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Canned Laughter Generator Pro 6004
Canned Laughter Generator pro for instant laughter sounds ofdifferent types for different moments. What does it do you ask?Well, it generates canned laughter which gives the illusionsomething is funny and is often used in un-funny TV sit-coms. Thereare different styles of laughing sounds for almost any occasionfrom minor chuckles (or dad jokes) to great gags and finally tohuge rounds of applause for your amazing and stupendously funnystories. You also have a small selection of additional sounds.Plus! When you have finished your gags and you are leaving the roomyou can choose a crowd applause sound for your exit. Each time youpress the button will choose randomly from a selection of thatstyle. There are between 5 and 10 of each style. They will neverplay the same one twice in a row either making it sound morenatural Perhaps you are a wannabe stand-up comedian that needs somehelpful laughs or perhaps you need some morale support for yourterrible dad jokes. Well use this app to give the illusion your arethe funniest comedian alive! if not a little original. All soundsare original and recorded from genuine live stand up gigs.
Winter Wonderland Slots Free 7004
★★★★★ WIN BIG PAYOUTS WITH FUN FROZEN BONUS GAMES TODAY ★★★★★ Ifyou love slot machines or just want some freezing Fun. A wintertheme bonus betting game machine with icy visuals, chillingsnowmen, cool penguins, ice queens lots of opportunities to winbig. Feature packed! Chillingly cold betting so you can WIN thebiggest jackpots.*******************************************************************Winter Wonderland Wheel of Frozen Fortune Shooting for Icicles Pokea Penguin! More details Jack Frost is WILD and substitutes allsymbols except features Stacked Queen Elsar within a winningpayline multiplies wins by number of Elsas Icy Cool Snowflakes inwinning line adds to your snowflake collection. 10 snowflakesinvokes super FreeSpin mode "Freeze-Spin" Free-Spin Mode. Also JACKFROST will turn into a multiplier (2X or 3X) Scatters (A,J,Q,K)Multiple Progressive Jackpots Multiplier bonuses Frozen Five PlayWinter games Wild Jack Frost snowman on all reels.. Adjust bettingstakes Random Reels generation
Lil Girly Charms Slots 7004
This free slot fuses together some great slot machine elements andstyles that is both easy and fun to play and full of lucky charms.Win big with charms to collect from lady birds, magic orbs,horseshoes, Irish Pot o' Gold, thrilling Double & Twist cardgame and a magic free bonus play. Lucky Lil' Girly charms Featuresinclude: Shooting Diamond Star. Shooting star is a scatter on anyplace and any reels Scatter adds to Girly Pot o' Gold Lil Lady birdcharm lucky Dime 3 orbs start free spin mode Silver Horseshoe Luckof the Irish Four Leaf Clover Lucky Lil lady symbol is a wild jokerand this charm substitutes all other symbols except orb Variablegambling Random Reels generation every start FREE MODE gives 3xBonus Five Lucky Girl Charm awards Jackpot Rolling progressivejackpot Double or Quit doubles each correct card Double Or Quitsuntil you collect Graphics have recently been modified and name hasbeen changed so not to be confused with another game that uses thewords Lucky, Lady and Charm. Good luck! If you like this then checkour new apps, with big new bonus games, retro games and more
Coin-Tucky Derby Vintage Arcade Horse Racing 7004
Welcome to Coin-Tucky Arcade Derby Horse Racing Free. You candownload now to play arcade horse racing today. And they're off!Experience coin operated nostalgia with this vintage machinesimulation app that recreates a classic day at the races . You canwin a virtual fortune with this authentic recreation of the classicvintage mechanical horse racing games arcade machine found atfunfairs, amusement arcades & casinos everywhere. Place bets onany five horses before race begins. Feeling lucky? Win up to 25credits from just one bet. Features simulated mechanical horse racemovement & retro sound effects just like real genuine arcademachine games but this one is all free. TO PLAY: Place bets using"BET NOW" lights+buttons, only while "BET NOW" notice appears. Oncebutton lights turn off and Bet Now sign disappears, betting is over& racing begins. If credits run out,exit game, activate virtualchange machine in main menu for free credits. Win or lose when allhorses reach the racing post. The fastest deby post time wins.Great if you like vintage retro arcade machines, horse racing likeGrand - National, Ken tucky - Derby and many other horse racingmachines. * 10 free credits whenever you run out * Exact recreationof actual mechanical horse racing games like Kentucky derby plusmany similar horse race coin operated horse racing games. *Unlimited Play * Risk free play so gamble away! * Realistic retrosounds * Replica classic vintage graphics * Totally free horseracing game * No in-Apps * Simulated odds as genuine machine * Lotsof horse betting fun * Possibly the most accurate recreation ofarcade horse racing betting Good luck & all the best! Take alook at alternative slot machines, best retro emulation games,music apps, retro games & many other arcade games free fromin-apps. Twitter:@loveBeatsNBobs We hope you enjoy Coin-Tucky Arcade DerbyHorse Racing Free.
