic, popular classic card game. Wecarefully designed it for you, solitaire lovers! Crisp clear easyto see cards, high quality fast performance, instant load time,simple and clear interface. If you feel like customizing yourbackground, cards etc. enjoy! Add a personal touch to the game.Classic solitaire is also called Kondikle or Patience. Here you cantry your luck with Draw 3 and Vegas play modes. MAIN FEATURES: *Draw 3 cards * Draw 1 card * Backgrounds colors, card backgroundsand more * Beautiful, Crisp clear and easy to read cards * Smarthints * Efficient, fast, and intelligent game interface * You cantap or drag to place the card * Standard Klondike scoring with ourwithout Vegas * Very complete statistics * Unlimited Undo * Magicplay! Try and enjoy! * Auto-Complete option at end of solved game *Left-handed and right- handed option; * Card animations * Soundon/off Download it NOW - !! - Relax and have fun time, just so bytaping on our amazing game. - Use your brains to get it in shapelike never before. - We are always listening to you and optimizingour games.
Spades 1.0.12
Enjoy the essence of the classic Spades game, specially conceivedfor your you. This will be your best ever experience on a Spadesgame! The awesome AI adjusts to your playing level so you are sureto put your skills to test and have lots of fun. You will be amazedby the crisp clear cards, fantastic graphics and sound effects. Butmost of all, you will LOVE the incredible artificial intelligencethat adapts to your level. It is always challenging and engaging.Best, you play for free! Stable, fast, always improving! But aboveall: fun! SPADES GAMES FEATURES : ♠ Amazing graphics and awesomesound effects ♠ Unbelievable self adjusting AI ♠ 120, 500 or 750score games ♠ Play with or without Blind Nill ♠ Customizable cards,backgrounds and faces ♠ Full Scoreboard and Stats tracking ♠Outstanding card animations ♠ Several game options ♠ Classic Spadesgameplay with no Jokers ♠ Auto save and resume when you are backThis is the killer Spades app that you were waiting for. Install itNOW on your device. Try our Spades plus Gin Rummy, Solitaire andother super titles we developed for you! Install it NOW - !! -Sharpen your brain; - Have fun and relax!
com.fiogonia.hearts 1.0.7
Enjoy the essence of the classic Hearts game, specially conceivedfor you. This will be your best ever experience on a Hearts game!With big and beautiful cards, a clear interface, hand picked soundsand an amazing Artificial Intelligence, Hearts, the Classic CardGame, offers you an experience like no other before. SPECIALFEATURES : ♥ Big, easy to read cards ♥ Opponents that self adjustto your playing level ♥ Beautiful and easy to use interface ♥Complete scoreboard and statistics ♥ Jack of Diamonds optionavailable ♥ Change themes option ♥ You can change the score target♥ Auto game saving, just in case Stick your opponents with as manyhearts as possible and try to avoid the hearts suit. Beware of theQueen of Spades. Hearts - Card Game, is the best Hearts game on theapp store. And it is free! Download and play it right now! Installit NOW - !! - Sharpen your brain; - Relax and have fun!
Gin Rummy Free! 1.0.8
Play the best Gin Rummy ever conceived the American players. It is100% free. With an amazing artificial intelligence thatauto-adjusts to your playing level you are sure to have the bestexperience ever. Playing Gin Rummy will get your brain flying high!It can be relaxing, challenging and far more! Stay sharp! With acrisp clear interface, easy to read cards, a fabulous usability,auto-save and resume and several other cool features you are sureto fall in love with it right away. Special features: - Play forFree - All game experience is 100% Free - No annoying additionalin-app game items - The authentic Gin Rummy card game experience! -Beautifully illustrated graphics - Auto-save and resume - Uniquespecial themes for you to choose from - Most intuitive gameinterface ever - Access your statistics - Drag and drop or tap tomove your cards - No Internet connection needed INSTALL NOW -- !!
Block Puzzle Blast 1.0.7
Block Puzzle Blast is the best of all classic block games. Welcometo a NEW extraordinary experience, reinvented and improved toprovide you unique moments of pure joy. This game is a must forthose who want to keep their brains sharp and young! Hey! You newguys coming in… You might wonder? But how do I play Blocks Puzzle?It is amazingly simple, yet not so easy to master. Practice makesperfect. And be aware: this game is very addictive and will get youhooked for hours of fun every single day. Your goal is to score themaximum you can. So, make sure you do not get stuck! Think beforeplacing each of the three shapes on the board. Be proactive; try tothink ahead! You must fit them in such a way every square on agiven line or column is filled. When this happens the column and/orthe line is blasted away. The more lines and/or columns you shattersimultaneously the more points you score at once! Watch thepresentation video to witness with your eyes! It's magical ! Justdrag the shapes into the board. Fill up a vertical or horizontalline. Or maybe many at the same time! This will blast them intooblivion and grant you points… The more lines or columns you blowaway at once, the more points you get Enjoy amazing sounds andvisual effects when blasting lines and columns. It is free! Goahead and start playing the best of all free block puzzle games.What are you waiting for? Come and play!