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Frog's Way 1.0.18
FLD Games
Your friends have been caught in cages and you're the only frogaround brave enough to free them. Hop through dangerous waters,hazardous obstacles, free your frog buddies and eat lots of fliesalong the way.
Retro Virus Z 1.0.2
FLD Games
Fight your way across a city over run with zombies. Armed with onlya pistol, you'll take to the dangerous streets on your way to thesafe houses dotted across the city. You'll find clips of ammo andhealth packs to help you stay alive. The zombies will attack youfrom both sides, creeping out from ally ways and even jumping downfrom the windows. Shoot them until they slump to the ground oruntil their heads explode from head shots!
Save the pets! 1.0.1
FLD Games
A building is on fire in Happy Town. Only two guys showed up with atrampoline to help save the animals who are jumping out the window.You may not get em all but try your hardest anyway! You may findthings coming out the window other than pets so be on a lookout!Instructions:Tap the sides of the screen to move the rescuers.The game can be paused by the button at the top left.The game wastested on an RCA Android Tablet from Walmart
Retro Racer 1.0.2
FLD Games
Retro Racer is a game made in the spirit of the Tiger LCD games.The game play is simple. Tap the buttons on the sides of the screento move your car and avoid the slower cars. You'll start with 3lives but will earn an extra life for every consecutive 5,000points earned.