Thumb Bandit 1960s Fruit Machine 7004
Thumb Bandit™ 1960's Fruit Machine . One of the original, bestmechanical vintage slots machines from the swinging sixties!Totally retro, colourful & simple to play. This vintage classicone-arm bandit is now brought back from 1960, accurately recreated.FREE download. - Faithfully recreated retro vintage 1960's machine.- Simple - just like old times. - Each play=1c coin. - Never endingcoins. - Recreated a genuine Mills High-Top. - Each reel is exactlyas original 1960's one arm bandit. - Genuine reels carefullyresearched & replicated. - Realistic simulated payouts &winning combinations as vintage Mills High-Top. - No in-apppurchaces. - Play anytime Playing =simply pull or tap "arm" handlewith thumb. If you run out of coins insert new coins by tappingcoin slot marked with "$1". For feedback or feature requests, emailat For updates & news LIKE US on Facebook: FOLLOW US on Twitter:
Lucky Kitty Slot 6001
The lucky feline slot machine with huge cashprizes, cat bonus games, ever-increasing cash multipliers, lotsatreasures of gold, multi bonus mania and Free Spin Feature.Unlimited play forever!During FreeSpin, WILD replaces the symbol with x2 or x3 .Reels that land on three of these wins:BLACK kitten. Doubles your winnings.FAT Banker Triples your current payout.CELTIC cat you Luck of the Irish Triples your riches.BECKONING (Maneki-neko - Japanese pussy talisman) x3 DiamondReelFour of a kind pays 4x4x4x4 your symbol x bet.Five items will give you the progressive jackpot.SITH (or SIDHE) is a scatter & increases progressive jackpotindefinitely.SITH does not need to land on a winning lineWILD kitty tiger kitten and substitutes symbols except forfeatures.Ever increasing Double or Triple pussy power. Kitty multi megamania riches up to max 150X.Multipliers last for up to 50 spins until the decrease by 1Download now for unlimited play to win a virtual fortune.With sparkly graphics and effects. No in Apps or Ads meoowBonuses multiply one another for big fat feline bonuses on all yourcurrent wins.Check out our Web, Facebook and Twitter pages for the best sourceof slot machine updatesEnjoy!
Rollercoaster Reels Tycoon Fruit Machine 7004
A fun-filled roller coaster theme park style game you can downloadand play right now for FREE forever Packed with much fun ways towin such as cash ladder and bonus board, progressive jackpots,stacked wilds, crazy multipliers and a fun racing game. Be thecasino rollercoaster slot tycoon and take control of your game withnudge and hold features to give you the extra chances to win greatvirtual coins. Completely free to download and play with no in-appsrequired. Free coins every 15 minutes symbols cash in combinationsof 3 or more also these special features: ROLLER COASTER GAMESRollercoaster Tycoon Cash Ladder Feature, text reflexes up therollercoaster to try aim top prize. Bonus Board gives the for morecoins. Klondike Krazy Cash Coaster Multiplier. Land on this tripleyour current round of wins plus adds to your ever-increasingmultiplier. Cat & Mouse Rollercoaster Race a classicrollercoaster ride. One of the funniest roller coaster games theCat & Mouse racing feature you race your mouse, try to beat thecat for cash. The Big Dipper is Stacked so any groups of thesewithin successful line enables Super Stack Multipliers times howmany wilds. Arcade Coin/Dime is Progressive and anywhere on reelsadds to your jackpots Jackpot can be won with all reels within aline matching up but not including special symbols. Seaside Seagullalways to be seen at the fair, is a wild one and anywhere onwinning line substitutes all symbols except special features. FastRoller Reels Check out our other arcade & fruit machines Playand enjoy Roller coaster Slot Tycoon
