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Galaxy Assault Force - Arcade shooting game/shmup 1.073
* Stylish action - arcade shooting game. SHMUP* Vertical scrollarcade style action shooting game(SHMUP)* Total 6 types of fighter*10 types of drones to help players* 12 different bosses attackingplayers in various patterns* Strengthen your fighter with gold fromthe stage or purchase a drones.* Purchased drones can be selectedand installed from the [Drones] menu.!! It will update soon !!-Game save / retrieve function- Four kinds of fighter and 10 kindsof drones added- More than 8 different bosses that threaten theuniverse- Achievement: Achieve achievements and earn variousrewards!- Rank Competition: Compete with players around theworld!PS. If you delete the game, you will lose the record / goodsfrom the game.        (Gameprogress save will be updated soon.)