FOREO For You 1.2.2
Get the gorgeous, glowing skin you deserve! Introducing FOREO ForYou, our universal hub for a range of existing and upcomingapp-connected smart beauty devices. Enter a world ofnext-generation, personalized skincare. FOREO For You connects withthe LUNA fofo smart face brush for perfectly customized facialcleansing; unlocks the best and brightest features of the UFO andUFO mini smart masks; and ensures that you always get unmatchedbeauty routines tailored to your specific skin type. 🧐 The More YouKnow… Start with our beauty quiz to build a personalized skinprofile. 😎 The More You Glow! Connect and control your favoriteFOREO smart beauty devices to enjoy skin care routines that caterto your skin’s specific needs. 💁‍♀️ LUNA fofo: Your Smart BeautyCoach 💁‍♀️ FOREO For You unlocks LUNA fofo, the world’s mostintelligent facial cleansing brush! Fitted with state-of-the-artskin sensors, the device’s sophisticated algorithm analyzes skin tocreate a customized facial cleansing routine, tackling yourspecific skincare concerns. On top of that, it processes feedbackfrom millions of users to quickly expand its understanding of yourbody’s most remarkable organ of all: skin. With LUNA fofo,knowledge isn’t just power - it’s your path to clearer,healthier-looking skin that glows from the inside out! ✓ Keep tabson your skin moisture levels daily 🌊 ✓ Gain new insights into yourcomplexion – build a personalized skin profile based on skin sensorreadings and a comprehensive skin analysis ✓ Sophisticated learningalgorithm means the more LUNA fofo is used, the smarter it becomes🤓 ✓ Enjoy a completely customized cleansing routine based on yourskin analysis ✓ Track your progress on the journey to flawlessskin! 👽 UFO: The World’s First Smart Mask Treatment 👽 Combining themost advanced skin care tech this side of the Milky Way and all thebenefits of conventional sheet masks, UFO offers anout-of-this-world facial treatment in only 90 seconds. Enrichedwith Korean-sourced formulas, each UFO Activated Mask helps tacklea specific skincare concern - so whether you want to banish finelines and wrinkles or get rid of blemishes, there’s a UFO smartmask treatment that’s perfect just for you! Already have UFO or UFOmini? The FOREO For You app lets you: ✓ Automatically sync yourpreferred smart mask treatment routine to your UFO device ✓ Getyour hands on any and all UFO products/accessories ✓ Many moreupdates on the way! Languages FOREO For You is currently availablein English, French and Italian (including voice segments), and weare going to add many more languages in future releases. The app isautomatically displayed in the language you have set in your phonesystem settings. Requirements FOREO For You connects to your smartbeauty tech via Bluetooth technology. Install the app on yoursmartphone and pair with your device by following the in-appinstructions. Support We like to hear from you. You are mostwelcome to send us any questions, comments or feedback you mayhave, so feel free to write us at [email protected] Let's befriends! Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Instagram: Pinterest: Google+: Snapchat: foreo_official