Jack & Beanstalk Slot 243 line Slots 7004
*243 Line Slot Jack & the Beanstalk Free Slots brings thisfamous story to the casino, a slot machine with Nudges and Holdwith massive 243 lines, nudges & the ability to hold just likea fruit machine should. Packed with many fruit machine and Vegascasino features such as cash ladder and bonus board plus mini slotgames, progressive jackpot, crazy multipliers and more. Takecontrol of your game with nudge and hold to give you the extrachances for great prizes. Super fast reel action with rapid autoplay. Choose from 1-13 winning lines or go for massive 243x winningline mode for crazy amount of combinations. Completely free todownload and play with no need 4 in-apps required. *Win with magicbeans, axe, hen, harp and cow. Items from the well known story ofJack and the Beanstalk All symbols win you cash in combinations. 3or more & these special features: Jack & the Beanstalk FreeSlots Cash Ladder Feature, popular in fruit machines uses your fastreflexes to climb up the top for the top cash prize. Bonus Board,also popular in fruit machines gives the chance for many prizes orgames. *Fee Fi Fo Fum! Reach the big giant's house for Big GiantsHouse Multiplier. Land on this triple your current round of winsand adds to your ever increasing multiplier. *Jack's Magic MoneyBag is Progressive and anywhere on reels adds to your progressivejackpot *Giant is Wild and anywhere on reel substitutes itemsexcept specials. Jack & the Beanstalk Free Slots Jackpot can bewon with all reels within a winline matching up but not includingspecial symbols. 4 in a row. Jackpots paid plus award based onsymbol points. Super quick spin action Fast Auto Spin Variable betsand stakes Collect your wining cash to your bank just like a realmachine Free $1000 to your bank when you start Every new gameshuffles reels with random placement for a unique machine every applaunch
Goblin & Ghost Reels Slots 7004
Welcome to Goblins, Ghouls and Ghost Slot. A spooky slot machinewith HUGE PAYOUTS and creepy critters, BIG JACKPOTS and COOL SCARYVIDEO ANIMATIONS. Dont be afraid!. DOWNLOAD AND PLAY RIGHT NOW -FOR NO COST! It has usual Vegas style casino elements such asfree-coin-spin modes, 4*5 bets, variable pay lines & autospinsbut also mini games, WILDS, STACKS & more. Two main bonus ghostgames. Multiple Stack bonus game occurs when stacked characters aregrouped and invokes super magical Ghouls n' Goblins horror fightfeature where they battle out their evil winning you a virtualfortune. Character with most wins then multiplies by how many onscreen. Stacked and Multiple stacks: These act like WILD symbolsbut can group together if they appear on a winning pay line. Everystackable WILD multiplies, again and again, mega payout. KNIGHT=scatter. 3 + KNIGHT scatters anywhere on screen will invoke ghostySPIN FEATURE. SMILER GHOST = WILD & will not only substituteall items except features but will DOUBLE replaced item.Free-coin-Spin Mode, SMILER doubles or treble substituted symbolSWORD = Playing ghost and goblin games more gives massive jackpotpayouts proportional as bet. Matching 5 SWORDS BIG win. BAR =special mystery bonus . Pick 5 mystery cash prizes. Start with$1,000 plus daily prizes 1,000 Wins & features proportional tobest bet Variable gambling Original Music + Sound EffectsAnimations lights & visuals Random Reels Animated vibrant Vegasgraphics. Stackable Wilds occupy reels 1, 3 & 5. Enjoy gouls& Goblins, and ghost slot.
Rainbows Snakes & Ladders Slots 7004
Rainbows Snakes & Ladders slots fuses together the excitementof HUUGE win bonuses from Las Vegas action and the thrillingclassic board game Snakes and Ladders. Just like the traditionalclassic board game but with added RAINBOW, you double your richeseach time you land on one. And, if you are lucky enough to get tothe end you win an extra $1000 bonus. There is no limit to yourwins. The more scatters you catch and the more you BANK willincrease your potential wins. BUT, land on a SNAKE and you lose allyour gains since the start. Luck and tactics are required. NOTEexit app and you lose your BANK as well as any DICE THROWS. TheViper is Wild and multiplies by 3x when Free Spin Feature isinvoked. Bank wins to the pot which you can gamble in the mainFeature. Also includes scatter which adds to your DICE THROWS forwhen you play main feature. Other ways to win include 5 in a rowMEGA-PYTHON SUPER RAINBOW JACKPOT of $10,000 and FREE SPIN MODE.TIP: Play safe from the start with small stakes and increase as yougo and soon you could have a virtual fortune of Millions! Freecoins every 15 minutes Completing PYTHON gives payout of $10,000Symbols:Suite A,J,K,Q,10;SNAKES,LADDERS,DICE,RAINBOW,VIPER,BOARDGAME Technical Features: Standard 3 x 5 reel play from left toright Variable Paytable Daily Bonus Each start shuffles reels fornew machine. Random reels. Variable Auto-spin Variable gamblingEnjoy playing Snakes Ladders game
Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine 6003
Retro 80s arcade nostalgic! Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine: Anaccurate recreation of the 80's popular home pinball machine"Atomic Arcade Pinball". Made by Tomy and variations by othermanufacturers and played by millions of children and parents at thetime. Everything from the retro sounds, retro graphics andperformance have been simulated. Recreated by the same developersthat brought you other classics like... (Im not allowed to mentionmy own apps so this has been removed so you will just have to seethem . ) Some minor changes have been added, for example, you donot need to reload the ball with a wheel as you did on the originalmachine - its now automatic. Also you can choose the backgroundsound from the original (and annoying) motor noise to some electromusic or disable the sound completely. To play, press and releasethe launcher. Use left and right orange flipper buttons to keep theball in play. When you run out of 3 balls, press "RESET" to resetthe score and start with 3 balls again. Please note this requiresand internet connection to verify purchase due to an overwhelmingamount of piracy. * Just like the original 80s pinball machine *Totally nostalgic * Accurate simulation * Easy to play Check outour other retro apps like tabletop and desktop arcade machines.FACEBOOK.COM/BEATSNBOBS TWITTER.COM/LOVEBEATSNBOBS BEATSNBOBS.COM
🐱 Tabby Tycoon Cat Slots 🐱 7004
For all the Cat 🐱 and slots fans! FREE COINS, MASSIVE puss payouts,free coins, PLAY NOW FOR FREE pussy payouts! Your free slot! COOLCATS that double or triple ALL wins, pussy progressive jackpot,increasing multi mania and multiplying bonuses. Download now forunlimited play to win a virtual vegas fortune cheetah cha-ching!.With sparkly graphics and sound effects. Free forever! No in-apps.Keep winning mega riches up to max 150X. Five items will give youthe purrrogressive jackpots 4 of a kind pays 4x4x4x4 your symbol xbet Other games like pick a diamond or mystery collar prize HEREARE THE COOL CAT STARS OF THE SHOW The kitty games: 🐱 Pink Persian:Persian gives X2 your bobcat bonus 🐱 Psychic Siamese 🐱 Miss KittyBengal beauty Queen: This kitty gives X3 cash 🐱 Rainbow RagamuffinRiches 🐱 Super Scotty (scottish Fold) 🐱 Golden kitten Party 🐱Four-Puss Fortune 🐱 Multiplier Mania 🐱 Pick a mystery tomcat gamesWild all reels Double and Triple Pot of Gold adds to pot Each bonuslasts for 50 plays and then starts to decrease. During Goldenkitten Party Wild replaces every item except: Pink Pussy ScottishSiamese Beauty Queen Check out our Web, Facebook and Twitter pagesfor the best source of updates + more great apps and slotsmachines. Good Luck and Enjoy
Slotto Balls™ Lottery Fruit Machine 7004
SLOTTO BALLS Lottery slot Machine FREE:Your very own unique virtuallottery draw with unlimited chances of winning BIG jackpots. Asimple to use game machine including mini casino games plus bigVegas payout mania giving endless fun & fortune. Play SlottoLottery recreating the excitement as you see balls fly roundlottery machine. Slotto Balls gives double the fun with free &free lotto jackpot games. It sure is a diamond lotto game. This isnice and simple. Win what you see! If bet set at 100, 3x7's =$777.* Adjust bet from $100-$1000 per line!. * BAR logo invokes uniquemystery lottery ball prize mini game. * lotto symbol =scattersymbol only used on SLOTTO DAY . * Draw held every virtual weekplus every spin progresses one day. Saturday is of course BIG LOTTOjackpot. * Winning one lotto ticket on Slotto day only then lotterydraw begins.* Your chosen numbers are decided by adding up ballseach reel numbers total. * Ball Six chosen randomly. * If there'sduplicate number then it will automatically generate a randomnumber. * Match 2 or more, win a prize. Match 5 plus bonus ball forgreat jackpot. * Each extra ticket lottery day gives fresh new drawusing your current chosen balls. * No luck= enjoy rollover nextdraw. * Rollover will keep growing till multi millions. Adjustpayouts from 1-20 lines. * Win what you see! * 4x5 reel Vegas stylecasino mania. * Start with $1,000 & daily prizes of 1,000 * Allwins, features proportional to bet * 1 - 20 winning lines *Variable stake per line * Current bet cost * Variable Autospin *Original Music, Sound Effects, jackpots, games. * Great Animationslights, special visual effects. * Completely free. No In-apps. *Random Reel placement each new app boot means slightly differentchances each time for new free lotto. * Animated vibrant graphics.* Welcome Bonus Prize********************************************************************************************************************************Standard casino play from left to right. Good luck and all thebest! Take a look at our other free and some of best emulations,music apps, retro games plus more. Enjoy SLOTTO BALLSLottery Machine
British Pub Beer Slots 7004
A British Pub Crawl slot betting game that requires tactics as wellas humor. Features including "Casino Time" where you try your luckat the casino with your pocket cash pot, Progressive beer Pot, FreeSpin Feature with x3 multiplier, Jackpots and of course the GreatPubRun game itself for massive potential payouts. Collect or Bankall winnings Casino Time!: Collect or gamble to double your wins upto 5 times. Darts: Three or more starts Free Spin Mode &Multiplies by 3.. Great British Pub Run Feature: The longer youlast, the bigger the prize. Drinking ales, lagers along the way..Policeman: Ello Ello! Three or more and you lose all your bankedcash. Beer: Scatter bonus keeps filling the beer kitty. BritishBulldog: This is a wild symbol and doubles substituted symbols.Interactive variable Paytable Daily Bonus award Random Reelgeneration each app-run for new reels Auto-play Adjust stakes perbet/line 1-9 Payout lines Made in Great Britain. Winningcombinations start from the left except scatter bonuses Symbolsinclude: Darts (Traditional British Pub game) Donor Kebab (one ofthe traditions a night out) Beer (The classic drink) Wild BulldogPoliceman/copper/old bill Pub Run : Gentleman drinking variousdrinks Warning: contains references to drinking alcohol. DrinkResponsibly. Good luck and if you like this then check out some ofour other apps, retro games and others
Frogger Arcade Retro Classic 6004
Another nostalgic classic blast from the past. Frogger -Top for allthe retro gamers and fanatics out there! By the same developer thatbrought you back from the 1980's these classic tabletop gamesemulations: Astro Wars, Galaxy Invader, Blip and Invader From Spaceand others. We are proud to present Frogger, originally released asFrogger by CGL and Coleco 30 years ago. This was another verypopular game to have in the home. Before home computers andconsoles, this was one of the must have games. This game needs notmuch introduction. Everyone should have heard of it. Thisparticular tabletop version used a VFD display (a kind of LED) .They were before LCD games became popular but are brighter, andcolourful. They don't make them like this any more. These types ofmachines were made by companies such as Grandstand, Tomy, Entex,CGL, Tandy, Bandai and Epoch to name but a few. This is an accurateemulation of that actual device. Screenshots show actual appversion in action and original box artwork based on the actual realtabletop box. See how close to the real thing it is! Everything hasbeen recreated from the sounds, graphics and behaviour. There are afew minor alterations with this app version. - The game modes (Aand B) have been removed as there wasn't much point in this.Instead it always starts on game A and later switches to game Bautomatically. This means as you progress, it gets more challengingand fun. The sound button has been removed as this is not needed.Everything else has been painstakingly analysed and replicated. Itis safe to say that this emulation is about 95% accurate to theactual Frogger device. The object of the game is simple: Get thefrogs home to their dwellings avoiding the cars and using the logsand turtles to jump between. You only get 3 lives so don't getsquashed or taken by the river. The aim is to get the highestscore. • Optional "zoom" to enlarge controls and zoom in maindisplay unit (ideal for Phone). • Accurate simulation of theclassic handheld /tabletop machine • Full retro sounds • Simple andaddictive • Totally nostalgic emulation • Simulated LED effect Ifyou like this check out or other retro game apps and emulations.
Jungle Bugs & Animals Fruit Machine 7004
Progressive jackpot, fun jungle games, forest animal symbols,Amazon insects, wilds and bonus multipliers. Free forever andunlimited coins Bonus games Frog Race: See how far this Amazonianfrog can jump over the Lillie pond for cash MOSQUITOS It's hot nhumid. These mosquito critters will eat you alive. Kill mosquitoesfor bonuses, Catch butterflies FOR CASH, TERMITE RACING: Racetermites along the undergrowth for prizes. BIG WINNING bonus gameaction with this animal Elephants are scatters and increasesJackpot TIGER on all reels and is wild, Collect Monkey tokensanywhere on a win line Snake steals jack pot. Reset to receivecredits any time Humidity playometer for faithful players UnlimitedPlay - not cost Animal multipliers Random Reels each app startPacked with forest animals, bugs and creatures. Freeplay mode.Check out some of our other novelty themed slots, apps, Casino,musical plus best retro games. Good Luck. Enjoy this app
🍀 Paddy Punt 365 Line Irish Slots🍀 7004
Take control of the Irish reels with bonus games, nudges and holdsto give you the extra chances for grand prizes. Play fast reelaction with rapid autoplay and cash wins using maximum 365 lines.Choose from 1-13 lines or go for mega 365 bets for a crazy amountof combinations with the Irish reels. Completely free to downloadand play with no need for in-app required. Big payouts with hugemultiplier power. Paddy Punt ups. Each upgrades your current roundof wins plus adds to your ever-increasing multipliers. All symbolsgive you cash in combinations. Paddy Ladder Feature, uses yourreflexes to climb up the top for the top grand prize. Bonus Board,gives the chance for more virtual cash. *Crock o Gold isProgressive and anywhere on reels adds to your pot o gold jackpot*Leprechaun is Wild and anywhere on line substitutes items exceptspecial features. Lots of Multiplying Power Ups Each adding tototal multiplier AND gives you cash: *casino cash quadrupler *LuckyHat o' ye Ireland Isle triples *Celtic charm triples *Flag totriple *Dublin' rainbow to doubler *lucky horseshoe o' Dublin todouble punts *leprechaun luck o' Dublin' doubler *leprechauno'treasure Dublin Great fortune can be won with all reels withinline matching up but not including special symbols. 4 in a rowJackpots paid based on symbol points. Super quick action Fast AutoSpin Variable stakes Collect your cash to your bank just like areal reels machine $1000 to your bank when you start Every new appstart shuffles reels with random placement for a unique reel setupCheck out our other great casino app for updates andnews
Galaxy Invader Original 1978 6004
Blast yourself back to the 70's and 80's! When games were simplebut still very addictive. An accurate recreation of the game byCGL, Gakken and Tandy among others. Fun for all ages with threedifficulty levels. All those retro sounds and that vacuumfluorescent display are here. This was a classic and very populartoy back then. Now it is a rare and collectable item but you canown it right now! HOW TO PLAY 1. Choose one of the playing speeds(1,2,3) slow to fast. 2. Switch on power. 3. Move the missilestation lever from side to side and push missile fire button. (UFO;10 points, Invaders;3/2/1 points). 4. Game ends when all stationsare destroyed by invaders or when invaders capture G-zone and raisetheir hands in victory (maximum score; 199 points). 5. Beforeplaying again, switch off power and choose playing speed.
Canned Laughter Generator FREE 7004
Canned Laughter Generator pro for instant laughing sounds ofdifferent types for different moments. What does it do you ask?Well, it generates canned laughter which gives the illusionsomething is funny and is often used in un-funny TV sit-coms. Thereare styles of laughing sounds for almost any occasion from minorchuckles laughs (or dad jokes) to great gag laughter sounds andfinally to huge rounds of applause sound effects for your amazingand stupendously funny stories. You also have a small selection ofadditional laugh sounds. Plus! When you have finished your gags andyou are leaving the room you can choose a laughing crowd applausesound for your exit. Each time you press the button will chooserandomly from a selection of that style. There are between 5 and 10of each style. They will never play the same one twice in a roweither making it sound more natural Perhaps you are a wannabestand-up comedian that needs some helpful laugh effects or perhapsyou need some moral support for your terrible dad jokes. Well usethis app to give the illusion you are the funniest comedian alive!if not a little original. All laugh sound effects are original andrecorded from genuine live stand up gigs. This version containsoccasional Ads. Upgrade to Pro Version any time for lots moresounds and no Ads.
Monster Reels Slots 7004
Creature v Monster Reels gives you great prizes, big monsterpayouts, fun Scary bonus games to play for free forever! DownloadNow and scare yourself a fortune Our second horror theme casino appfeaturing famous nightly evil creatures & monsters, horrorsounds, card game, scary bonuses, super multipliers, scatter wilds,wilds, win-line-scatters and jackpots . Free Creature coins every15 minutes Creepy clown monster. It steals ya' jackpots The Devil:deal to double bet or sell your soul to it Dracula blood thirstyvampire blood=cash Flesh eating zombies: run like hell as these arefast. Halloween pumpkins: pick 5 mystery prizes Collect Hauntingfull moon on any winning line for extra spins Silver bullets +crossbows adds to progressive pots. Wild werewolf it replaces allbut bonus. Werewolf creature multiplies in free-spin-mode Blackwidow spider+ cat are 2-in-line wins for extra chances Variablevampire stakes Exclusive spooky sound effects Original creepy musicscores Terrifying graphics Last bet won Unlimited playing DailySpooky Prize Monster multipliers Random Reels each app start ( newplacement ) Reset machine button Good Luck with the monsters! Checkout our Facebook page for news, updates and more: Twitter: @lovebeatsnbobs
🍀 Leprechaun Charm Slots🍀 7004
Strike it rich with the Irish 🍀 reels slot at the rainbow end withmagical Celtic charms, magical riches of gold and Leprechaun'sLuck! Pick 5 pebbles & reveal shamrocks 🍀cash prize LeprechaunRace= Race your leprechaun to the rainbows end for riches PlayDouble Down or Quits cards with Leprechaun. Horseshoes falling fromsky Find the luck of the Lucky Rainbow & Win virtual coins,prizes and mega riches with the charm from the leprechauns. ►Winjust 2X bet Flags ►Paddy Crock Gold : Progressive paddy crock pot.Anywhere on screen Paddy will add to pot ►Five a Kind wins Jackpot►Famous Irish Green Hat is scatter ►WILD Old Father Jack replacessymbols ( not features) ►The Scatter Feature Gets You Spins ►MegaWins ►Huge Payouts ►Freespin riches mode is awarded when youcollect Rainbow Hats. ►During FreeSpin mode, Wilds turn multipliers2X or 3X bet bonus. ►Super-Fast Spins ►Double Wins game ►InsaneJackpots! ►Auto Spin Feature ►Faithful players receive charmamounts on Charm o' meter Play o' meter. ►Daily Rainbow Cash ►BoostWinnings Multiplier! ►Amazing Vegas-Like Gaming With Hi resGraphics & Sound ►Celtic Multiplier bonuses ► Patricks Day toyour mobile! ►Random Reels generation each app start and resetanytime Good luck! DOWNLOAD and PLAY RIGHT NOW! . Let the gold pourin! Enjoy Rainbow Leprechaun reels . Come to Ireland to find theShamrock! Check out our Web, Facebook and Twitter page for news +more. May the luck the fortunes of Celtic dreams come true.Standard casino play from left to right. Good luck and all thebest! Take a look at our other free and some of best emulations,music apps, retro apps plus more.
Buffalo Moon v Wolf Run Fruit Machine 7004
With Wolf V buffalo you have video animations. unlimited spins ,free spins AND virtual Coins. Big payouts, 4x5 reel, greatjackpots, 20 lines & wilds, double stacks, scatters, mini bonusgames & mega jackpot. Vegas Casino style Double Stacked wilditems with bufalo or wolf symbol or both(Both sets of Stacks onscreen at once) invokes buffalo stampede Feature. The Winner gainsthat multiplier from amount & doubles Wild replace all prizesexcept DIME, also replaced symbol points per line 3 + DIMES invokeEXCITING FREEE SPINS MODE & Sunsets multiply either x2 / x3line while Match 5 Eagles = diamond jackpot. Match 3 + diamond BARinvoke Mystery Cash Prize to win BIG crazy cash bonuses. Wildsoccupy reels 1,2,4,5. Good luck and all the best! Take a look atour others plus our casino, best emulations, music apps, retrogames & more. May the power of Buffalos and Wolves bring youjoy and happiness Chances of this are less than a single stack butpayouts can be massive especially if completed rows with these (8)or 16 for a complete set.
Kings v Gods Myths & Legends Slots 7004
Famous ancient myths and kings battle it out as stacked wilds andmassive Vegas multipliers. See Thor, Zeus and Ra fight out to winyou mega virtual coin Stacked groups invoke SUPER LEGEND FIGHT.Winner with most Stackable wins then multiplies again. This machinebrings some well known ancient heroes to win YOU a fortune. Mythsand ancient kings battle it out as massive Vegas multipliersrepresented in animated sequences on the reels. See mythologicalout to gain you mega virtual coin. Pharaoh, ancient myth symbolsare stacked meaning they act like WILDs & group together ifthey appear on winning reels. Animations: Ra raises staff upcommanding sun giving energy in Egypt animation, Zeus visualisationholds staff above Greek Mountain Olympus, gathers power, Thoranimation extracts energy from thunder & lightning, Book ofdead releases secret potions. Other important items EGYPTIAN EYE=scatter. 3 + scatters anywhere on screen invokes FREE SPINS FEATUREPLUS = charm returns your bet. FullMoon = not only substitute items(except features) but DOUBLES. During FreeSpins, doubles or treblesubstituted symbol Sacred Egyptian Pharaoh Book Of Dead = Match 5gives jackpot. 5 x TRIPLE BAR special mystery prize. Daily Exodusprizes 1,000 Free slins every 15 minutes Symbols: Sun God VikingKing Legendary Greek God Book of dead, Mystic Moon Egyptian CharmBAR, EYE suite (9,10,J,Q,K,A) If you like this then take a look atout other slots machine apps Facebook:beatsnbobsTwitter:loveBeatsnbobs
Creepy Slots 7004
Creepy Slot is a free creepy theme machine with Nudges and Holdwith massive 365 lines to win, BONUS BOARD and CASH LADDER, nudges& the ability to hold just like a fruit machine should. Win bigwith massive multiplier scary power-ups with Bats, Graves, Moon,Pumpkin and Spider. Each spooky power-up upgrades your currentround of wins plus adds to your ever-increasing multipliers. Takecontrol of your game with nudge and hold to give you the extrachances for grand prizes. Super fast reel action with rapid autoplay and cash wins using maximum 365 lines. Choose from 1-13winning lines or go for massive 365 x winning line bet mode forcrazy amount of creepy combinations to win. Completely free todownload and play with no need for in-apps required. All scarysymbols give you cash in combinations. You need 3 or more &these special features: Cash Ladder Feature, well known in fruitmachines uses your fast reflexes to climb up the top for the topgrand prize. Bonus CASH is Progressive and anywhere on reels addsto your progressive creepy cash jackpot *Black Cat is Wild andanywhere on wining line substitutes symbols except specialfeatures. Lots of Spooky Multiplier Power -Ups Each adding to totalspooky multiplier AND gives you cash prizes: Scary Bats, Graves,Moon, Pumpkin and Spider all add to your mega multiplier cash stashPacked with many fruit machine and Vegas casino features such ascash ladder and bonus board plus mini games, progressive jackpot,crazy multipliers and games. Great jackpots can be won with allreels within a winline matching up but not including specialsymbols. 4 in a row Adjust your bet amount Jackpots paid plus awardbased on symbol points. Super scary quick spin action Fast AutoSpin Wild cat on all reels Variable bets and stakes All game prizesproportion to original bet prior to bonus game Collect your winingcash to your bank just like a real machine Free $1000 to your bankwhen you start Nudges and Holds Every new game shuffles reels withrandom placement for a unique machine every app launch Check outour other great free casino apps, arcade games and great freecasino Vegas machines Our website if you need to see more apps for good updates and news
Gangsters of New York Slots 7004
Gangsters of New York Slot free with nudges Gangsters of NewYorkSlot free with nudges is a fun free novelty slot machine thatfusesslots with Vegas casino features and iconic symbols from theera ofgambling, prohibition, police bribes and gangsters. Iconicobjectssuch as Gangster Car, Tommy Gun, Brass Knuckles, Prison.Otherssuch as Truncheon /police baton and Moonshine, Capone,Gambling,and Protection Money for bonus features. Take control ofyour gamewith traditional fruit machine features such as NUDGE ANDHOLD!Packed with fruit machine features such as CASH LADDER,BONUSBOARD, DOUBLE OR NOTHING, LUCKY FORTUNE WHEEL. More chances towinBIG with Lucky Dip and mini slot games, progressive jackpot,crazyever increasing mega multipliers Each time you enter the gameit'sa different machine layout with different bonus games on thereels.Fruit Machine Bonus Games Cash Ladder, using fast reflexes toclimbto the top cash prize. Bonus Board, gives many prizes orgames.Double or Nothing will take you current bet and double thewin.Lucky Fortune Wheel. Win up to thousands in virtual cash!.LuckyDip. Everyone's a winner! OTHER FEATURES (Capone,Moonshine,Protection Money, illegal Gambling) WILD. Wildsubstitutes symbolsexcept for features & jackpots. MULTIPLIER.IncreasesMultiplier, multiplying all wins. Decreases slowly overtime.SCATTER symbol and adds to the progressive jackpot. Completelyfreeto download and play forever with no need for in-apppurchaseguaranteed. Standard suite symbols (Truncheon/police baton,Prison,Gangster Car, Tommy Gun, Brass Knuckles) Privacyinformation. Wewill NEVER attempt access or share any of yourpersonalinformation. Any specific app access requests are purelyforadvertising services. The ads are the only way we can provideyouwith free apps.